Best Horses Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Carole Stephens
• Friday, 20 November, 2020
• 13 min read

The problem is that the zombies tend to engage outside the AOE for raising the dead, meaning you have to set the rally point far back, which can compromise your defensive line. The Zombies themselves have meh stats, and do spawn on their own if no kills are made in a certain time frame (I think like 8-12 secs).

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The treats are surprisingly durable for the cost, and they do an effective job of holding enemies in the AOE while they wither away. The constant drain aura is nice when you have loads of infantry to keep them in place, but it feels too slow to have any meaningful effect on most enemies in the game.

If you use this tower, the root upgrade is absolutely essential, and will pay itself off very quickly as there is no limit to the number of enemies that can be gripped. This is a good boost to its effectiveness, especially on waves that split enemy types into different lanes, allowing you to prioritize where you want your artillery to hit.

With its faster bomb drops than the Rocket Riders, it's a mid tier choice for artillery. The cool down on the ability is long, but if you can keep weak enemies away from the front line, you'll get good value from this tower.

Unfortunately, the other upgrades are lackluster, with the Crow doing way too little damage to justify its cost (you could literally build and upgrade a Bone Finger tower for the same gold) and the Shadow Mark has too long a cool down to be relied upon. To me, Crow is the single worst value upgrade in the game, and should never be taken unless you have literally every other spot on the level taken up with maxed out towers.

Luckily the pretty solid upgrades do a lot to mitigate this positional vulnerability, with the Bees and Beggaring helping, and the stun chance can be a real helper in tough waves when you get multiple enemies at a time. However, with the much lower fire rate that the Shadow Archers, this tower can bite you in the ass pretty badly if you don't carefully consider where to place it before spending your gold.

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Also, there are 2 types of infantry here, a Skeleton Golem (Bole, as it's called in game) that has impressive physical damage, plus a small ranged attack to bolster its worth that flings small bones independently of the Bone's smash attack. The second part of this tower has Skeleton Knight summons that travel up the path towards the enemy spawn point.

These little knights have meh damage and armor, but I've seen as many as 4 active from a single tower, if you're on the right spot in the level. However, because the Asks don't have abilities of their own, they are quantity over quality, and won't get many, if any, kills in the back half of the campaign or bonus levels.

The highest damage physical tower in the game, STS insane range makes him capable of overshooting almost any small enemy. Slap him in the center of the map with a Furnace close to bolster his damage and you'll completely annihilate anyone that doesn't have armor.

He's essentially a decipher in his own right, and even has a small AOE with his ground pound when uprooted. Avoid the Affliction upgrade, it doesn't last long enough to be worth its price.

One minute you're getting a Frost Giant turning on his buddies, the next you have a Drug doing absolutely fuck all to help you. Overall, this tower is best used when you have only a few spots to place your defensive line and need a mix of magic and physical damage, and don't have the Deep Devils Reef unlocked.

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They have the highest single damage magic attack in Vengeance, and they're moveable with a rally point, which can be great if you like to micromanage your units. If you desperately need magic damage in another lane and can't build anything else, the Sisters do have amazing moveable range, so you can put them wherever they need to be.

These towers function best separated from each other, so they don't overkill one unit and waste damage. If its base damage was brought up more it is great, but it's risky to use this tower without an amazing infantry wall to hold enemies in place.

The longer it stays on one unit, the more the DPs increases, up to 4 levels until you get a bright purple beam. While BG isn't the best option for crowds, it can still be effective with its Unstable Power upgrade, but you really have to have a rock solid infantry line to make it work.

If you use this tower, I recommend using Dark Knights, as their armor and shield block keeps them alive longer than pretty much anything out there to hold enemies back. Deep Devil's Reef -The 2 Red spines are this strange hybrid of Gargoyle-esque blocking, and a ranged attack that's worse than Harassers.

All in all, if I had to pick just 5 towers to use and never any others, id go with Elite Harassers, Melting Furnace, Deep Devil's reef, Bone Fingers, and Infernal Mage. At launch, Kingdom Rush : Vengeance will give players 11 towers over the course of the game, and locks five more behind a paywall.

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With the right turret makeup surrounding the cemetery, nothing will make it past your roadblock of undead ghouls. Iron hide Game Studios The Rotten Forest acts similarly to the boiler.

The abilities also benefit troops, and can create roots to stun opponents as well as additional tree allies to occupy opposing enemies. However, when fully upgraded, the frequency of the stuns and ability to lock enemies in a small area for a long time is pretty impressive.

As the tower is upgraded, the beam grows more powerful the longer it attacks a single target. The Blazing Gem is the perfect kind of tower for big, slow enemies that are hard to kill.

Iron hide Game Studios The Goblin War Zeppelin is like the artillery version of the Wicked Sisters. A giant air balloon tethered to a nearby tower can float over a lane and quickly drops bombs on it from above.

However, if no bundles are currently available for you, I’d buy the Blazing Gem, the Grim Cemetery and maybe the Rotten Forest. This hero excels in area damage, and can take down groups of enemies pretty quickly.

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His hero ability drops a box of walking mines on the trail, which will advance up a lane until it finds enemies to kill. His boombox bombs are rather weak as well, as they move slowly and have such small AOE that they may as well have none.

His hero spell is insanely powerful in the early parts of the game, only to be killed quickly in the later stages. You have to force them to trigger, which seems more like you're trying to make up for a weakness rather than capitalize on a strength.

I would rather use Asia to deal with high-priority, tough targets, but Marcos is admittedly more consistent as she can take out units on her own more frequently. If a player is like me and calls every wave as soon as they see it, her hero spell will also be charged, so Marcos may never leave it over the course it a level.

Third, as I just said, he is quite powerful, as his abilities deal really high damage and recharge pretty quickly. Some other heroes have an Innate Skill slot dedicated to being slightly faster, like Train's rocket jump or Marcos's bat.

She also has possibly the fastest teleport in the series, though Magnus Spell bane and Viz'Nan were pretty fast, too. It doesn't take long for an enemy to have no armor at all, allowing the player to not have to rely on mages for high damage, but rather can spam archers and artillery, allowing their strategy to be all the more focused because an entire possible weakness in the player's defense has now been eliminated.

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Obviously Asia doesn't make all armor nonexistent, but she doesn good job countering it nonetheless. Her install poison move is also wonderful, as she gets 1 regular melee attack before using it, making it easy for the player to not waste the skill by accident.

Her shield makes it easier to sneak in and use this ability, but it can also trigger when she is in a ranged battle with Elves or Gryphon Bombers, which always looks really epic. Her hero spell is also really nice, though I believe it resets her install poison which should be fixed in a patch.

Yes, he is the most powerful, yes, he has an instant-win button for a Hero Spell, and yes, he has the full gamut of an install, AOE, and anti-fast enemy skills. His AOE slam is massive and can even stun flying enemies, making him wonderful if you place him directly in the middle of a huge battle zone, something that normally got heroes killed in the other games.

His fire spin is actually worse than his normal attack because it deals its total damage over a long time, but that's not a problem unique to this hero, so I don't count it much against him. His ranged attack is very fast and can be used to make him slightly better against tougher enemies, but he's no DPS machine.

However, the support he gives to towers is immense, so it really doesn't matter that is damage isn't as insane as past heroes like On or Dante. His AOE stomp is really, wonderful, and his hero spell, while it has inconsistent sometimes damage, is also powerful.

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I recommend him the most because he basically amps up the traits of a normal hero to 11, rather than have some sort of unique feature like being flying or unlockable like Based and Doom Tank as an “excuse” to be maximum price. S: Barbara: Doom Tank SG-11, Job: Asia (Very much a gatekeeper before the busted boys.

I see Smash has inspired your hero ranking style, Ninja. I agree with your top four. I liked Artemis a lot more than Bloch and Marcos.

I found both of them would die a lot quicker, even when I was levelling them up on Casual, whereas Artemis stayed alive in melee combat when I left the game playing without paying it attention. I also quite like Train, he seems fun but I’ve not used him extensively (most of my hero use was on Casual to level them up faster).

Most of it shouldn't be taken in a grade of salt since I mainly rank them based of how unique, new or improved they are and how they were supposed to be designed as since id like it in order and not to mention how fun they are. Bloch find Bloch to be the weakest mainly because he doesn't have good stats, has a last resort passive which for the most part is useless and has a pretty lackluster gameplay.

Bloch isn't bad, but he is mediocre at best since I find his Active skills to be good and his description to be interesting since he was the one who saved Vernon from Moloch in exchange for power which he did. His passive rocket ability makes sense but doesn't do anything other than giving Train a teleport ability and to me could have been better if Train could self-destruct which would make him range and melee capable hero.

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Her bat ability is the weakest passive since it makes her just move faster which I find to be better if she got a better one. Her Bat is alright and I know some people hate it since its like Romans eagle but it does the damage done.

Her bloodsucking ability sound pretty familiar to Reasons passive heal ability but it replaces from enemies health to dealing damage which she will always heal 9-15 health at level 10. VerukVeruk is pretty decently good introduction to the first free hero and unlike the Vikings of Alaric, Gerald or Brian he is pretty bad at tanking and stalling since he has pretty low armor and has to relief on health rather than armor making it a awful choice against an enemy with high damage with armor and health combinations.

He also has a lackluster passive which heals 3hp per sec on low health which is pretty useless. Versus abilities include a damaging ability like Africa or Brian which is mainly designed for tougher enemies, his AOE stun which can be helpful while overran, goblins that tend to only be used for stalling and crowd control and his damage increase ability which increases his damage up to 30-80 while engaged which tend to be useful against enemies like Barbarians, Paladins or the Maced Shielded Templar's.

He has the teleport of Faustus, the Block of Bone hart and his breath as well as an install of Ash bite which are somewhat improved versions of it which isn't too unique. His passive is pretty good and memorable since he has it like Blackthorn that makes him have more money from killed enemies near it which is wonderful and memorable if you remember him in ARF and Pro at how much he loves gold.

He also has arguably one of my favorite hero spells which allows him to deal damage to all enemies in the stage which is much like Bantams scream ability which is really good and stands out from others. He can also speak which blows my mind with so much fan service and his line 'I breathe Death' which is a Smug reference from the hobbit made him an excellent dragon that rivals Veznan’s appearance in Origins.

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He is an improved dragon and the only thing that held him back was that he wasn't that unique with abilities but I get why people liked it. He was so good with it that they had to nerf the armor rate, so he wasn't super OP in the Beta.

Like I said I love the invulnerability form and while it does make, so he doesn't attack, it makes him even tougher to kill and the only enemies outside the bosses that can kill him are Frost giants coupled with huntresses which is insanely good. His snowball ability is like brawls rock throw and it deals far more damage, his freeze breath is also good and his stomp ability is like brawls but deals more damage.

My reason why i didn't put him number 1 is because while Rigor is stupidly Good, he isn't unique and I find other heroes to be either huge improvement or something new but other than that Rigor is basically a superior Brawl that ties in the top with Alaric or Bone hart as the OP the best heroes in the series by far. Not to mention it is worth of money and can make impossible mode 100 times easier.

He also has the same problem as Bloch with his passive since its more of a last resort use which can be handy on rare circumstances so why isn't he is lower than Rigor or Based? His AOE attack is alright and weaker enemies don't have health more than 200 hp and can do good damage if stalled, his hypnosis ability is a miss since it could have been cooler if it made enemies fought for you, his armor drop aura while maybe lackluster isn't too bad since nearby zombies and knights can usually make it somewhat easier to kill the enemy and his rotten bodyguard hero spell is surprisingly bulky.

The zombies themselves can stall enemies, and they have more health and damage than the necromancers skeletons but the downside (If you can call it) drops 1hp per sec much like the Trees for the fungal forest tower. Doom Tank itself has health and Armor but its biggest and greatest stat is his Attack which deals 88-164 DPs.

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Doom Tanks Abilities are Good especially the stun and recruiting units to fight for him and stall. Doom Tank itself is arguably the Funniest Hero in the series mainly because the Person saying those lines doesn't take the battlefield too seriously and makes those stupidly funny lines like 'Go Go Go' or 'Light em up boys' which made me laugh.

Also, his death is a Wilhelm Scream which makes it even more of a funny Hero and feels like one of those TV shows you watch on for daughters. Third she can teleport which can benefit for the Spiders Bite ability as well as recover from injuries.

I quite liked him myself because his theme seems so cool (everyone knows I am a fun of edginess) and has a decent play style, at least one that flows unlike Marcos’s or Train’s. However, because of how weak his range is and how luck-depended his already slow attack is, I couldn’t stand using him when I knew I had other options that function way better.

Also, I forgot to add this, but Based’s fire breath may actually be detrimental to his DPS purely because it takes several seconds to actually deal all of its damage, but has an AOE too small to harm enemies for that long. I will just say that Asia is number 1 for me, she deals huge amounts of damage, kills groups of enemies super easy and even brings down tough guys with the poison and shield breaking.

Her passive is OP, allows you to keep her shooting arrows the entire game, dealing insane amount of damage. Big Bad Bug wrote: I see Smash has inspired your hero ranking style, Ninja.

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Trivia here, din see it mentioned, Marcos's player active skill heals her fully right or did I miss something. While I haven't bought the official game yet, as a beta tester of DRV, I concur with most of what BBB posted. Oloch I liked as a character, but not as a hero.

Marcos I wanted to like, simply because I thought her unique instant-activate / transformation hero spell would have been fascinating. Rigor is the definition of being near-unkillable in a KR game, for the reason BBB already stated.

Rigor is the definition of being near-unkillable in a KR game, for the reason BBB already stated. And unless this has changed from the beta, but last I checked, his AOE stomping skill can actually hit flying enemies...

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