Best Job To Put Down For Cheap Car Insurance

Ava Flores
• Thursday, 03 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Find out why drivers with “high risk” jobs don’t always make the most claims. There’s not much an insurance company won’t analyze to determine a customer’s potential risk when it comes to car insurance and that goes for your job, too.

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There have been a lot of editorials recently around “tweaking” your job title to get a lower premium, but how big a factor is it, and can you really make a difference? The paradox is that even if your job title puts you into a high risk category for car insurance, available data doesn’t necessarily show that you’re more likely to make an at-fault claim than drivers in other professions.

This is Money published part of that research, listing the occupations most and least likely to affect your insurance premium. The jobs most likely to increase your premium revealed some unexpectedly high risk, higher cost professions.

Fruit and vegetable pickers Waiters Builder’s laborer Factory packers Painter Car valet Security guard Construction worker Barber Delivery courier Since the EU directive on gender equality made it illegal to price car insurance differently for men and women, some insurers get around this by making certain jobs a lower risk factor instead.

By and large most qualified medical professionals tend to be older than what would be considered a “young driver”, so premiums are likely to be lower. When you boil it all down, the bottom line is that while it can seem worth tweaking your job title to see if it makes any difference to a quote, it’s just one of many factors an insurer takes into account.

If you do test the impact of different job titles on the cost of car insurance, bear in mind that your stated occupation must accurately describe your profession. If you veer too far from your actual occupation, though, you could be guilty of fraud, and you risk invalidating your insurance as well as facing a criminal conviction.

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As with any other risk factor, such as where you live or the type of car you drive, your profession can affect the cost of your car insurance. BBC research found that car insurance premiums averaged 30% more for out of work drivers, but costs could be as much as 63% higher.

If you're happy the tweak you're doing is legit, go straight to our CheapCarInsurance guide for more Moneymaking tips (or contact your insurer if you're mid-policy). If you're an office administrator, and you want to say you're a driving instructor as it's cheaper, this is simple fraud.

The cost of your car insurance is a result of many factors including your age, the car you drive, where you live, and your occupation. Insurers use what’s called ‘actuarial risk tables’ which show the different risks each group of people tends to have (they've built this up based on years' worth of data).

For example, journalists are thought to be expensive as they tend to drive a lot, be in a rush, and risk carrying high profile passengers, which would up the cost in a lawsuit. So if you’re in a role with high car insurance costs, it’s likely your colleagues across your industry are to blame.

The picker works by selecting sample profiles with similar job titles and averaging the cost differences between them. We compared prices for nine million quotes across 1,941 different job titles to build the tool.

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Always double check with your insurer or if you're at renewal, try a few different (legitimate) titles. Racing drivers and footballers take first and second position on the podium when it comes to costly car insurance premiums, research has found.

Many Premiership stars have brash over-the-top expensive vehicles, kitted out with the latest gadgets and equipment, while hardly a week goes by without a story of a footballer having a prang in his car. A tale of two jobs: Nurses, such as Tina Holey's character in Holy City, will pay far less for their car insurance than a professional driver like Benson Button.

Footballers, as well as racing drivers, get hit with high premiums because they are also worth an incredible amount of money to both their clubs and sponsors, with some having price-tags in the double-digit millions. Although that is a fraction of the wages Rooney and his fellow Premiership players earn in a week, it is skewed by cheaper lower league footballers and is likely to be far less than such a high profile star would pay in insurance.

Perhaps some consolation in the regular debate over the wages nurses get for saving lives, compared to footballers’ who some see as overpaid prima donnas. However, this could change by 21 December when premiums for females are set to rise due to the EU Gender Directive that comes into force.

A number of public sector workers feature in the top ten cheapest professions, including magistrates, school crossing wardens and head teachers. ‘However with some professions it might not be so clear-cut and it might be other factors of a driver's profile and personality that has more bearing on the premium they pay.

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‘Giving information that isn't wholly accurate could mean you end up paying for cover that isn't valid or even be classed as filling in your details fraudulently by an insurer.’ I remember a meeting with an expert in the car insurance industry who said croupiers and journalists get stung because of the nature of their job.

Here are the key variables insurance companies use to determine the cost of car insurance and the price you'll pay (in no particular order): How long you have held a full driving license affects the cost of car insurance, simply because less experienced drivers are more likely to be involved in a collision and make a claim.

A survey conducted by Compare Coinsurance in February 2019 found that of 1000 parents, with children aged between 17 and 25 who had passed their driving test, a staggering 10% had insured their child's car in their name. Top Tip: Hold out on the car you've always wanted for at least a year and get yourself a 1.4-litre engine (or smaller).

For the insurance company, they see you as more of a risk if you live in an area where your car is more likely to be stolen, broken in to or vandalized. Top Tip: It would be a stretch too far if we were to advise you to move away just to reduce your car insurance cost, however, if you are a student living in term time in an area with a higher crime rate than at home, you may want to consider leaving your car at home.

Top Tip: Unfortunately there's nothing you can do to tackle this particular variable, other than to be a safe and considerate driver so young people in years to come don't have to pay out as much as you did. Don't pimp your ride; modifications will most likely increase your insurance If you had grand ideas about pimping your car up, raising or lowering it, adding larger wheels or other hip and trendy things, you may want to reconsider.

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One of the reasons for this is because they know that a car works best when it is left to how the experts (the manufacturers) made it. If you have the salary of a rap superstar then, by all means, modify your car to your heart's content, otherwise, keep it sensible.

Ring insurance companies up to see what they recommend and how much this will affect the cost of your car insurance. The most expensive professions to be in car insurance -wise include footballers, delivery drivers and travelling salespeople.

That’s why many people opt for policies that cover more than required minimums, particularly if they have assets that can be seized to pay for repairs and medical care. A good rule of thumb: Make sure you’re covered for an amount equal to the total value of your assets (Add up the dollar values of your house, your car, savings and investments).

You probably don’t need to spend a lot of money on a Personal Injury Protection policy. It’s relatively inexpensive in most states (something like $40 a year for $100,000 worth of coverage) and if you are in a collision with an uninsured driver, will help cover costs your health insurance won’t.

Collision and comprehensive coverage is worth having if you would want to repair or replace your car after an accident. You’re seeking coverage for major damages to your car, not for every little thing that can go wrong.

Save collision insurance for when you have car repairs that cost thousands, not hundreds. Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Utah and Puerto Rico requires car owners to carry this protection, though the rules around how these policies work vary by state.

These policies tend to be expensive, so be sure to shop around for the best deal if you live in a no-fault state. Auto insurance policies vary widely depending on your car, your driving record and your credit, so it’s wise to do some research.

These companies sell coverage directly to you, bypassing traditional insurance agents. But these insurers accept only the best drivers, so you may have trouble qualifying for coverage if you have a history of accidents or moving violations.

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