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• Sunday, 06 December, 2020
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Tungsten carbide is mainly recommended for a top grip of a bolt. Colored finishes are used to easily distinguish between types of impact driver bits in a set.

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Why we like it: With 40 quality bits to complete various tasks, the set is a popular and affordable solution to cover most users’ need. Since they underwent CNC machining, they now offer lower chances of bit tip damage.

Their design also features the new Screw bit magnetic system which reduced wobbles. This is also coupled with the magnet from the bit holder of the driver itself, which is why they can stay firmly in place.

Why we like it: This versatile solution can serve multiple power tools around the house, and it can save money with possible future purchases. Design features With an impressive number of bits and drills, the set is an all-in-one solution for home users or professionals.

Convenient features From Torn to Phillips or Flathead, the bits on offer might even be enough for some enthusiasts. As a general recommendation, it is not advisable to use the bits and drills on metals or very hard surfaces.

The gripping power of the bits has also been lauded by a number of users, especially for delicate situations where one-handed operations are needed. But the main advantage of the set comes with the versatility of the various bits when it comes to regular jobs.

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Verdict With various bits and drills, the set is mainly a money-saving purchase with reliable durability for the home user. Why we like it: The impact gold insert bits are a top option for those mainly concerned with the ultimate durability.

At the same time, the feature the premium Neodymium magnet, known for its stronger performance. This is why the set is also among the Akita options to consider for added durability, even with the most precise jobs.

While all of these design characteristics play their part, many users feel the difference is made in durability based on torsion technology. They come with the advantage of connecting directly into the impact driver with no extra holder.

At the same time, some users have noted that maintenance is also a bit easier on the set than expected. On the long term, this means extra durability as the magnets can work at full potential.

On various sites, this also means workers can simply slide it into a pocket to have the right bit at hand when needed. Its practical nature is also worth taking into consideration, especially since it makes good use of the space inside the case.

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Verdict With one of the most durable torsion control designs, the impact drive set is a recommended option for professionals. Why we like it: With a distinct black oxide powder coat finish, the versatile set is an advisable solution for long term use.

Design features The set is shipped with 34 high-quality pieces specifically made for impact drivers. This means that unlike regular bits, the accessories are made to withstand abuse at high torque.

With a design which is strongly orientated towards durability, the driver set is a worthy investment for the home user and especially for the enthusiasts or professionals. However, the most important characteristic of the set is that it offers reliable bits for impact drivers.

Square and flat head tips are also used in many situations in construction or home renovation. Those who already own a corded or cordless impact driver can make the most of the set and its durability.

Why we like it: As a new release, the set is mainly made to resist the demanding forces of an impact driver. Part of the Fastener Drive Bits series, it has been designed with durability in mind.

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Irwin Tools developed a solution which is easy to use and which allows users to trust the bits even under high torque. Irwin Tools based this manufacturing technology on cold forged steel.

Of course, this means they can be mounted on any impact driver be it from Dealt, Akita or Bosch. With short and long bits, users have the option of choosing the right design for hard to reach areas.

Forged for superior fit, they should also provide more accurate results which are mainly in the manage of professionals. Verdict With forged steel quality and extra black oxide finish attention, the set is among the options impact driver owners can consider for durability.

Pros Available in a practical case Forged to a high standard Mainly suited for impact drivers Applicability in the auto industry Why we like it: This versatile set might be all that’s needed for general work around the house.

This type of coating is not exclusive to Akita, but it has proven results with corrosion resistance. The heat treatment applied to the piece is unique to the manufacturer, and it can take the bits even further in terms of durability.

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Even Akita recommends the bits to be used directly on metal, plastic and some types of wood. The S2 modified steel profile of the bits is what comes with the durability and sharpness recommended for all of these materials.

Multiple users have already shown their support for added long Flathead bits with future releases. This is needed to easily remove each bit without actually breaking off various sections of the case.

Of course, this is mainly a problem with painted walls and panels and some users might overlook the issue. However, the set could be improved even without adding new bits by simply adjusting the powder coating finish and by changing the plastics of the case.

Pros Included magnetic bit holder Oxide corrosion coating Versatile with common 70 pieces Why we like it: Using Dealt’s Flexor design, the bits are known for their durability and torque resistance in the long term.

Design features Dealt fans are already familiar with the Extort’s capabilities. Its reliability allows users to consider the bits for impact driver work.

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Of course, the higher torque resistance is one of the main components of the impact driver, be it corded or cordless. Just as other Dealt bits, the set is made under the CNC machined manufacturing process.

With precise fit, this is also one of the feature professionals like the most about the bits as they are easy to use with recess screw. They might break eventually, but they come with a 15-degree flexion which reduces the chances of this actually happening.

Convenient features Dropping bits can be annoying even when using the best impact driver. This is why many users simply prefer to use Dealt’s bits as they come with the 10x magnetic screw lock sleeve.

It is this magnetic feature which then enables users to freely work with one hand with increased confidence. As one of the affordable Dealt designs, the set can be considered as a one-stop solution for all impact driver needs.

The Flexor and the Reflex Core strengths are what differentiate the set from its competitors. Verdict With a small selection of high-quality bits, the set is recommended for Dealt fans who want the Reflex core versatility.

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Pros Based on the Flexor responsiveness Offers Reflex Core 15-degree flexibility 10x magnetic screw lock sleeve Why we like it: The variety set is recommended for screwing and drilling when affordability is the main criteria.

Design features Locked in a clamp-style case, the bits are made for screwing and drilling. Convenient features If the set can be used on various materials, it is expected to come with a few limitations when it comes to top performance.

One of the drawbacks users have to consider comes with the lack of minimum power magnets which would hold the screws in place. Of course, it might not have the same quality of its alternatives, but its affordable price recommends the kit for home use or even as a backup solution for on-the-go professionals.

Verdict With an affordable price, the kit is recommended for those who want to make the most out of the sleeve-based quick-connect design. Design features The set is one of the most practical solutions for that afraid corrosion will shorten the life of their tools.

For this purpose, Akita used a manganese phosphate surface to protect the bits from corrosion. At the same time, as all Akita releases, the bits also went through a heat process to improve durability.

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Made from optimized steel, the bits are expected to have a long life if used correctly. With durability which can prevent broken bits, the set can be one of the multiple options Akita has to offer.

Why we like it: Chrome-vanadium fans can find the set to be a reliable solution for nuts and bolts fasteners application. All bits come with magnetic practicality which ensures a secure lock while fastening nuts or even bolts.

Convenient features Six hex shank nut drivers are available in 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, and 9/16in sizes. Ready to deal with the torque of impact power tools, the bits are considered among the reliable minimalistic not driver sets.

Pros Made from chrome vanadium steel Laser-engraved for ease of use Powerful magnetizer profile For safety reasons, the plastic, metal or wood surfaces should be completely dry.

At the same time, getting the driver bits in contact with moisture can lead to faster corrosion. The good news is that most of them are easy to use as they can replace individual purchases, and they can last for years as well.

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To prevent or delay natural corrosion, driver bits are generally coated to keep humidity away. CNC machining refers to the manufacturing process of the driver bits.

Even so, there are good and bad products from the same manufacturer and the choices should be as informed as possible, especially for those with high expectations. The number of bits offered in an impact driver set differs.

Even some numerous options with 90 bits per set can seem appealing, but it doesn’t mean all of them are useful or worth the extra investment. A large set can add extra weight to the toolbox of a professional.

It just means it lays the foundation towards some best impact driver bits user can hope for. Some best impact driver sets on the market come with bits which can resist up to 2.000 pounds of torque.

Some of them are seen with popular manufacturers which have the ability to simply choose solutions which add durability or practicality. From engineered tips to shafts with up to 15 degrees of flexibility, there are many options to consider.

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From a financial perspective, it even makes sense to purchase a complete set which can cover both a drill and a driver. They can come with all that’s needed to install furniture, a TV or to attend to any regular maintenance task around the house.

Users who are hoping to make the decision based on price alone can find the process complicated as a result. Unfortunately, many users find out too late while the most affordable impact driver sets are not very reliable.

Simply using a driver set’s bits without magnetic characteristics seems to be unimaginable by today’s standards. The good news is that there is a short learning curve for most driver sets.

So even those changing brands or upgrading from entry-level impact driver sets can rest assured it will not take long to get to work properly. Another important aspect of power tools comes with the way each individual works.

Even those who are satisfied with the sets they have at the moment can find pleasant surprises in some up to date releases.

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