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• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
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So many of us feel the same way: we remember that one great horse game we played as a kid, having long forgotten about whatever wasn’t good about it. Last year’s article Best Horse Games to play on PC and Console in 2019” has come to be by far the most popular piece of content on my page, so a follow-up is very much called for.

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Play the single player story as Arthur Morgan, or create your own character in Red Dead Online. This game is rated M for good reason however, and I don’t recommend it to kids or anyone without a certain tolerance for gore, violence and profanity.

Strengths : Pretty and polished, simple but nice story & characters, breeding mechanics Rival Stars is a good-looking racing game with an absolutely hilarious name generator, a nicely diverse cast of likeable characters, and well-balanced gameplay progress.

Much of the game is UI-based and executed by clicking buttons, which may feel underwhelming depending on your expectations, but hey, at least there’s no minute-long hoof picking mini-game. Rival Stars Horse Racing: Desktop Edition is scheduled to launch on Steam on June 24th 2020 and will be available for Mac and PC.

The materialization is severely lacking, and getting advice from more experienced players may save you a lot of frustration. As a fan of the lengthy dungeons and item-based progression of other Zelda titles, I am not too fond of Bot Was an entry in the series.

You can tame the chunky draft type animals at various places on the large map, fight goblins and lizards from their backs and use them to traverse most of the world. Although their animations and mechanics are not quite as detailed as the other AAA game on this list (RDR2), I just absolutely love the look and style of the Both horses.

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ARI’s Arrival has its issues, but if you want a modern-looking single player horse game with a story, this is by far your best option. You get a pretty open world to explore, quests and tasks that are a lot more varied than what other kids’ games offer, and a narrative that’s perhaps not mind blowing but at least solid.

I can also tell you that its developers have some incredibly promising plans for an upcoming horse game and that money spent on ARI’s Arrival goes directly into funding the new one. With the still fairly sparse offer of quality horse games, supporting a dev team that takes this audience seriously is not the worst idea, if your finances allow it.

Horses are one of the few animals that we as a species have a special connection with, almost like dogs and cats. Whether Gallop Racer or Melbourne Cup Challenge, there are plenty of titles to choose from that let you race against the AI or against your friends.

You will visit events on real tracks in England, France and The States. You can change hair type and color, clothes and other features so your character looks like you.

The game lets you roam the islands and explore its beautiful surroundings. The game lets you buy more horses as you level up and gain more experience in-game.

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There are a huge variety of horse breeds with more being added with new updates and batches. You’ll be offered missions to complete mysteries and quests that advance the story.

As an equestrian manager, you will feed your horses, groom them, water and nurse them. Groom, Feed and nurture it and level up, then build a bond together by completing a range of 3D activities.

The surrounding fields and countryside have a real and welcoming feel to it, so you can really immerse yourself in the game. The aim of the game is to raise your horse and compete in competitions and tournaments.

You can set aside your own horse, then compete in cross-country events, but only if you train hard. The aim of the game is to win races by upgrading your horse and character.

Compete in competitions like dressage, cross-country, and jumping, but first, you will need to train your horse at the academy. This is not your ordinary, boring AF, 3-day event competition with no story horse game.

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This game has a real story with a cast of very interesting, well-rounded characters, each with in-depth backstories you can discover. There is plenty of social commentaries, romance if you choose and it all effects the gameplay and story arc.

Establish the ranch of your dreams in Horse Farm and attract as many visitors as possible. Use creative customization options to make your buildings, fences, windows and more.

Experience the unique online game for free from the comfort of your PC. You can play alone, against friends, in ranked games against random players, or in our weekly tournament.

Wield control of your Sim’s pet to chase, dig, tackle and more. From intelligent, brave, and friendly to hydrophobic, skittish, and clueless to gentle, fast, and agile, determine the personality of your Sims’ pets.

Take Spike to the park, bring Whiskers to the library, or ride Star to the new Equestrian Center. This is a horse-themed puzzle game where you must use your mouse and your mind to find objects around the stable to unlock your mount from their pen.

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You will have to take classes to progress through the week and compete in weekend competitions. You will need to hold a high social rating by interacting with other students and wearing stylish clothes.

Its basic compared to the other horse games in the list but is deceptively addictive. The up and down arrows are used to speed up and slow down, and the direction buttons will move you left and right.

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