Best Horses For Trail Riding

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They were originally bred for their speed but as the breed developed it evolved into a perfect cattle horse due to its natural cow sense. Since then a number of different ‘types’ have emerged depending on specific requirements, such as a cutting, reigning or pleasure horse.

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Five things that make the Quarter Horse perfect for trail riders They’re known for their natural cow sense which means they won’t be nervous riding through herds of cattle They have plenty of energy but won’t use it all up on a whim, instead, they’ll save it for when it’s needed They have a great temperament and can be ridden and handled by adults and children alike They’re extremely sure-footed and aren’t likely to trip on uneven ground They’re intelligent horses and don’t spook look easily Originally bred by the New Peace Indians in the north-west of the states, the breed has always been prized for its speed, sure-footedness and for its stamina.

During the infamous New Peace war, the horses had to travel around 1,200 miles in just four months while also being used for fighting too, on top of that they had limited food and drink. The original Appaloosa was bred with other breeds, such as the Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred and Arabian to help increase its numbers.

Height: Generally between 14.3hh (57 inches) and 16hh (64 inches) Color: Pinto, which, like the Paint Horse, means they must be white with any other color in either a Tobago, over or over pattern Character: The Spotted Saddle Horse has a very friendly personality and is known for its levelheadedness Country of Origin: USA It’s this ambling gait, along with their temperament and athletic ability that makes them such a great trail horse.

Even today they are still used to round up livestock a lot in Iceland so have to spend long days being ridden over rough, uneven and sometimes frozen ground. Five things that make the Icelandic Horse perfect for trail riders They have no predators in their native Iceland so will assess something rather than spook at it Despite their size they’re extremely strong horses that can carry most riders Their comfortable gaits can be very fast, so they’re no problem with them keeping up with much bigger horses They can be ridden for days on end without tiring, which is great if you're thinking of riding a great distance They’re extremely hardy and, in the winter, grow an extra layer to their coat which helps to keep the snow and cold out.

Though most well-trained horses can make great trail horses, some breeds just naturally excel out on the trails. Both gained and non-gaited horses can make wonderful mounts while out exploring, depending on your personal preference.

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Height: 14-16 hands tall Country of Origin: America Characteristics: Quarter horses are known for their calm dispositions, friendly personalities, stamina, sturdy builds, and athleticism. Their sturdy builds and powerful hindquarters allow them to carefully navigate any rough terrain.

Height: 14.3 – 17 hands Country of Origin: America Characteristics: Tennessee Walking horses are known for their smooth gaits, friendly personalities, good temperaments, refined builds, and athleticism. Comfortable and sleek, Tennessee Walking Horses are great partners for out on the trails.

As a gained breed, they make for a very smooth mount, which is especially good for riding over uneven terrain. Though they have a refined build, they are still sturdy which makes them great for children and adult riders.

Height: 14.1-15.3 hands Country of Origin: America Characteristics: Morgans are known for their friendly personalities, calm dispositions, athleticism, style, and refined builds. Though elegant and refined, they also have a compact, sturdy build that allows them to be great riding horses.

They have great stamina and are known to be sure-footed, allowing them to successfully cover long trails of all terrains. Height: 14.2-16 hands Country of Origin: America Characteristics: Appaloosas are known for their good temperaments, friendly personalities, stamina, athleticism, and hardy builds.

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They excel in endurance competitions, which means they have plenty of stamina for long rides. Height: 14.2-15.2 hands Country of Origin: America Characteristics: Paint horses are known for their good temperaments, friendly personalities, athleticism, strength, and hardy builds.

Paints have a sturdy build making them great riding horses for people of all ages. Height: 14.2-16 hands Country of Origin: America Characteristics: Rocky Mountain horses are known for their smooth gaits, stamina, good temperaments, friendly personalities, and strong builds.

Bred for comfort, there is no doubt that the Rocky Mountain Horse makes a great trail mount. These hardy horses have excellent stamina and footing, allowing them to easily converse all terrains.

What makes them such good trail horses is their steady and calm temperaments. Gentle, intelligent, and obedient, Appaloosas are remarkable horses.

They make wonderful trail companions because of their sturdy bodies and trustworthy temperaments. Walking horses are refined and elegant, yet have a stockier built.

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This breed has the stamina and strength to carry you on the trails for many miles. Known as a compact and refined breed, the Morgan definitely earns its place on this list.

Trails can get daunting when you come across hills and rough terrain, so you need a horse that can handle it all. Tennessee Walking Horses are well-known trailridinghorses thanks to their stamina, strength and smooth gait.

They are strong and sometimes high-spirited, but they can often be easily trained to handle trails with ease. (source) Thoroughbreds are usually easily to come by since many of them never make the racing circuit and often find their way to rescues or second-chance farms.

They make excellent endurance and trailridinghorses thanks to their body composition, agility and stamina. Not only are American Paint Horses gorgeous, they also are extremely successful many equestrian activities, especially trail riding.

Even though the breed sometimes gets a bad reputation, American Paint Horse owners will attest to the fact that many of them make excellent trail horses. Spotted Saddle Horses have a smooth gait along with gorgeous pinto coloring.

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They do not trot like Quarter Horse or Paints, but it is an amazingly comfortable and smooth ride, nonetheless. The Andalusian horse breed originated in Spain and were not even allowed to be exported out of the country until the 1960s.

Known for their stunning elegance and strong yet compact bodies, the Andalusian horse is popular among riders of all kinds. They have a high endurance, an energetic gait, and can handle rough trails if needed.

They make great trail horses thanks to their undeniable strength, stamina, and calm disposition. Much like its name implies, the Australian Stock Horse, also called Stock horse, originated in Australia.

Mustangs are familiar with encountering odd things in open ranges, and they can easily detect certain scents or sounds on a trail. Mustangs have what is called surefootedness, a trait that makes them more reliable on the trail, especially rough terrain.

Mustangs are often easier to train than you may think, and they are quick to develop strong bonds with their owners. Arabian horses tend to be on the smaller size, but they have strong legs, and they can endure long trails rides.

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They essentially were designed to handle long trail rides during wartimes and beyond. American Saddle bred Horses are sometimes spirited, but they have a slow gait that is ideal for trail riding.

They are friendly and perform extremely well in pleasure riding activities like trail riding for the whole family. Dutch Warm blood horses tend to have a friendly disposition, balanced temperament and are easy to handle on most occasions.

Originating in the United States, this Kentucky-bred horse breed is a prominent figure on trails across the country. The Rocky Mountain Horse has a super smooth ambling gait that is extremely comfortable for riders, especially on trails.

The breed is known for their strikingly beautiful appearance, often sporting chocolate coats with light, flaxen mane and tails. They can be small, reaching an average of 14 hands, but Icelandic horses are extremely hardy and make spectacular trail horses.

Icelandic horses are often friendly, calm and easy to deal with, making them a desirable breed for trail riding. The Westphalia horse breed originated in Germany and was created to compete in pleasure riding sports including trail riding.

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They are typically easy to handle and have a comfortable gait, making them an excellent choice for riding on the trail ! Originating in Puerto Rico and Columbia, the Pass Fine is a gorgeous horse that is well-designed for trail riding.

Pass Fine horses are known for their unique natural gait that is smooth and enjoyable for trail riders of all ages. Pass Finds are extremely athletic and well-balanced, making them very capable of enduring long trail rides with ease.

Pay attention to how it walks and runs, checking closely for signs of lameness or a rough ride. Typically, geldings make great trail horses because they are castrated and tend to be calmer around horses of the opposite sex.

Mares often make great trail horses as well, but stallions, uncut males, may not be the best trail horse choice but there are always exceptions. Sure, Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses and Appaloosas make spectacular trail horses, but so can several other breeds that may have never crossed your mind.

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