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Bob Roberts
• Tuesday, 15 December, 2020
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What coat colors are you favorite? Updates table presents all available horses (breeds) that you may buy, besides your horse you started with.

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Unfortunately, SSO is frequently changing the points of sale for the horses. Enjoy yourself browsing and selecting your horses.

Magic Horses : In order to avoid a long list of horse breeds I have classified the following horses as “Magic Horses “: Ayla, Bark hart, Brindle, Douchey, Fancy, Hadron, Campos, Dixie, EPITA, Solar, Telling, Tomb hoof, Umbra, Vega, Rainfall, Woodier, and Zone. Use the dropdown selectors below to filter the table in relation to point of sale and/or horse breed, in order to display only corresponding items.

I know that there aren’t a lot of active people on this Wiki, but I still figured I’d try posting here. I know that none of them are necessarily faster than the other, but what I also know is that their animations have different speeds.

Especially the Jump Carousel (yes, the one with the circular saw that follows you) and the Precision test. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the following horses, and am really only doing this to figure out which one I should buy (selfish, I know), but if anybody has any sort of input, that would be great.

Eleventh wrote:My Morgan and quarter are about the same speed, I think it doesn't matter that much. American Quarter Horses (and maybe Morgans, though I don’t have a Morgan, so I wouldn’t know) reset themselves in their jump animations, unlike the better animations out there that do a full jump.

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This makes it faster in races, as it doesn’t have the slow movements to get them back into position. I have horses from Clydesdale's to Chincoteagues and can/have won multiple times on every single one.

The Morgan and Arabian/Italian, both appear to exhibit tighter turns which can also give players a very small advantage. The thing I find most often with people using these particular models is that they like them because they are all pretty thin and small on the screen which can help with gauging jump distance, and turns.

Making sure your horse's level is maxed and has the green (inspired) emoticon I can't tell you how many times users have tracked me down and accused me of cheating because I win so often, especially on horses that are not the ones you've listed.

SSO may be a “kid’s” game but there is a lot more strategy to winning champs than people realize. I hope this can help you with your decision in some way, and I wish you luck in rising to the top of the competition.

I would say that the quarter horses neeeeeeeeed an update please I’m pretty sure Connemara fits that but IDK I’m new to the game : StarStablePress J to jump to the feed.

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He waded up to his neck and carried me through the brute force of thousands of pounds of hurtling water like it was nothing more than a mud puddle. They’ve helped us scale vertical cliff sides in Skyrim, disable tanks with their poops in Metal Gear Solid 5, and be less angry than normal when we couldn’t fast travel The Witcher 3.

They’ll zigzag on easy terrain and take alternate paths on a whim. It can’t turn on a dime, but eases into your key presses without hesitation, and won’t tear off into the woods without checking with you first.

D-Horse: It’s hard to properly assess D-Horse since most Metal Gear Solid 5’s terrain is fairly flat, but even at top speed s, D-Horse keeps a steady back. When it comes to obstacles, though, D-Horse is a fickle creature, uncertain where to go or what to do with the slightest bump in the path.

Problem is, they move like personal gravity isn’t a thing, trotting in a floaty way that highlights how their pace doesn’t match the length of their gait. But an odd, unrealistic gait doesn’t matter so long as it’s true and straight, which makes a loose adherence to gravity a pretty handy tool against mountainsides in your way.

It utilizes the horse’s natural mane to make an impossible maze of mesmerizing, twisted strands while also keeping the hair out of way of riding implements and impacting the horse’s performance. Other methods include pulling or thinning, in which the mane is trim that still has weight and substance, but barely fills out half the nape, which is a horse crime.

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Battlefield 1 horse: A thinned mane isn’t a great starting point for this war boy, but with some subtle hair physics and a few longer loose strands, it looks like the Battlefield 1 horse has had a few weeks to let things grow a bit wilder than normal. D-Horse: With a pulled and thinned mane, D-Horse won’t stop any single horses in their tracks, but his hair is functional and sleek despite its simple, compromised design.

That said, after completing the game you get can equip the optional Unicorn skin, which gives D-Horse a demonic obsidian Mohawk. It’s not exactly elegant and there’s no subsection in the Appaloosa Horse Club Handbook stating criteria for ideal rock spine arrangement, but it’s 100-percent better than roaching the sucker.

I can’t find a mod that does that, which falls to the community, but I understand the difficulty of making something so impossibly perfect. The Immersive Horses mod is a good starting point, bringing new breeds, commands, and some gorgeous natural manes to the table.

You won’t find this section in the Appaloosa Horse Club Handbook, but I have no doubt it’s a regular topic of debate among the board at every monthly potluck (Deborah makes some mean scalloped potatoes). In video games, this comes across best when a horse behaves like it isn’t a wire mesh and a few shades of brown.

Were Roach to attempt what insiders call the ‘Triangle of Truth’ by walking the perimeter of a triangle in alternating walks and trots, he’d no doubt veer off path and into a pile of monsters, then get spooked and rear back, knocking Gerald to the ground. It’s a good demonstration of personality and life, but not in the ways that make a virtual horse an excellent riding and emotional companion.

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But you could drop a nuclear bomb half a mile away, and they wouldn’t flinch. While it’s the most mobile and powerful of every video game horse, it sacrificed soul for functionality and took on the traits of a big hunk of styrofoam in the process.

Showing someone on the restroom in a movie is one of the most effective tools in establishing the dieresis, or universe, of the film. Doing so implies that this person ate off camera, went through the digestive process, and had to perform a mundane, regular, and highly relatable ritual.

Similarly, by showing us D-Horse defecating and letting us use that to spin out jeeps, so we can parachute them into the sky is key in establishing the sense that Metal Gear Solid 5’s world is a real place, as ridiculous as it is. For the final round, we’ll be reviewing what makes every video game horse really stand out: the graphics.

D-Horse: A very regular model with light contouring to give the impression that this horse could be lifted into the sky via parachute with ease. Skyrim’s horses take the cake, despite having dated animations and eyes deader than a mud crab.

Skyrim’s horses can grow to the size of a mountain and snort to slay dragons. They can become deities of Skyrim, perfect in every way (except for the smell, that’s always going to be part of the deal).

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Also, the Battlefield 1 horse was pretty cool, but I just couldn’t get over how creepy their eyeballs look from the inside.

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