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Maria Johnson
• Monday, 16 November, 2020
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Indoor dog pens are useful for corralling dogs for a short period of time without subjecting them to the confines of a crate. They are the perfect solution for active dogs who don’t like to be tied down and for puppies that can’t be trusted with full run of the house.

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They give you peace of mind knowing your dog’s ability to make trouble is limited without your pup feeling like he’s in prison. When it comes to indoor dog pens, there are many options out there and some models work best for certain types of dogs.

If your dog is a real Houdini, or prone to chewing, you might need to consider a more heavy-duty exercise pen with taller sides. Some indoor dog pens pop up into a set shape and size while others can be adjusted by adding or removing panels.

Choose the right material based on your dog’s chewing tendencies and the desired durability of the pen. We’ve scoured countless reviews to bring you some of the best options on the market for different types of dog pens.

Constructed of durable, heavy-duty molded plastic, the IRIS Exercise Panel Playpen can be used both indoors or outdoors. The base model puppy pen comes with eight interlocking panels that you can position in different shapes to suit your pet’s needs.

This strong, secure dog exercise pen is made of steel fencing panels coated to prevent rust and corrosion. The secure gate makes it easy for you to get in and out of the pen without letting the dog escape, and the accompanying steel stakes let you secure the pen in the yard, so your dog can safely enjoy the great outdoors (supervised, of course).

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Not only is this indoor dog pen durably constructed, but it is surprisingly simple to assemble. We like that the eight, two-foot-wide panels can be arranged in several configurations, including a divided space to keep two dogs together but separate.

In case you’re worried about your dog finding his way out, the double latch gate is extra-secure. With the step-through door, you don’t have to take the pen apart to let your dog in and out, or if you want to hop in for some playtime.

This soft-sided dog exercise pen is perfect for creating a safe play space on the go. Paws & Pals, formerly Oxford, makes pet products that are built to last.

The included ground anchors keep it securely in place, and the smooth coating and rounded edges prevent boo-boos in doggies who jump. The simple tool-free assembly and versatile panel construction means you can set it up indoors as an open-topped dog crate or playroom, and then fold it up to take it on the road.

Pop-up playpens are great for camping, traveling, backyard barbecues, supervised playtime at the park, pretty much anywhere you want to keep your dog safe and enclosed. As a bonus, this portable pop-up playpen comes with a collapsible bowl for water and food.

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Use it as an exercise pen, or convert it to a freestanding pet gate and room divider. When using this convertible playpen as a crate, you can use a floor mat or tray (sold separately) for padding and protection.

Available in five different sizes priced under $50, this indoor dog pen is a great choice for puppies and adult dogs alike. All five models feature a sturdy metal wire construction covered with a thick black e-coating for long-lasting durability.

This indoor dog pen features an easy-access doorway that securely latches closed with double locks. This means that you can easily enter and exit the pen yourself without having to worry about your dog finding his way out.

The pen can be assembled in a variety of different shapes and comes with metal anchors if you choose to use it outdoors. It features a sturdy design with skid-resistant pads to protect your flooring and a swinging door that allows your puppy to come and go, leaving his toys where they belong (though if you want to keep your puppy inside for a while, you have the option to lock the door).

The pen itself is made up of four panels, each 26 inches high, so your puppy won’t be able to escape. When you’re not using the pen, simply disconnect the panels and load them into the included carrying case for transport or storage.

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Buy Now on Amazonian it on Chewy Whether you’re looking for something to keep your dog confined for a short period of time or a simple way to supervise puppy play time, an indoor dog pen could be the perfect solution. To pick the perfect playpen for your dog, consider his size and temperament, taking into account practical features like setup, durability, and portability.

You’ll notice a lot of the pictures below show them being used outdoors, which is for most people the more popular place to use exercise pens, but these enclosures will also work well indoors. It earns its spot as our top choice because of its height options (40 or 48 inches) and its sturdy construction.

This pen will contain even the most skilled escape artists and can easily be stored when not in use. Its door makes it easy to step inside the pen join in the play with your pup.

This pen can be customized using add-ons produced by the Midwest company, making it extremely versatile. On its own, this pen does a great job of giving your dog room to run around while safely contained.

Best for: small and medium dogs and owners that want to customize the pen to include a crate. Despite its size, this pen is easy to move, adjust, and conform to your space, making it a versatile choice.

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Its door also makes it easy to get into the pen to clean up or join in the fun with your dog. It has a storage pocket (which is great for travel), a mesh zip-on or zip-off roof, and grommets to pin it in outdoors.

It features a door, so you can easily step in our out of the enclosure and can be converted to connect to your dog’s crate. While not the Fort Knox of indoor exercise pens, it is perfect for owners that do not want to store massive and heavy panels.

If you’re looking for a pen that will grow with your puppy and keep her safe, the Meet North State Petard is perfect. It also has a lockable dog door that can make this pen double as a crate.

Its design also makes it configurable to fit the shape or your space and grow with your puppy. It also comes with handy skip pads that prevent your floors from getting scraped or damaged.

The low height of 24” keeps puppies in while allowing mom to easily hop out for a bit of a break or to go to the bathroom. The door allows you to enter the pen to take for the puppies without stepping over high sides.

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Otherwise, keep the exercise pen to a minimal size, so that your dog has room to stand up, turn around, and stretch. Puzzle balls make an excellent choice for keeping your dog physically and mentally stimulated in the exercise enclosure.

Indoor exercise pens keep dogs safe and contained while playing or relaxing. They also minimize the range of destructive behaviors and mess that can be associated with puppy play time.

Puzzle toys and balls are engaging for dogs and can help ignite fun and play. But before bringing a herding hound into your life, it’s important to make sure you’re fully capable of meeting their unique needs.

The AKC currently recognizes 30 herding breeds, and though they all share several common traits and tendencies, they also differ in many ways and form a rather diverse group. The highly intelligent dogs can pick up subtle hand signals or movements, making them very attentive and well suited to watching over a flock.

Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the group’s tendencies so that you can support and train your herding hound in the best possible way. While every dog is an individual, many herding breeds end up sharing a lot of the common characteristics listed below.

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Herding dogs are remarkably intelligent and require a good degree of mental stimulation. While you may not have a flock of sheep, you’ll want to have lots of puzzle toys and outdoor excursions lined up to keep your herding dog happy.

However, this intelligence can be a double-edged sword, as it means that your herding hound might be a bit craftier when it comes to getting into things he shouldn’t. While there are some exceptions, most herding dogs will appreciate having access to a backyard or park where they can run around and expend some energy.

These pups are ready for action and also bond closely with their owners, so they’re happy to stay by your side while traversing your favorite trail. Because many herding breeds have the tendency to be protective, you’ll want to make sure that they get lots of early socialization so that they aren’t wary of strangers.

As long as they get enough mental and physical stimulation, these pups are energetic, friendly, and all-around great companions. Bearded collies, sometimes called “birdies”, are crazy cute canine clowns, who constantly bounce off the walls.

These energetic pups are sure to keep you entertained, though you’ll want to impose a regimented training routine early on to keep their mischievous antics under control. These intelligent dogs require a great deal of regular grooming due to their impressive coats, so you’ll want to make sure you have shed-friendly furniture.

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As the name suggests, Belgian sheepdogs are expert flock herders and are known for their versatility and beautiful long coats. You’ll find that the Belgian sheepdog absolutely adores doling out kisses to his favorite family members.

In addition, this breed is pretty friendly to other dogs and kids, so they make great companions for homes with more than one pooch. These dogs are always ready to learn new tricks, and they require a job or regular physical activity to remain happy.

You’ll want to make sure these floods get plenty of exercise to ensure that they don’t develop destructive behaviors out of boredom. These sensitive dogs need lots of attention from their peeps and athletic activity to stay happy.

These pups require intense exercise on a daily basis to stay at their best, so they make excellent running or hiking buddies. You’ll want to make sure your border collie meets lots of people and is exposed to all kinds of day-to-day stuff as a puppy to ward off any potential shyness.

While the Bouvier DES Flanders is super affectionate with and loyal to his family members, the breed has a tendency to be aloof around other people and dogs. Birds are stunning working dogs from France that have a long, glossy coat and endearing demeanor that’s sure to melt your heart.

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These muscular mutts have a strong work drive and are bound to serve as fearless watchdogs for your home. These bearded buddies are sure to find a place in your heart with their unparalleled loyalty and zest for life.

Canaan's dogs are closely related to their wild ancestors, so they’ll need a strong-willed owner to thrive. Luckily, these dogs are super responsive and highly alert making them easy to train.

The Cardigan Welsh corgi is a distinguished pup, with a long tail that resembles the floppy sleeves of your favorite sweater. While this breed is intelligent, they can have a stubborn streak, so make a point to start a consistent training schedule early-on.

These affectionate pups are sure to give you lots of kisses after a long game of fetch and entertain you on a daily basis. Collies love to exercise and will enjoy homes where they get the chance to run and play every day.

The Entlebucher mountain dog has a relentless work ethic and requires strong training to ensure a happy home life. These farm dogs are protective of their packs and naturally possess a strong herding instinct.

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Entlebucher mountain dogs need a lot of socialization and focused training early-on, so they might not be best suited for first-time owners. However, once you’ve trained the Entlebucher mountain dog, he is sure to act as your loyal companion for life.

The Finnish Lawful once served as a reindeer herder, but they now act as devoted companions to their families. They’ll also do well in family settings since the Finnish Lawful craves company and doesn’t like being left alone.

Finnish Appends may be wary of strangers, so prioritize socialization with other people and dogs during puppyhood. Though you’ll have to deal with a considerable amount of shedding, Nappies are bound to steal your heart with their sweet, obedient nature.

The German shepherd ranks number 2 on the list of most popular dog breeds as of 2019, and it’s easy to see why. German shepherds are super athletic and appreciate having dedicated time to play and run around on a daily basis.

However, with proper socialization, these courageous canines are bound to make the perfect, balanced companion. Icelandic sheepdogs are exceptionally friendly and are happy to play a game of fetch or Frisbee.

Miniature American shepherds are a lively, enthusiastic bunch that will require regular play and exercise to stay content. The smart dogs are easy to train but have a strong herding instinct that needs to be properly addressed especially if you have small children at home.

The energetic breed loves to be around his family and will give lots of cuddles at the end of a long play session. While you’ll need to invest a lot of time into grooming these cuties, their loyal, loving dispositions make all your efforts well worth the hassle.

You’ll want to make sure these bouncy bundles of joy get frequent, consistent training and exercise to tame their endless amounts of energy. You might not expect it, but these popular pups were originally bred to herd sheep, horses, and cattle.

However, they still need a healthy amount of exercise each day, so make sure you have a park close by if you’re thinking of taking in one of these cuties. Pembroke Welsh corgis are loving, trainable dogs, but they are also independent thinkers that may lead them to be stubborn at times.

When trained properly, Polish lowland sheepdogs can be great around kids, though they do have a strong herding instinct, so you’ll need to be cautious around small children. The pull is likely to turn heads with his mop-like appearance and also serves as a loyal furry family member you’re sure to fall in love with.

These dogs need lots of regular exercise to stay happy and appreciate participating in sports and agility activities. Though Pyrenean shepherds are super affectionate with family members including kids, they might not be the best in multi-pet households due to their general wariness of other dogs.

With their playful attitudes, beautiful coats, and friendly faces, Pyrenean shepherds can steal your heart in an instant. Spanish water dogs are lively family companions and, as the name suggests, they love to swim whenever they can.

Spanish water dogs have seemingly endless energy, so they’ll need to be placed in a particularly active home. This intelligent breed loves to learn, so you’ll enjoy teaching your Spanish water dog new tricks.

Swedish valued dogs enjoy going on long walks and hikes to burn off their energy, and they are likely to be incredibly vocal. This breed loves to learn, so long, positive training sessions are bound to bring you and your buddy closer.

While herding breeds can make excellent family companions, they’ll need to be trained and introduced to children carefully. These loyal companions are always ready to put in a hard day’s work and show you how much they care by being eternally devoted to your family.

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