Best Horses You Can Find In The Wild Rdr2

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In this guide, we will cover all the wild horse breeds locations as well as some general tips that will help you catch and break wild horses. There are a lot of different breeds in the game, so finding the best possible horse is a fun, but money and time-consuming, activity.

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Not counting purchasing them in Stables, it's possible to steal them or catch wild ones that can be found roaming all over the map. Stealing horses is not really advisable, as you also need to “take care of” any witnesses to prevent getting reported to the law and increasing your bounty.

The regular breeds can be encountered in multiple locations, but there are areas where the spawn rate is higher and so it's easier to come across them. The Wild American Standard bred can be found more often in an area to the north of Valley View, right by the river.

The Wild Appaloosa is usually found to the west of Donner Falls, which are located to the north of the Bacchus Bridge. The Appaloosa is actually a very good horse race in Red Dead Redemption 2, so you may want to bond with one to increase its stats and get yourself a very trusty steed.

Specifically, this wild horse breed spawns more often in an open area to the southeast of Fort Riggs, right past the river. The Wild Kentucky Saddler spawns more often in the open area found to the east of Manzanita Post.

If there are no horses around when you reach the area, simply camp, make some time pass and try again. The Wild Mustang can be found in an area located in the gap between the “L” and “A” in The Heartlands on the map, to the east of Oil Derrick.

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The Wild Tennessee Walker can be found more often in an area located to the east of Oil Derrick, in the gap between the “L” and “A” in The Heartlands on the map. Their spawn rate is also considerably lower than regular wild horse breeds, so you may have to come back to their locations multiple times.

The Tiger Striped Bay Wild Mustang can only be caught in during the late game, as its only spawn location is found in the southern part of the map. The horse can be found in the open area directly to the west of the Rio Del Logo Rock.

The White Wild Arabian is, without a doubt, the best horse race of Red Dead Redemption 2 and, as such, it requires some effort to catch. The best thing about the White Wild Arabian horse is not only its speed, the fastest among all wild horses, but also the fact that toucan capture the animal as soon as Chapter 2 begins, as the area can be accessed without any particular issue.

Some other locations include the Lavender fields near Hanging Dog Ranch, all the way to the west near Little Creek River; also just north of Cattail pond in Grizzlies West, near the Wapiti Reservation just below the letter “R” of “Marino”; and of course the NPC camp mentioned earlier at New Hanover near the oilfield. If you are in the epilogue toucan also find a herd of Appaloosa at Collar Springs at New Austin.

A Per lino Andalusian can be found north of Johannesburg by the Brandy wine Drop water fall. Unsurprisingly, these horses don’t come cheap, but they’re well worth the money you ’ll pay for them.

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Not only do Elite Handling horses have hearty stamina pools, they’re also no slouches when it comes to speed. For the absolute cream of the crop, though, you ’ll want to head to either the Saint-Denis or Blackwater stables.

Given the intended progression of Red Dead Redemption 2’s story campaign, both Saint-Denis and Blackwater are considered endgame locations. You won’t naturally come by Saint-Denis until Chapter 4, but there’s nothing stopping you from heading there earlier.

Of course, by the time you reach Red Dead Redemption 2’s endgame, coming by that much cash shouldn’t be hard. Specific horses that are hard to find or purchase also have superior stats in speed, acceleration, health, and stamina.

You should find the white horse in the snowy bank around the frozen lake. Once spotted, approach the Elite White Arabian very slowly as she will spook easily.

After you study the White Arabian, you'll gain a “Calm Bar” which shows her alert level. Slowly approach while constantly hitting the button shown to calm her.

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Transfer your saddle to the Elite White Arabian to keep her and then ride to a Stable to improve her stats even further. The other Arabian Horses still boast impressive speed and acceleration, but the Black coat can only be bought from Chapter 4 onwards from the Saint-Denis Stable, and the Rose Grey Bay coat can only be bought at the Epilogue in the Blackwater Stable.

The Missouri Fox Trotter breed boasts the best base speed in the game, with excellent acceleration, as well as good health and stamina to boot. Youcanfind the Gold coat after Chapter 4 by going to the Saint-Denis Stable.

The Tennessee Walker from Chapter 1 will get you through the tutorial stuff (it has to, after all), but you ’ll want to replace the steed as soon as you ’re able to. The bad news is, you wouldn’t know it and just because toucan get a good horse doesn’t mean it’ll be easy.

Our Red Dead Redemption 2 best horse guide will help you find the best steed and tame it, so toucan have an easy time exploring the west. Arabian horses are categorized as ‘superior’, and they are suited for all types of labor.

However, toucan ’t buy this horse until Chapter 6 or the Epilogue, and they’re very expensive to boot, costing $1,250. By the time toucan buy the Grey Arabian, you ’ll practically be done with RDR2 ’s story.

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After completing Hosea’s first quest in Chapter 2, ‘Exit, Pursued by a Bruised Ego’, you ’ll have access to the horse stables, that will let you buy and most importantly store your steeds. The White Arabian horse will be at Lake Isabella in that area, typically at the western bank by the legendary bison.

As the White Arabian is a wild horse, you ’ll have to tame it before toucan claim it for your own. Make sure to save in case you mess up, and approach the horse slowly.

Make sure you have proper medicine on hand so your brand new awesome horse in RDR2 doesn’t kick the bucket. If only one of the horse is a Courser, a foal will be born with maximum of two skills by chance.

A courser that has completed training can become a ‘Dream Horse’ with special skills after awakening. Aquanaut, Dine and Doom are the three children of Kodaly, the legendary horse that came down from the heavens together with the Goddess Sylvia.

This way, the chance of obtaining a certain type of Dream horse can be raised up to 90%. Aquanaut focuses on Skill, Dine on Elegance, and Doom on Strength.

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You need to train the courser’s Skill, Elegance, and Strength to add up to 200%. Toucan obtain the training materials through a daily quest given by Shaman.

Alternatively, toucan buy Kodaly’s Origin Stone on the Central Market. You ’ll consume 1 ‘Kodaly's Origin Stone’ for every attempt you take, no matter the outcome.

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