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All approved purebred stallions inspected in 2015 and later have a Linear Profile sheet available for review. Sorted lists are returned by section identifiers (variety, birthdate, etc) and are then sorted by status, so active stallions are listed ahead of other statuses within their section identifier.

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Please download an application, veterinary form (these are now fillable PDFs) or procedures and guidelines below: The 2020 Horse Sport Ireland Stallion Selections took place in CAVAM Equestrian Center on the 10th and 11th of March.

Geoff Currant, the test rider for the Irish Sport Horse Stage 2 assessments. And the five-year-old Kaiden Lava WD both met the criteria and were classified as Preliminary Approved.

Commenting on the 2020 inspections, Alison Cor bally, CSI Director of Breeding and Programs, stated “There was strong representation of 19 IrishDraught Stallions who came forward for inspection this year, eight Irish Sport Horses, two Thoroughbreds and one pony.

I would like to acknowledge the effort put in by the stallion owners and their support staff in producing these young horses so well. I hope that breeders, will consider using these newly classified stallions and give them an opportunity to start their breeding careers with good mares.

IRISHDRAUGHTStallion NameYOBSireDam SireOwnerClassification ZAPPA CAPONE2017CAPPA CASANOVA (IDC1)COOLCRONAN WOOD (IDC1)James QuinnClass 1CARRAIGSTUD JACK2017GOLDSMITHCOUNTRY OLIVER (IDC1)CLONAKILTY HERO (IDC1)Denis O’Brainless 1DERRYNASAGURT SILVER2017FAST SILVER (IDC1)ASTANA (IDC1)Sean ScannellClass 1GWEEBARRAS DREAMTIME STAR2016MILLHOLLOW REAL MAC COY (ID C1)BLUE RAJAH (ID C1)End HamillClass 1LIOSDERG SILVER PRIDE2012HEIGH HO SILVER (ID C1)CORK ARTHUR (ID C1)Gabriel Class 1MOYLOUGH SUPREMACY2017CARRABAWN CROSS (IDC1)ASTANA (IDC1)Patrick Hairless 1WRS SUN SHINE2014WRS SUN RICH (IDC2)HUNTINGFIELD HEATHCLIFF (IDC1)Donald Spineless 1 Stallion Selection Results The Stallion Selection results for the IrishDraught Horse Studbook and the Irish Sport Horse Studbook are available by clicking on the years below. Voluntary Code of Practice for Stallion and Mare Owners CSI has published a Voluntary Code of Practice for Stallion and Mare Owners which was produced by the Irish Equine Center.

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Due to the small size of farm holdings in Ireland at the time most farmers could not afford to keep more than one horse and as a result Irish breeders developed an adaptable draft horse capable of carrying out all the work on the farm as well as being used for riding, hunting and driving. Consequently, the breed developed to be extremely versatile and intelligent with an excellent temperament and willing nature.

Irish Drafts are often used for crossing with other breeder to produce all types of leisure and performance horses. Their mounts need to be brave, obedient and able to cope with confrontational situations, and they consider the IrishDraught breed to be ideally suited for this role.

The IrishDraught Horse is a versatile, powerful and athletic animal with substance and quality. Known for its good temperament, docility and willing nature, it has a robust constitution and is inherently sound.

Wide forehead and kind eyes, set well apart, and with large quality ears. Good length of rein with head well set on, neck should be correctly muscled and well shaped.

Hooves should be of equal size, hard and sound with plenty of room at the heel. A sloping shoulder neither loaded, nor too heavy, nor too short, with well-defined withers well set back.

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Movement should be active and strong, showing good flexion of joints and freedom of the shoulders. The importance of recording covering dates is also included and also to ensure that the mare owner receives a ‘Record of Service Certificate’ and a commitment from the stallion owner to submit the ‘Covering Certificate’ at the appropriate time.

Cougar(IS) Traditional Irish sport horse stallion 75.78%TB HARTWELL STUD was founded in the 1880, and has been brought to its present status by owners David and Mary McCann over the last 40 years.

HARTWELL STUD has concentrated on breeding performance horses for the world equestrian market of Show Jumping and Eventing. Through selective breeding of the Irish Sport Horse, they have combined the IrishDraught (renowned worldwide as a foundation cross for top class performers) with the three quarter bred and thoroughbred, to produce some of the best horses jumping and eventing in the world today.

HARTWELL STUD is approved by the Department of Agriculture for the collection and export of frozen and chilled semen and embryo transfers. Ben Mar’s Briton Belfry, RID flaunts traditional IrishDraught qualities and sleek, old world beauty.

This exciting young stallion passed his inspections at the 2005 IrishDraught Horse Society National Show and has fully earned his Registered IrishDraughtStallion status! The IrishDraught Horse is so rare that Purebred IrishDraughtStallion owners have a tremendous responsibility to preserve all that is great about the breed.

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His conformation, movement and athleticism along with how he is inspected, campaigned and promoted, all has direct and exponential influence over possible generation loss. This means that an incorrect stallion that is heavily promoted and chosen simply for low stud fees or geographic proximity can significantly detriment the quality of the breed itself for many future generations.

He has arresting beauty, presence, conformation, athleticism, and rare black color. Ben Mar’s Briton Belfry, RID promises to be an upper level performer, able to proudly represent our special breed.

Most importantly, Belfry has proven to be a “very dominant sire” stamping his offspring with his great looks and athletic ability. He has correct conformation, straight limbs and ample bone that he passes on to his foals.

Belfry’s Dam, Flag mount Belle, RID, won numerous IDH SNA National Show classes and Championships. Due to Flag mount Belle’s untimely death, Belfry’s pedigree can never be duplicated.

Belfry’s long term career goals include show jumping and dressage as well as promoting the IrishDraught Horse breed through exhibitions and stallion auctions that support various worthwhile causes. To further endear our wonderful IrishDraught Horse breed to the public, Belfry will be extensively schooled in exhibition style performances.

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Our 13-year daughter gets frequent gentle kisses and hugs from Belfry. King of Diamonds is ranked 21st in the World Breeding Rankings for the period 1992 – 2001 on the basis of 19 of his progeny, including Rodrigo Person’s Special Envoy, John Leningrad’s Mill street Ruby, and Joe Paris’ Mill Pearl.

Joe Paris and Mill Pearl were 7th at the Seoul Olympic Games, the following year, they were 4th in the World Cup final in Tampa He has more than forty stallion sons or grandsons, bred either directly in the sire line or through his daughters, although some experts argue that the inspectors were a bit overwhelmed by King of Diamonds’ reputation, and perhaps a little lax in some they passed.

His dam Ruby was by True Boy, a half-bred sire who traces to Kildare, a well-known IrishDraughtstallion at the beginning of the century. King of Diamonds was a jumper in his own right, but he achieved his Grade A status in an era when Irish jumping tracks were not so demanding.

When King of Diamonds died in 1991 at the age of 29 he had eleven stallion sons on the Irish Horse Register and two grandsons. The registered progeny of his stallion sons, to say nothing at all of his daughter’s descendants, expands his influence numerically to thousands.

Daniel’s interest in horses began at the age of 8 and all these years later, he is running one of Ireland’s leading operations with Irish Drafts. As a participant in hunting events during his tender years, one could be reassured that emerging into the equine circles was only a natural progression for Daniel.

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The celebration of his eighth birthday and his first Holy Communion marked a significant milestone in Daniel’s life, an encounter that most certainly shaped his future. Years later, when Daniel turned fourteen, he attended his first Irish National Draft sale in Waterfalls and sourced his first IrishDraught.

The stud is operated by Daniel, a full-time electrician with ESB, his father Dan SNR and Joe Rohan, a well-esteemed friend and mentor. My setup would be based on two of her best dam lines ROMA BLUE WIND and MILLHOLLOW QUEEN.” Daniel explained.

Three IrishDraught brood mares in-foal and three young stock now dominate Clothes Stud’s pastures. One of the three young stock includes CLOTHES SUZIE, a daughter of 2015 Dublin-winning mare Baltydaniel Silver Queen, who Daniel, unfortunately, lost to colic the week before Dublin in 2016.

Clothes Stud has a dedicated and satisfied returning client base, the majority of which are pure-bred breeders or parties on the search for IrishDraught colt foals for ridden purposes and fillies for breeding purposes in both Ireland and across the waters in the U.K. Daniel can look upon his admirable enterprise based in Co. Vestments with pride, having secured his fair share of accolades down through the years.

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