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James Lee
• Friday, 18 December, 2020
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Not everyone can simply buy a full RV and haul it around the country, however, there are many people who would be interested in putting one of the best truck campers on their truck they already own & being ready to tackle whatever comes next! To build this truck camper, they used a process that had to be fairly expensive but included computer designs and new modern materials to reduce weight.

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The shelves and cabinets offer a great spot to put away so many of the different items you’re going to need and bring on your trip. Many users online have noted that this model has a bathroom that also feels spacious, that’s going to be high up for comfort on a lot of people’s lists.

The biggest con for this camper is that the holding tanks are exposed, and you just want to keep your weight distribution in check. The one feature people are always blown away by is what camp calls a “Monster picture window”.

The permanent dinette (where the huge window is located) has enough space and is definitely comfortable to eat in. The Cirrus is a four-season model, meaning the water lines are all covered (not exposed) so your pipes won’t freeze.

The Cirrus 920 has a luxurious feel and the floor plan gives it an awesome look. The Queen bed area is going to impress as does the amazing picture window for great views into the outdoors.

The basic thing you want to see when you buy a Four Wheel Camper, other than durability that I just mentioned, is that it’s simple and light. This isn’t the craziest truck camper out there on the marketplace, but it’s very practical, and I can see that being very appealing for a lot of people.

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Most users have reported they feel comfortable in the space of the Hawk and I agree as it does seem to have a lot of headroom. I’m interested in what Four Wheel Camper will do next because I think a lot of consumers appreciate their models and their designs.

They did add a dry bath obviously to set this model apart; which is really supposed to be a big convenience for consumers. There was a lot Northern Lite could’ve done since they switched to a dry bath, but kind of failed to do so.

The interior has a gorgeous design and Northern Lite is correct when they think that they have a good layout here. While this model does a few things right, I’m not sure it can really compete based on the level of price to some of its counterpoints.

At the same time, the dry bath also does not have a great storage system and that includes an awkward spot for the toilet paper holder. It’s a beautiful camper structurally and with the design, but depending on your tastes with the dry bath, it may not be exactly for you.

We want to keep an open mind when looking at truck campers, and I think this entry is a decent one. You have really nice LED lighting with the Fox 865 as well as cathedral-arch ceilings that give one of the most beautiful designs you’ll see in a truck camper.

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That’s pretty different when you think about campers and the limited space they have to deal with, but it actually utilizes space well and can break up the areas so that one person could be in the main living area and not wake someone sleeping in the bed. One negative you’re going to find through a few reviews and one that I personally agree with is that getting up on the roof is going to be a pain in the butt.

Some people may not like the design; it’s probably best to check it out for yourself, although personally, I am a huge fan of the separation seen in this unit. The sink may be taking up too much space in this model and the roof is very hard to maneuver on to.

The fact that it’s a custom camper means that you get your Mini Max fully designed to meet your individual payload requirements and bed size. Phoenix is clearly a high-quality business that wants to take care of its customer as thoroughly as possible, and I applaud them for that commitment to service.

As soon as you’re inside the 12STC, you’re going to see a lot of storage cabinetry in places that most other truck campers don’t use so well. Because of its size, this North Star is a hit with those who may stand a bit taller; giving you that extra headroom.

There are some negatives to be found; such as some heating issues when it comes to the thermostat not picking up temperatures appropriately. At the end of the day, the North Star 12STC is a unique option that is going to be very high quality for most customers who see it.

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I’m a big fan of seeing this option simply existing on the marketplace and I hope they continue to challenge expectations in the industry. The dry bath featured is amazing and has multiple toilet options for you to pick from.

The shower stall is a molded fiberglass model and the quality in that dry bath area is apparent. There are tons of places for storage in this model & customers should feel at ease when thinking about if they’ll have room for all that fun stuff they need to bring along on trips.

They’ve been manufacturing campers for decades and have put a lot of information gathered over the years into this model. These are not mass manufactured, so the idea is that employees can specialize and bring a high level of quality to each part of the camper they make.

The storage is a big problem for a lot of people compared to other models, and this is really hard to get unmounted out in nature; unless you have your manual jack. The pros section has to start with the fact that we’ve got a hard side pop-up design here.

You have a floor plan that is a true classic but mixes in newer ideas and sophisticated technology. The Retreat is hard to review because of Capri’s custom mix and match approach.

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Palomino wanted to create something they felt was unique when they built their SS-550 model, and as we go over the features; I think you will see where that creative direction took them. This company hasn’t always had the best reputation; so they’ve been working on improving what people think about them as well as their camper offerings.

To go along with that kitchen is a big dinette area that actually has room for four people which is a nice feature to have. Some people won’t love the feel of the wet bath and the fact that it lacks a sink.

The Milner offers a great way to bring a fair amount of stuff with you on the road. The fact that they’ve been refining the Milner over such a long time leads to a great design and a feeling that you’re right at home.

It’s the middle of the road proposition that can make it hard to find value or define exactly who their customer is. If you want to nitpick; the outlet locations could be better and an occasional design decision could be questioned.

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