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The overall rating for each horse is calculated from an average of all their stats (Health, Stamina, Speed, Acceleration and Handling). Clicking on each horse brings you to their detailed information and Statistics, with everything about their performance and the location where to find them.

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The Tennessee Walker from Chapter 1 will get you through the tutorial stuff (it has to, after all), but you ’ll want to replace the steed as soon as you ’re able to. The bad news is, you wouldn’t know it and just because toucan get a good horse doesn’t mean it’ll be easy.

Our Red Dead Redemption 2 best horse guide will help you find the best steed and tame it, so toucan have an easy time exploring the west. However, toucan ’t buy this horse until Chapter 6 or the Epilogue, and they’re very expensive to boot, costing $1,250.

After completing Hosea’s first quest in Chapter 2, ‘Exit, Pursued by a Bruised Ego’, you ’ll have access to the horse stables, that will let you buy and most importantly store your steeds. In the northwest corner of the map are the Grizzlies, a cold mountain range.

The White Arabian horse will be at Lake Isabella in that area, typically at the western bank by the legendary bison. As the White Arabian is a wild horse, you ’ll have to tame it before toucan claim it for your own.

Make sure to save in case you mess up, and approach the horse slowly. Make sure you have proper medicine on hand so your brand new awesome horse in RDR2 doesn’t kick the bucket.

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Horses are extremely important in both RDR2's story mode and Red Dead Online, not only for transportation, but also in combat and in a variety of other situations. While there are a lot of viable types, only a few of them can be considered the absolute best to obtain in the story mode.

Horses in RDR2 are divided into six different categories, which determine their starting stats and how much they can be improved. While there are differences between standard, race, elite and heavy, they are not so big as to pose any problem while riding.

Race horses have high speed and acceleration but low health and stamina. These horses are wonderful when you're trying to get away from the law as quickly as possible, but the low health and stamina will eventually force you to use horse medicine when in the heat of battle, as they have a hard time surviving intense shooting and chase sequences.

Using a riding horse is best avoided at all times except for the very beginning of the story mode when money is low and there aren't many other options available. Superior horses are, as the name implies, the best horses in Red Dead Redemption 2.

They are not the best for escaping from enemies, but they can take a hit like no other horse type can, so they are extremely reliable for most story missions where you must fight your way through on horseback. Work horses are far from being the best horses, with high stamina but average health and speed, and low acceleration.

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There are three different variants of this horse type: Black, Rose Grey Bay, and White. The Black Arabian comes with health, stamina, speed and acceleration stats at 6, and it can be purchased for $1,050.

The Rose Grey Bay has slightly better health and stamina, both at 7, than the Black Arabian, but it costs a bit more, $1,250. If you really like the White Arabian, but don't want to spend so much money to get it, toucan capture a wild one near Lake Isabella, which is located to the west of the “A” in Marino on the map.

Both the Amber Champagne and the Silver Dapple Pinto come with the same stats: 5 health, 6 stamina, 7 speed and 5 acceleration. The low health makes the Missouri Fox Trotter a very bad choice for combat situations, so you may want to look at another horse if you're aiming to fight on horseback a lot.

The Turbofan has considerably better health than the Missouri Fox Trotter, 7 instead of 5, slightly lower speed, 6 instead of 7, and identical stamina and acceleration, 5. The Turbofan can be a good choice for horse races as well, and it can be acquired much more easily, as the Dark Bay Coat is unlocked at rank 56.

Both types are available for a low price, $125, and they come with some above average stats: 7 in health, 5 in stamina, 3 in speed and acceleration, making them a bad choice for races but a more than solid one for Free Roam. If you are among those who purchased the game's Ultimate Edition, toucan get two horses for free.

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Unlike what you may be expecting, however, these two horses are quite good and toucan use them in a variety of situations. Once you have made enough money, toucan purchase a second stable stall to claim the remaining horse.

Story mode also features some additional saddles that can be purchased from any trapper, given the player has specific items in his or her possession. For Red Dead Online, you need to reach the required rank before being able to purchase any of the horse upgrades.

Saddles are the best way to upgrade horses, as they provide the best stats improvements. These improvements, however, come at a cost, as both health and stamina cores will drain faster than usual.

They can only be purchased by owning the correct perfect skin or pelt, and they bring no performance change beyond that of the upgraded variant of each saddle. Bear Dakota Saddlebag Mother Hubbard SaddleBeaver Roping SaddleCougar McClelland SaddlePanther Trail SaddleRattlesnake Vaquero Saddle Stirrups provide improvements to the speed and acceleration stats at the cost of faster core drain.

Saddle Bags increase the item carrying capacity of the horse. Horses are, predictably, a pretty huge part of Red Dead Online.

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Your favorite horse from single-player won’t follow you over to Red Dead Online, so you ’ll need to buy a new one. To help you weed out the nags from the studs, we’ve put together this Red Dead Online Restores Guide.

We’ll list every horse youcanbuy in the game, and give you our thoughts on what the best ones to buy are. From essential tips, to a look at how to earn money fast, we’ve got you covered.

There is a wide selection of horses to choose from in Red Dead Online, but not all of them are worth your time. You ’ll need to pay a premium for the great ones, and horse bonding still applies.

To help you decide on which horse to spend your hard-earned bucks on, we’ve listed the best horses in Red Dead Online, below: It is extremely fast, and when paired with some good stirrups, it has fairly decent stamina too.

We’ve pulled together a list of all the horsesyoucan currently get in Red Dead Online. Given how expensive the horses are in Red Dead Online, you might be wondering whether toucan just grab a wild one instead, it’s free after all.

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If you picked up the Special Edition of Red Dead Online, you ’ll get a bonus horse right from the get-go. As part of this, toucan get a Red Chestnut Arabian Horse for free.

I recently played RDR2, and it’s shaping up to be a smooth, polished and ambitious epic that capably builds on the strengths of the original game, while adding deep layers of conversation, combat and exploration. To celebrate the release of the latest gameplay trailer, here are the details that you need to know about the next iteration of Rock star’s open-world epic.

A robbery gone wrong puts the story in motion You play as Arthur Morgan, member of the infamous Van her Linde outlaw gang. Following a bloody robbery in the Western town of Blackwater that left a trail of dead, the gang is chased by the law east into the Grizzly Mountains.

Talk to fellow members for leads on new money-making activities for the gang, or roll up your sleeves and chop some wood or head out to hunt wild game. But running on PS4 Pro, Red Dead Redemption 2 shows that Rock star has mastered the PS4 hardware.

And the boosted resolution highlights subtle details, from the rough bark on trees to grass shoots peeking out of the snow. Activate cinematic camera angles that toggle between dramatic close-range and panoramic shots as you ride the open plains.

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Weapons include a knife, revolver, repeater, lever-action rifle, and a classic bow and arrow. Handy for intimidating a witness, or causing a carriage to stop so toucan climb aboard or simply chat with the driver.

Expect wide environmental diversity As you play, you ’ll traverse snowed-in mountains, agoraphobia-inducing plains, gloomy swamps and bustling frontier towns. The game seamlessly transitions between wide outdoor vistas into detail-rich interiors, a technical achievement rarely seen.

A greeting can trigger pleasant exchanges, awkward replies… or could provoke a brawl if your counterpart enjoys his privacy. If you want to show off your rebellious side, get ready for witnesses to report your crimes to the local lawmen.

You can cook and craft by the campfire Ready for a hearty meal of Gritty Fish, or a healing potion? Toucan craft a wide array of supplies at campfires using ingredients you find or purchase during your travels.

The wildlife is diverse and unpredictable Red Dead Redemption 2 is seething with life, from snakes and swallowtails to deer, skunk, bear, and Lord knows what else. And the creatures engage with each other: during our demo, a hawk soared down to pluck a snake from a nearby bush.

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Bring items from any downed Legendary Animals to a trapper to create unique pieces of clothing to wear. They provide more than transport: they can carry animal skins and carcasses, as well as extra weapons and gear.

The soundtrack is dynamic The rich epic score is being led by returning composer Woody Jackson and a range of guest artists across the game. The game’s soundtrack features approximately 190 individual music pieces, and in the open world, the dynamic score subtly changes based on your actions.

It’s a cross-studio initiative Every studio associated with Rockstar Games is pitching in to help create the massive world of Red Dead Redemption 2, which Rock star sees as a continuation and extension of the vision first laid out in Grand Theft Auto 3 all those years ago.

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