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Oblivion features horses to assist the eager adventurer in exploring the wide and varied lands of Cyril by improving the speed of both regular and fast travel. To mount one, press Space bar (or whatever key or button you have remapped as Activate).

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The horse is steered with all four direction keys (W-A-S-D by default), turns rather awkwardly, and backs up very slowly. The mouse pointer has no effect on horse direction, and is simply you looking around while riding.

Controlling horse movement can be very difficult at choppy frame rates; in such circumstances, you may need to stick to the walking speed except on straight, level stretches, and consider temporarily reducing your graphics settings to speed up the game's responsiveness. The horse scripting itself is decidedly non-trivial, and adds considerably to the frame rate load, as does zip through the landscape more rapidly.

Horses can be purchased from stables across Cyril (except from the one in the Imperial City) starting at 500 gold, and can be stolen. The price is fixed, you can't haggle, and your Mercantile skills have no effect.

After you purchase one, it will be found waiting outside in the corral (not with the stable hand as the dealer says, due to an AI bug), so be very careful not to accidentally take the wrong horse if there are others like it in there. This table lists the varieties of horse that are available (in order from cheapest to most expensive).

2 Prior Maborel's Paint Horse is free if you ask him for assistance during Deliver the Amulet. Stealing a horse without receiving a bounty for theft is only slightly more tricky.

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Activating the horse to mount it cancels Invisibility, but sneaking and Chameleon both help to remain undetected. Stolen horses are generally only good for one-way transportation, because they will start walking back to their home stable after you dismount.

Remounting a previously stolen horse will incur another bounty if you are seen; it is best to dismount a stolen horse in a location out of view of others to improve your chances of being able to safely remount. Horses themselves can witness your theft and report you to the authorities, just like a regular NPC.

Always steal a horse by approaching it from the rear in sneak mode to limit your chances of being detected. If you successfully mount a horse without being detected, you will not incur a bounty, no matter what you do afterwards.

As usual, the horse can catch you stealing, and can instantly kick you out of whatever guild it belongs to. Unless your character has a very high Speed, riding a horse allows you to travel much more quickly.

If you watch carefully, you'll spot a few fords around the Imperial City (one of them on the southern end of the cape with Arcane University) which can be crossed quickly. If you have trouble leaving water after swimming on horseback, jump a few times to catch traction.

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If you stick to the main roads, you should eventually pass one of the Imperial Legion Soldiers, who will kindly help get any hostiles off your tail. In a mountainous area, you can try riding your horse parallel along a cliff (be careful not to fall!).

Usually, the hostiles will slide down the slope and be unable to reach you, or even plummet down and die. Steer clear of wolves and mountain lions whenever possible: if you see one in the distance, it is often best to get off your horse ahead of time, run up and kill the animal, then continue.

If you happen to hit your horse enough times to make it fight back, yield to it (Block + Activate) to calm it down. Horses in Oblivion do not require food and do not seem to become fatigued regardless of how hard they are pushed.

They can however be mauled by bandits, monsters and wild animals, as well as by their owner's errant blows. You can heal your horse more quickly with Restore Health effects, or instantly and completely at a way shrine (see below).

If you find your horse has low health and is not healing, it probably caught a disease. It may be a good idea to just do a way shrine blessing on your horse every once in a while to remove unknown ailments -- but there is a side effect (see below).

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The Convalescence spells available for purchase are relatively inefficient and wasteful (instant, on target, lots of magic, low healing value), and too weak (15 points of healing) to be helpful with horses, whose health ranges from 200 to 500. Therefore, using the Spell Making altar to make a custom spell is highly recommended: make the custom Restore Health spell be on touch (1/3 cheaper), and distributed over time (8 points for 8 seconds or 4 point over 16 seconds are both cheaper than 64 points instantly).

Alternatively, you can also take advantage of the Mara's Mercy Greater Power, obtained by activating the Ritual Stone, which offers 150 points of healing, on target, daily. This spell has a base cost of 25 magic, making it quite efficient in keeping one's horse alive.

Therefore, even a relatively weak Fortify Speed spell (e.g., 15 points for 30 seconds) is highly effective and significantly shortens travel times, even if you need to get off the horse's back to cast it. Any way shrine blessing on a horse acts identically to all the other way shrines: it will instantly cure all damage, disease, or poison effects, and give the horse a permanent Fortify Speed bonus.

The horse's speed will increase dramatically and it will certainly become difficult to control fall damage. The horse will walk very quickly -- much faster than the fastest wolf or troll can run.

Activate the altar to receive the blessing, and you should see the spell animation circle your horse (in 3rd person view). It is a little tricky to do, so saving and reloading on a failed attempt (if the blessing hits you instead) may be wise.

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If you cast a 100 point Fortify Acrobatics spell on your horse, it will be able to perform the water jump perk. If a horse you own wanders off, it usually makes its way back to the stables where you bought it or where it was given to you.

Horses grow or shrink in size slightly, depending on the height of the race who last mounted them. Attacking your horse is considered a crime; specifically a theft of 0.5 gold from yourself.

If you are not riding the horse at the time when the Invisibility spell wears off, your character will remain in this state. Mounting a horse while you are in a seated position will cause interesting graphical glitches, other strange behavior, and/or a game crash.

Since you must find a wilderness chair, stool or bench to effect this bug, it is only possible to do so in a few locations. This issue has been addressed by version 3.4.0 of the Unofficial Oblivion Patch ; this has also been extended to horses added and/or changed by the Horse Armor Pack and Knights of the Nine via the Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches.

If on PC however this bug can be fixed by simply closing to the desktop and starting the game again from your recent save. Using fast travel while on foot can cause your horse to wander off from its last known position if you use it too many times without being mounted.

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Your horse will attempt to make its way (very slowly) back to the stable you bought it from. To avoid this, never fast travel more than 2 or 3 times without locating your horse and mounting up first.

Although this glitch has no practical use in gameplay, it does allow easy access to a unique rag doll camera without the use of mods when performed on top of a cliff or steep hill. In the new ID, “xx” depends on the order you have your plug-ins loaded in; see Formed.

Found in the stables at Cloud Ruler Temple after the Canon Priory quest. Found in the stables at Cloud Ruler Temple after Canon Priory.

White Horse 00115E38WhiteNPC Owned4002912Lesser Five Riders Stable in Latin 1 Wild horses can be found between Fort Alessia and Fort Homestead, near the southwestern shore of Lake Ru mare. The small lowland field directly north of Alessia is the most frequent spot.

The horse is the only rideable transportation in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. If care is not taken, horses may be lost this way on a regular basis.

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The last horse the Hero got on will fast travel with them, including the Unicorn. With a high enough Speed and Athletics, it is possible to outrun any horse.

It is believed that anyone with over 60 speed is faster than the black horse. There are also thoughts that Shadow mere is faster than even black horses, with a speed of around 70.

Horses appear in Arena, Dagger fall, Oblivion, and Skyrim, but were absent in Morrow ind. Horses can be purchased outside any major town, or they can be stolen.

Unique horses include Shadow mere and the unicorn. For instance, Imperial Legion soldiers can be seen patrolling, as well as couriers riding black horses.

If the Hero brings the Amulet of Kings to Canon Priory as part of the main quest one of the monks there (Prior Majored) will offer to lend them his horse, free of charge. When the Knights of the Nine quest line is completed and the priory is restored, a chestnut and a bay horse become available at the stables.

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After completing part of the Dark Brotherhood quest line, the Hero will receive the black horse Shadow mere for free. In early April 2006, Bethesda Soft works released an official plug-in that allows horses to wear armor.

Add a photo to this gallery If a horse is lost, fast traveling to any location will teleport it there, if it is still alive. While the Hero can own multiple horses, only the one last mounted will teleport in this manner.

This section contains bugs related to Horse (Oblivion). Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening.

Be descriptive when listing the bug and fixes, but avoid having conversations in the description and/or using first-person anecdotes: such discussions belong on the appropriate forum board.

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