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Paul Gonzalez
• Saturday, 24 October, 2020
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It’s the sort of repetitious chore that frees your mind to contemplate your training goals, prioritize your tack wish list, consider names for an expected foal and mull over other questions. And there’s nothing wrong with that, assuming your horse doesn’t have any special health needs and the bedding you’ve chosen is safe.

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“The bedding material should be soft, so the horse won’t be reluctant to lie down, and absorbent,” says Brian Nielsen, PhD, of Michigan State University. “In some areas, wood products are fairly inexpensive because sawmills or manufacturing facilities need to get rid of sawdust or shavings,” says Bob Coleman, PhD, the extension specialist at the University of Kentucky.

[Disclaimer: EQUUS may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through links on our site. With this information, you can spend your next stall-cleaning session giving some productive thought to the material you’re sorting through.

CONS: can be prone to mold if harvested or stored improperly; horses may try to eat it; not very absorbent To produce hay, on the other hand, an entire grass or legume plant, including leaves and seed heads, is cut, dried and baled.

Straw is, generally speaking, less dusty than wood products, but only if it’s harvested and stored correctly. Straw can also be dusty if the grain was harvested with a combine that chopped the stalks into short lengths that are prone to shattering.

Eating straw can lead to problems such as impaction colic or mouth irritation from barbed seed heads that were left on the plant. We didn’t want to use barley straw because some heads at that time had sharp awns that could puncture or get stuck in the mouth.

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PROS: widely available; more absorbent than stations: can be dusty; certain types of wood can cause allergic reactions; price can vary depending on local economic conditions Wood-based weddings tend to perform well. “Wood products have a fair water-holding capacity, maybe a little better than straw, but this depends on how finely it is processed,” says Nielsen.

“Some cedars have a lot of oil and these can cause allergic reactions or be too drying–pulling moisture from hoof horn when horses are standing in these shavings,” he says. Coleman agrees that pelleted wood products, when available, can make good bedding.

They don’t get the pellets very wet, so they will still absorb moisture from urine and manure in the stall.” How much wood product weddings cost depends on many factors, including wider economic activity in your area.

“When there is a lot of construction/building going on, there are more wood products available and prices are lower because they are produced in higher quantities. PROS: absorbent; unpalatable to horses CONS: may require more frequent mucking; difficult to move with a wheelbarrow Paper has several properties that can make for good bedding.

Extraction of peat requires removing of the living surface of a bog, layers that can take decades to develop. Critics say the process also releases large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

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For these reasons, environmental agencies in Britain are working to phase out the use of peat moss for all gardening by 2030. [Disclaimer: EQUUS may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through links on our site.

PROS: easy to cleaning: not absorbent; can make a horse’s coat gritty; not soft; need to feed hay out of racks or pans to reduce ingestion of sand Although sand is not widely used as a bedding material, in areas where it is abundant some housekeepers make it work. Stall cleaning was very simple and didn’t take long; the sand falls right through your apple-picker fork.

If you do choose to bed on sand, it’s vital to feed hay from pans or mats or racks ---never directly off the floor. PROS: economical where availableCONS: not absorbent; can be hard to find Even experienced housekeepers may be unfamiliar with these more unusual, but perfectly acceptable, bedding materials.

For instance, hulls, shells or “husks” from nuts and grains can make for a suitable horse bedding, assuming you can find them in a large enough quantity. Availability is the biggest factor with these materials.” Ground hulls are often used as feed for other livestock, so looking for such a supplier would be a good place to start your search if you wanted to try them.

Flax is a food and fiber crop grown primarily in cooler parts of the world. A byproduct of flax fiber processing is the “Shiva,” the woody core of the stalk.

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As a horse bedding, Coleman says, “people seem to like it because it is fairly absorbent and a small amount does a good job. It can be purchased in bags and is easy to transport.” Availability can be an issue, however, and some horse owners report it can be a bit slippery when first laid down.

Airline is a first line defense against any respiratory or allergy issues such as Heaves, Ran, IAD, and EIP. It is also the healthiest bedding for equine athletes who need clean lungs for peak performance.

Airline wicks away moisture from the top layer, drawing urine to the bottom of the cage or coop for easy removal and drier, healthier environment for small and younger animals. Airline attracts nitrogen, counteracts ammonia, and encourages airflow through out the compost and/or worm bin.

Airline used as mulch, keeps soil moist and cooler than other options. Airline USA animal bedding, located in Ocala, Florida is a healthy and eco-friendly cardboard bedding manufacturer focused on providing healthy and sanitary environments for animals from common to the exotic.

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Horses need high-quality bedding to ensure that they are comfortable and living in an environment that is reasonable to their everyday needs. We want to include many product variations because there are many types of bedding materials that can be used on horses.

The AA Plus Shop 100% Natural Wheat Straw Animal Bedding has earned our top placement, and we'll start by taking a look at some reasons that you might want to purchase this brand. Customers might be interested in purchasing the AA Plus Shop 100% Natural Wheat Straw Animal Bedding because it is completely suitable for horses.

This makes it significantly easier to place and spread out within a horse stall. After taking a look at all the factors, it is quite clear that this product has rightfully earned the top position within our buyer's guide.

Our second product choice for this review will be the Standee Hay Company Wheat Straw Animal Bedding. This multi-purpose animal bedding brand can be used for locations like horse stalls, chicken coops, or farm houses.

A 25-Pound bag at this price range is not overly expensive, but we have a hard time determining whether this is affordable enough for our 'budget' readers. You will probably have to be the final judge in terms of value for this product, but there are certainly several appealing things to look forward to when purchasing the Standee Hay Company Wheat Straw Animal Bedding.

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Multi-Purpose Design (Horse Stalls, Chicken Coops, Farm Houses). The EZ-Straw Seeding Mulch with Tack includes a natural biodegradable processed straw that covers up to 500-Square feet.

This organic straw is actually designed to protect grass seeds from washouts and wind. The biodegradable design is extremely popular among customers, and it has actually propelled this product towards a 'top seller' rating on Amazon's platform.

This organic processed straw is perfect for all types of animals, including horses. You can easily apply this bedding material to horse stalls in under a few minutes.

There are also several bundle options available on the product page, just in case you need to purchase these packages in bulk. We are now going to be looking at the Standee Hay Company CER Straw Bale, which happens to be a great addition to any farmhouse or stable.

Customers did express some concerns about the significant price range, but it is important to remember that this product weighs in at 50-Pounds. This means that you will be getting a significant amount of straw bale from the Standee Hay Company.

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The significant price point might not be suitable for some of our customers, but it is an expensive process to maintain a horse stall on a daily basis. As you may already know, horse stalls have to be cleaned multiple times a day, and this large packaging will cost a little more when it includes 50-Pounds of useful straw material for animal bedding.

There are some great comments on there that discuss personal experiences with this Standee Hay Company CER Straw Bale. 4-Pounds of Natural Wheat Straw Animal Bedding is harvested specifically for this packaging to provide to customers on Amazon.

This premium wheat straw is absolutely ideal for animal bedding in stables and horse stalls. All customers can file a return request through the Amazon product page and claim their money back.

Most people agree that organically harvested straw is the best type of bedding for horses. Amazon has a very convenient list of high-quality brands that sell high-quality animal bedding products.

We have made those selections, and we highly recommend any one of these five outstanding products that have earned a placement within this list. Even to fill a single stall for a week can cost hundreds of dollars.

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We have found several cost-effective brands that create premium animal bedding for horses, but even the cheaper options can quickly add up on the costs. We highly recommend that Standee Hay Company CER Straw Bale because it includes a 50-Pound package of animal bedding that can be used for a longer period of time.

Some smaller packages are less than half that size in capacity, and customers that purchase those similarly-price products seem to go through animal bedding a lot quicker. Generally speaking, it is good to clean a horse stall multiple times per day.

Finding the right balance can be challenging, but it is important to ensure that you are constantly checking on the current status of the animal bedding in the horse stall. By conducting our research, we have learned that there are two primary brands that stand out in this industry right now.

Standee Hay Company CER Straw Bale and EZ-Straw both had a significant presence within our list of product reviews. The AA Plus Shop 100% Natural Wheat Straw Animal Bedding might come in a smaller-sized package, but the customer ratings on that particular product were also extremely positive.

That is why our fifth and final listing in this review included a locally-harvested set of wheat straw that comes from a local organic farm.

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