Best Jumping Saddle For Warmblood

Maria Garcia
• Thursday, 10 December, 2020
• 8 min read

I have a terrible job finding something to fit my Dutch bred mare, she is extra wide, flat straight backed with a huge shoulder. I am yet to find anything to fit her. You are not going to have an easy time with saddles for a while as your boy will grow and change shape quite a bit.

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Adjustable tree and cut back at the wither, it was perfect for my (then) baby warm blood but I never liked it much to ride in. He now has an Albion K2 Legend dressage saddle and an ancient Stubbed Siegfried. Best to get a qualified saddler out (assuming you haven't) and be prepared to pay a bit more for something that fits properly, very much worth it in the long run.

Agree on the qualified saddler, I've always been quite lucky with gem, although she's a chunky warm blood, anything in a medium seems to fit! Having said that my first saddle for her was a fairly old Stubbed Siegfried MF Special.

I haven't got a warm blood but my friend does, and she's got an Albion Ultimo (which is adjustable) and a good saddle fitter, and she said it's the best saddle she's ever had Her mare is also moving better through her shoulder and is generally more supple. She certainly wouldn't recommend the make of her previous saddle I've got the Albion Silk which I am very pleased with but it can't be adjusted apart from with flocking.

I have a Farrington GP for my Oldenburg, he has huge shoulders but saddle fitter managed to make me one, cast me 800 quid tho, but he wasn't going to carry on growing at 14!! Have you tried the new Thorogood T4, it has wider panels that are a different shape to the winter, had to explain, but they seem to come out and cover a wider area, and they are thicker so the saddle lays evenly on the back (well that is idea).

Get the best saddle fitter you can find and get him/her to bring a selection of saddles as well as contacting specialist retailers of one particular brand that you feel you may like. For the other black mare who is also hand and who is closely related to the 3-year-old (but is a totally different shape) I have a Scalding dressage which I hate but my co-owner loves and also a WOW with dressage/jump flaps though generally just used with the jump flaps.

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It was bought for my last KPN gelding (RIP Mr Tornado) who had a similar back shape to the black mare. However, it is rarely used, so I think it will be sold to finance the Amerigo jump (the WOW does not fit the 3-year-olds back shape).

They come in dressage, GP and jumper and look like conventional saddles. They come in dressage, GP and jumper and look like conventional saddles.

Thanks all, I don't want to go too mad on price a second hand saddle would be fine, my T4 is a 17" and really I would prefer an 18" but if I sold the T4 now I'd get bog all for it and at least it fits. Designed to meet the needs of high-level showjumping, this saddle aims to achieve a perfect sensation over fences, as well as comfort and a very close contact with the horse.

This saddle from the French brand can be built to the horse and rider’s requirements, including different girth strap positions, refined panel shapes with no pressure points, bigger knee blocks, and an airbag attachment on the pommel. It is available in seat sizes 16 -19”, tree widths standard, medium and wide and colors black, master and Irish.

The Plastique jumping saddle is a traditional flocked saddle with a unique tree and panel system. Manufactured in Wassail from English leather, this saddle has integrated knee rolls and thigh blocks for rider support, while the birthing system for the mono flap design allows the saddle to be fitted to a wide range of horses.

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This saddle features a soft deep seat and an improved weight-bearing surface for the horse with a wider drop panel to provide extra support. This saddle is built on a wooden spring tree and features wool flocked independent panels (individually crafted by hand), which can be adapted and changed to suit each horse.

This fully handmade saddle features a tree made from different kinds of evaporated wood. The saddle features Velcro front and rear flex i-blocks allowing the rider to adopt a number of positions and accommodating a range of leg lengths.

This saddle has an open head and front gusset in the panel, being suitable for a horse with an average height wither. This saddle is suited to events and features a low narrow waist enabling the rider to sit into, rather than on the saddle and the forward cut flap allows for a variety of leg positions allowing the rider to ride shorter.

Dressage is a popular form of English riding where precision and elegance are needed from both horse and rider. To perform well in dressage, a deep seat, good leg position and close contact with the horse are essential.

They're different from close contact, jumping saddles because they have a distinctively long, padded flap, and lengthy billet straps. These extra-long flaps allow the rider to keep a long leg position which leads to centralized balance which is essential for dressage.

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To find out your individual seat size, sit in a chair and use a tape to measure the length of your outer thigh. For a more accurate reading, you can always measure across your horse's withers to find out the exact gullet size.

Put the saddle forward of the withers and gently slide it back until you reach the natural stopping point. Leather is a favorite material amongst horse owners because of its elegant look and high level of durability.

Adjustable saddles can also be adapted to suit a horse’s natural change in shape or physique that may occur over time. If you’re on more of a budget then brands such as Silver Fox and Equivocal offer good quality, cheap dressage saddles.

Sometimes, buying a used dressage saddle from a high quality brand can be a good investment option. It has a deep, neoprene covered, foam seat for comfort and to help maintain good balance and riding position.

It also has quick molding panels and flexible shoulder points which provide extra comfort for the horse. And for custom fit and optimum leg position for the rider, it also features moveable knee blocks.

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This saddle is made from synthetic material which means that it’s durable, low maintenance, and easy to clean. Winter are brand leaders when it comes to synthetic saddles and this one has been designed by dressage champion Isabel Worth.

The deep, “drippy” seat provides the ultimate in comfort and support, and the moveable stirrup bar also allows for a refined leg position. This saddle is completely adjustable with an easy to change gullet system and it’s made with special “Horse and Rider technology” (HART).

The saddle is durable and made from supple, black leather and it has long padded flaps and deep seat, which are perfect for dressage riding. It has a deep seat and long, U shaped, billets which encourage a good dressage riding position.

The flexible points on the tree to allow your horse to have free shoulder movements that are required from dressage. The synthetic material is durable and easy to care for and it’s also made with a deep, comfortable, “drippy” seat.

The changeable gullet system makes this saddle highly adjustable from narrow to extra wide fit. To allow the horse free shoulder movements that are required for dressage, it also has soft flocked panels.

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Choosing the best dressage saddles might seem a bit complicated at first but if you consider all the points in this guide then you can make an informed choice. A saddle that fits well is an essential piece of tack that lets you and your horse safely practice dressage riding.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. English jumping saddles are specifically made for hunter, jumper, and equitation.

They feature forward flaps, and varying degrees of rotation designed to ease a rider’s leg position into the shorter stirrup length that’s required for jumping. They often have padded knee tolls made for show jumping to help make a half-seat position or two-point more comfortable.

The seat is generally flatter, and there are smaller knee and thigh blocks with a forward flap, enabling a more comfortable ride with the shorter stirrup required for jumping. This saddle provides excellent comfort and grip in a durable leather-look for easy care.

It’s a comfortable and stable balanced calfskin saddle with an easy-change fit solution. The Air Cushion System is designed to maximize your horse’s freedom of movement and comfort.

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You and your horse will enjoy a comfortable fit with a fluid cushioning, optimal impact absorption, and even weight distribution with this saddle. This Henri de Rivel Pro saddle is a favorite at a budget price point.

The saddle features a slightly flat seat with a low pommel and narrow twist, providing a good platform for equitation. The trees generally include a ten-year guarantee and are adjustable up to one-width larger or smaller by the factory or an authorized repair agent.

Custom options for riders include Velcro or fixed blocks, longer flap lengths for taller riders, front and rear blocks in different sizes, personalizations like the choice of leather type and color, and others. The straighter flap and deeper seat allow riders to perform jumps as well as accomplish lower-level dressage without having to switch saddles.

The perfect mix of comfort and practicality, the Winter is a great affordable option. This includes many of the features in their close-contact saddle, like front gussets, K-Panels for greater bearing surface and clearance, and serge panels made of wool to disperse heat and eliminate slipping.

Whether schooling in flat-work, jumping, or simply riding the local trails, the beautiful Arena All-Purpose saddle has been carefully developed with you and your horse’s comfort in mind. Available in classic brown, the Arena features quality workmanship with beautiful detail and European leather.

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