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Carole Stephens
• Thursday, 14 January, 2021
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Looking at old black and white riding photos can be a fun blast from the past. Anatomical bridles, in particular, are designed to avoid putting pressure on horses’ sensitive facial nerves or pinching the ears.

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The brow band is also typically straight and snug across the horse’s forehead. Anatomical bridles, on the other hand, are strategically designed to avoid key facial nerves, relieve pressure points, and increase muscle freedom, and boost overall comfort.

Head shaking, face rubbing, and a bit resistance can all be signs of discomfort. Your first step might be trying a bridle that offers slight improvements, like the ExionPro that allows more ear movement and pads sensitive areas around the nose and over the crown.

The short answer is “it depends.” Your horse, budget, and preferences will help you decide on the “right” bridle. The headstall and brow band clear all sixteen ear muscles and doesn’t put any pressure on surrounding nerves.

Sensitive neck and throat areas are also pressure-free, and hinged cheek pieces ensure a wider field of vision for your horse. This bridle comes standard with Stubbed’s innovative flash system that can be removed.

This innovative bridle comes in two variations (Alpha/Beta) that differ only in the width of the nose band and whether the brow band has crystals. It bypasses critical blood vessels and arteries, as well as relives neck pressure.

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Dispersed poll pressure, ear cutouts, and elastic bit cradles take comfort even further. As a result, your horse’s range of movement, extension, and flexion should improve.

The padded crown piece has ear recesses for optimal movement and comfort. Made from high quality leather in an assortment of brown colors to match the rest of your tack, we carry many bridle styles and sizes.

Deal Of The Dallas Presenter to Win OEM Equestrian Outfit Valued at $413 Hunter Jumper bridles come in a fancy stitch, or simple plain nose band styles.

Hunter Jumper bridles come in a fancy stitch, or simple plain nose band styles. Hunter Jumper brands like Collegiate, Mickey, or da Vinci are available.

Whether you like intricate fancy stitching and raised detailing, or you prefer a more subtle, understated look, you'll find it all in our hunter and jumper English bridle department. If you're ever unsure about which bridle to choose, simply contact a knowledgeable Mary's team member, and we'll be happy to help you pick the perfect one.

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If you're riding for fun or showing jumpers or eventing, you can use a caves son, flash, drop, or figure eight (aka grackle). The flash nose band is often misused. It's intended purpose is to hold a loose ring snaffle steady in the horse's mouth, so it doesn't disturb the communication between your hand and the horse's mouth.

Grackle (figure 8) nose bands prevent the horse from crossing his jaw. I'm not a fan of drop nose bands because they rest on a very fragile part of the bone that is easily fractured.

The figure eight nose band is a CORRECTIVE piece of equipment and shouldn't be used unless your horse needs it. Sadly, like the standing martingale in hunters and the flash nose band in dressage, these corrective items have become a “fashion” statement.

All it says to me is that the horse either has a problem where it is needed, or the rider is a slave to fashion. I showed a stallion in dressage, event and jumpers and all I used was a simple nose band and, for the most part, a hollow mouth snaffle. I would say to try out some bigger jumps and if you think you need a little more control you could try different types to see what to respond to.

sidestep, I was told by 2 trainers that a different bridle would help give more release to my horse. When Lilly goes over a jump its like a gigantic buck and it's harder to release and give her some slack.

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equitation, The reason I would want to change her bridle is that she seemed to react negatively going over larger jumps, when I used my friends bridle, (same bit, same style) she reacts so much nicer, that's why I asked. I'd like to do a few hunter classes this year and plan on putting Jackson in the show bridle I bought forever ago, but it has a crank.

sidestep, I release as much as I can before I break my back, and she has jumped 5'3. She is usually fine, just the past two weeks she's been weird. Can you ask your instructor to explain this a little better? I have used a crank in hunters at schooling shows where they're pretty strict on legal tack (shows used as part of OSHA circuit).

I was told by 2 trainers that a different bridle would help give more release to my horse. I bet they didn't suggest what type of bridle you should use to achieve this, and why. Because it's just talk.

As someone else (sorry to whoever explained it before) said it stops the horse resisting the bit by crossing its jaws. Pretty strong nose band usually used on horses that pull (as per my avatar).

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By Briefly 11, 20200 We're committed to providing low prices every day, on everything. So if you find a current lower price from an online retailer on an identical, in-stock product, tell us, and we'll match it.

So when I had the opportunity to test ride the Total Comfort Systems Daytona JumperBridle I was eager to see just how big of an impact it could make on my fussy, face sensitive horse. So we moved onward to a Figure 8 bridle, by recommendation of my coach which looked stunning on him, but it was apparent he hated that setup as well.

He also picked up on the awful habit of lifting his head out of reach when it came time to bridle him before a ride. We continued to shuffle around trying some popular ergonomic bridles which he seemed to respect more, but not enough to have an equal amount of give as he did take.

Joey’s first day in the Total Comfort Fit Daytona JumperBridle ….and boy does he look sharp. It was a beautifully crafted piece of tack with nice thick leather that was perfectly stitched and padded.

“The Objective of the Total Comfort Nose band is to eliminate the forward momentum of the bridle relieving poll pressure and changing the angle of the cheek pieces to bypass the TMJ joint and many of the delicate facial nerves along the horse’s face.” The Daytona JumperBridle features the Total Comfort Nose band as well as an ergonomically shaped poll relief mono crown design.

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There is a removable flash, and it comes with very nice quality rubber reins with leather running martingale stops. Thankfully the material that comes with the bridle is very self-explanatory and my Total Comfort representative Michelle allowed me to take photos of Joey wearing it from every angle and text them to her for her professional opinion.

Chalking it up to a fluke, I led Joey out to the arena and hopped on for a casual hack around the ring. At a walk, trot, and canter Joey went around calmly and even began to drop his head in a relaxed manner.

There was none of the usual fussing and head tossing/shaking, and I felt him really sink into contact with the bit and become more pliable in my hands. As I thought to myself that this was impossible, that there was no way a bridle could change my horse’s demeanor this much, Joey had a little spook at a nearby tree.

When Joey spooks, he shoots off and throws his head in the air evading all contact in a desperate attempt to get as far away as possible from what scared him. On this day, he shuffled to the side and began to prance but when I gently spoke to him and gave calm half halts of the reins, Joey came back to me and respected the bridle.

With the only thing left to truly test, I cantered towards a small fence in hopes that this wasn’t all some dream made up in the back of my head. There was no way that this bridle had changed my horse this much, but there we were cantering at a consistent pace, with great communication, and a beautiful jump.

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Excuse my blurry video still, but THIS position is the result of your horse being comfortable and respectful while jumping. With all of that being said, I could find no flaw in the Total Comfort Systems design and give this fantastic jumper bridle a 5 out of 5 stars.

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