Best Horses For Show Jumping

David Lawrence
• Wednesday, 04 November, 2020
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Most horses are capable of jumping in some capacity, as long as they are well-trained and have a good attitude. However, if you’re looking for an enthusiastic equine partner to take you to new heights in the jumping competition arena, there are several breeds best suited for the sport.

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A Dutch Warm blood named All star B took home the gold medal for both individual and team evening in 2018. Dutch warm bloods are known for their versatility and good manners, which makes them suitable pleasure mounts and low-level competitors as well.

The breeding requirements for Oldenburg's are based on the horse’s quality and performance abilities, rather than bloodlines. They are generally built uphill (like most excellent jumpers), with long necks and strong legs.

T hey are lightly built horses, with an infusion of Thoroughbred and Arabian bloodlines that give them speed and stamina. Bred primarily for showjumping, Holstein er horses are athletic, strong, and usually exhibit excellent natural jumping technique.

This natural jumping ability also means that Holsteins excel in the show hunter ring, where proper form is imperative for success. While they are not the most popular breed of sport horse, their numbers are significant in the jumping world.

The Holstein er horses that are being bred today are highly specialized jumpers that carry their riders to the highest levels of competition. While they have the power and athleticism for showjumping, they also possess grace and elegance that helps them succeed in the show hunter ring as well.

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This also makes them excellent dressage horses, and they currently hold the #1 spot for evening in the WB FSH rankings. They can be spirited or “too hot” around a jump course, which can be a positive or negative trait depending on the handler.

Still, with proper training and a good attitude, Thoroughbreds make excellent events and overall jumpers. Many Quarter horses are overly muscular and built downhill, more suited for working cows than jumping fences.

If you can find a quarter horse with the proper conformation and spirit, he may make a suitable jumping companion. While known for their skills on the endurance course, Arabians can make great show jumpers and cross-country competitors.

In particular, Shag ya Arabians and Anglo Arabs are well suited for jumping, with their long legs and excellent stamina. Many mule shows feature jumping competitions, which highlight the skills of these special equines.

Which breed is most suitable for you depends on the level of competition as well as the type of jumping in which a rider is interested in competing. Showjumping requires speed and agility in order to be competitive, while hunter jumpers need more grace and elegance.

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To compete in evening, a horse will need to know the basics of dressage, have some speed and agility, and also be strong, fearless, and bold on the open courses. Height: 14-16 hands Country of Origin: America Characteristics: Quarter horses are known for their strength, athleticism and easy-going temperaments.

It’s true that most Quarter Horses are on the small side compared to most of the breeds used for jumping, but for lower-level competition, they are a fantastic choice. Quarter Horses have tons of strength and muscle, good for powering them over a jump despite their smaller stature.

El-ka / Shutterstock.com Height: 13.2-15 hands Country of Origin: Wales Characteristics: Welsh Cobs are known for their athleticism, stamina, and friendly personalities. They are reliable and stylish, making them a great choice for those who are looking for a horse they can find success with when getting a start in jumping.

Height: 13-15 hands Country of Origin: Ireland Characteristics: Connemara ponies are known for their strength, athleticism, and friendly personalities. Whether for junior exhibitors or petite adults, Connemara's make stellar jumping ponies.

Height: 15-17 hands Country of Origin: IrelandCharacteristics: Irish Sport Horses are known for their athleticism, agility, and good dispositions. Though the Irish Sport Horse was originally bred for fox hunting, the breed has continued to evolve into a top-level jumper.

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Height: 15-17 hands tall Country of Origin: England Characteristics: Thoroughbreds are known for their speed, athleticism and agility. The speed and agility, combined with the long legs and fair height of a thoroughbred make it a good choice for a seasoned rider just getting into the lower levels of jumping competition.

A cross-country course might be a real challenge for this breed for the same reason, but this depends on the horse. Height: 16-17 hands Country of Origin: Germany (was Prussia at the time) Characteristics: Trainers are known for their athleticism, style and stamina.

The Thoroughbred and Arabian influence in their bloodlines lend plenty of speed and stamina to the breed. Height: 16 – 17 hands Country of Origin: Germany Characteristics: Holsteins are known for their grace, athleticism and easy-going temperaments.

Along with their grace and elegance, the Holstein er is hardworking, athletic, strong, and has a gentle, easy to train nature. Height: 15-17 hands Country of Origin: Netherlands Characteristics: Dutch Warm bloods are known for their athleticism, style and good disposition.

Height: 15.2-17.3 hands Country of Origin: Germany Characteristics: Hanoverian's are known for their athleticism, grace and agility. These beauties bring everything a serious competitor needs to the highest levels of any Three Day Event, making them one of the best horse breeds for jumping.

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Height: 16.1 – 17.3 hands Country of Origin: France Characteristics: Sell Français are known for their athleticism, grace, and good temperaments. The horse breed of choice for recent French Olympic jumping teams is the Sell Français.

The Sell Français is a breed built just for jumping, with the right slope to the shoulders, power in the hindquarters, stout legs, and blessed with good endurance. The Sell Français breed is also suitable for all riders, considering they love people, they are kind and patient, and they are very willing with lots of tries.

Height: 16-17 hands Country of Origin: Belgium Characteristics: Belgian Warm bloods are known for their power, athleticism, and good temperaments. Height: 16.2-17 hands Country of Origin: Germany Characteristics: Oldenburg's are known for their athleticism, willingness to please, and agility.

The typical Oldenburg horse has a long neck, is build uphill, and shows impressive strength. These breeds have shown a great capacity to excel in the show ring or the field of competition throughout history, however, and are usually a good bet.

If well-trained, their long powerful legs have the ability to leap through a great distance. In this article, we’ll tell you about the best horse breeds for jumping, along with the contests that they take part in.

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Knowing the types of jumping helps you choose the ideal horse. Each year, a number of Hunter Jumping competitions are held all over the world.

The hunter competition can be described as fox-hunting and negotiating through natural obstacles in the countryside while playing the game. Good style while jumping and the consistent pace is the key to winning this competition.

The rider requires expert skills to make the horse perform at its best. The horse that completes the course fastest and with the lowest number of faults wins.

The jumper needs to jump over all the obstacles as quickly and effectively as possible without touching them. Scoring is based upon touching the obstacles and time taken to complete the given task.

4 points are reduced when the horse refuses to jump over an obstacle and 1 point is reduced for every second over the time allowed to complete the task. The rider is judged on his or her position, accuracy, style, proficiency and overall impression.

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The horse and rider both negotiate through the natural rough terrain like logs, banks, hills, ditches and fences. While some competitors take part in Cross-Country Racing for medals, others compete just for the thrill of it.

These are the distinguishing traits of Oldenburg's that enable them to secure top positions in horse sports. Bloodlines are usually not the requirements of their breeds but the performance abilities of that particular horse are what actually counts.

Yes, Trainer comes from the East Prussian State farm situated in Tradesmen. Trainers have been known to outclass other breeds in jumping competitions since decades and perform very well in evening as well.

Due to their powerful legs and great withers, these horses excel in the field of jumping. This horse has a Dutch origin and hence is registered with the Koninklijk Warm blood Paardenstamboek Netherlands.

Once the jumping events became more popular all around the world, so did the Irish Hunter as it secured high ranks in these competitions. Today, many Irish Hunters compete in jumping competitions every day and many of them have even secured medals in the Olympics.

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Hanoverian bay mare Hanoverian originated from Germany and is often seen on the biggest riding stages all around the globe. Their powerful legs and athleticism help them achieve high points in competitions.

Although this breed makes up only 6% of the total European horse population, Holsteins are quite popular in showjumping and are found at top levels of other horse riding competitions as well. Holsteins are known for their high-set necks and powerful legs that enable them to jump higher than most other horse breeds.

These characteristics give this breed a natural jumping ability and hence, the Holsteins have great significance in the show hunter ring where success comes from a proper imperative form. The name of the Quarter horse comes from the fast pace and agility of this beautiful breed.

Today, the American Quarter horse is the most popular breed in the United States. The compact body of a quarter horse enables it to move briskly and perform intricate maneuvers required in showjumping.

Today, Thoroughbreds can easily be found in most parts of the world, especially in the UK. Mules are taller than donkeys and endure better than most horses but have a low top speed.

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They take part in jumping competitions which highlight their skills. Mules are smarter and stronger than a donkey and if they become fond of jumping, they can make remarkable jumpers.

The Arabian Horse is easily recognizable because of its most distinctive head shape and high tail carriage. The Arabian bloodline is very pure and unique, hence it is used to make a number of other breeds today.

They dominate the disciplines of endurance riding and several jumping equestrian sports. It easily secures a position in the world’s top ten most popular breeds.

If you want an all-rounder that runs fast, jumps high and has a unique elegance, we’d recommend you to go with the Arabian Horse. Several questions have been asked by people related to jumping horse breeds.

These horses have very powerful legs and lean muscles which enable them to jump over obstacles easily and effectively. Although some of them have other distinctive qualities, all jumping horses have their pros and cons in the jumping arena.

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The second quality is courage and passion together with a careful approach and reluctance to touch the obstacle. While there is no ideal formula for success in this field, the best jumpers possess coordination along with great strength.

When a horse approaches an obstacle to jump, it gathers energy for the coming effort. During the last few steps, his balance is shifted more towards the back so that the power is concentrated in its hindquarters and finally, the horse takes a leap to jump over the obstacle.

Quarter bred and the Irish Draft is the ideal horse breeds for hunter jumpers. They possess good short back and legs, remarkable shoulders and the safety that a hunter jumper requires.

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