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The Anglo-Arabian combines attractive traits from both the Arabian (refinement and stamina) and Thoroughbreds (size and speed) bloodlines. The Belgian Warm blood is a rather new breed whose bloodlines have been carefully orchestrated to produce a superior evening and show horse which is both intelligent and fearless.

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Another breed descendant from mounts of war, the Hanoverian blood comes from the tough horses of the Middle Ages. Note the similarities in their confirmation and which breeds are versatile enough to cross competition lines and work well in dressage and stadium jumping as well.

The ELO rating system originates from chess and variations are now used across many sports. “Our leading data guru at Equating, Sean Murray, has taken the ELO rating system and re-designed it for our sport,” explains Equating co-founder Diamond Byrne in an article on the company’s website.

“As we have found over the past few years, evening is pretty complex to code for. The full methodology behind the evening ELO is complicated, but to summarize, horses enter the system with 1500 points.

“You don’t lose all your points in one go, but the changes occur gradually as you compete more,” explains Diamond. Winning some four-star shorts might entail beating a handful of first-timers, while winning Aachen, the same level of competition on paper, is likely to mean that a horse has beaten five-star winners and world medalists.

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Mozilla Firefox Select 'Tools' from the main task bar and then 'Options' Click on the 'Cookie' panel Select the Privacy panel Under the 'Cookies' section uncheck the 'Accept cookies from sites' option Click 'OK' More information: Firefox support From Welsh ponies and traditional cobs to Arabs, all horses are capable of jumping.

However, years of breeding with performance and discipline in mind have gone into producing sports horses around the globe. In fact, many of the most successful show jumpers and events can be traced back to German or Dutch horses.

As equestrian sport became more popular after WWII, traditional Warm blood breeds, such as the Takeover, were bred with hot-blooded horses, such as the Thoroughbred and the Arab. For example, the Westphalia Warm blood or the Andalusian will naturally excel at top level Dressage.

However, a horse doesn’t have to have five0star breeding to have the guts to dig deep and the brain to save the day when you need it most! Certain breeds dominate top level evening and show jumping wherever you are in the world.

We’ve put together some of the best breeds for jumping and explained a little about them and why these horses are so good at their job. If you are going to compete in evening, you will need a horse that has the scope to show jump and the speed and strength to negotiate a tough cross-country course.

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The Dutch Warm blood, also known as the KPN, is a talented horse that excels at both dressage and jumping. This is due to their uphill build, attractive paces and agreeable and honest nature.

Because of this, German Warm bloods can vary in conformation, size and appearance, depending on genetic breeding. Generally, German Warm bloods tend to be well-bred horses that are both athletic and intelligent, with plenty of scope for jumping.

These hardy and capable horses are one of the few true Warm blood breeds, and they have a fascinating history behind them. During the war, many of the most valuable Takeover Stallions were protected and moved to West Germany, such as the famous stallion named Hirtensang, who was an important Chestnut sire in the history of the Takeover.

The Takeover is an exceptionally talented horse, characterized by their substance and bone yet refinement with natural elegance. The Takeover breed is repeatedly seen at many elite equestrian sporting events everywhere, from the Olympics to Burgher Horse Trials and Olympia.

Oldenburg's are selectively bred to excel as top level jumping horses, and they consistently perform. As with many other Warm blood breeds, Hanoverian make fantastic jumping horses due to their natural technique over a fence.

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The power and grace that they possess allows them to succeed at top level, proving them to be careful yet bold over both show jumps and natural fences. Because of their exceptional paces and strong hinds, they also do well at Dressage and currently hold the no 1 spot for evening in the WB FSH rankings.

They were originally bred as foxhunting horses, combining the strength of the Irish Draft with the speed of the Thoroughbred. Specializing in Hunters, Show Jumpers and Dressage right in the heart of Los Angeles, Lin court Stables’ students range from beginners to advanced riders.

We pride ourselves in fostering a relaxed, friendly, experienced atmosphere where you can learn all about riding and stable management. Lin court Stables’ students enjoy lessons in Hunt Seat Equitation, Show Jumping and Dressage, allowing riders to cross-train in all styles.

We believe this method of training enables both horses and people to learn together, build partnerships and most importantly have fun! Our goal is to increase your skills and build confidence in the saddle at all levels, from competition to pleasure riding.

Additionally, we use Equine Assisted Growth and Learning models and are Eagle Certified. Contact us to find out more about these exciting fields of training and learning for horses, trainers and riders.

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Lin court Stables is the perfect destination for all types of horse riding in Los Angeles! Riders spend months, even years, looking for a horse with the perfect combination of conformation, speed, and athleticism.

Barrel racing requires split-second decisions, and a green rider paired with an inexperienced horse is a disaster waiting to happen. Experienced riders often choose prospects that have not yet been started in the ring, or who have just a season or two of practice.

This allows the experienced rider to train the horses to their habits and specifications for a seamless ride. Still, other enthusiasts pair racing and cutting lines to produce horses with the ideal combination of speed and agility.

Many horses from cutting lines are on the shorter side, while some racing bloodlines average more than 16 hands tall. A barrel horse prospect should have a short, straight back, long underline and matching hip and shoulder angles.

This even build allows the horse to reach under himself with his hind legs for extra power and speed, and he negotiates the pattern. Check his legs over for unusual bumps or scars that might indicate a previous injection or tendon surgery.

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