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Earl Hamilton
• Friday, 15 January, 2021
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Sort By:Featured ItemsNewest Items Best Selling to OZ to By Review Price: Ascending Price: Descending Adding a Named hand guard to your AR 15 opens up a world of opportunities to connect attachments to your rifle.

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They are top-quality, engineered for abuse, relentlessly tested...and oh, they won't break the bank. Each model of our hand guards offers our unique anti-slide plate feature which solves unwanted sliding.

Our HWK Named hand guard offers an aggressive angled dual-purpose cutout to reduce weight, while still maintaining maximum strength and structural integrity. The angled design provides maximum weight reduction without sacrificing structural strength.

This AR-15 80% Lower Receiver is a great choice to start your DIY AR-15 build. Bead blasted and finished with an anodize coating.

This finish will provide your receivers with optimal protection... This AR-15 80% Lower Receivers is a great choice to start your DIY AR-15 build.

This Black anodizes AR-15 Skeleton 80% Lower Receiver is a great choice to start your DIY AR-15 build. Bead blasted and finished with a tough anodize coating.

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This AR-15 80% Lower Receiver + Jig Kit is a great choice to start your DIY AR-15 build. Bead blasted and finished with an anodize coating.

This AR-15 80% Lower Receivers is a great choice to start your DIY AR-15 build. Bead blasted and finished with a powder coating.

Or do you need accessories specific to a key mod rail? I can't tell you how frustrating it is to either remove my troy TAC rail or try to fish a pick into there and try to hold the backing not on whenever I decide to move a rail.

Like now, I figured out I don't care for the AFG, I mounted it too far forward, and I'm switching to a regular magnum hand stop panel. But it sounds like I'll have to buy some type of adapter to make them work.

My BCM KM came with a few pica tinny rail sections to put in the key mod slots if I wanted to use standard pic rail accessories. The key mod rail is like locking slots for shelving.

handguard float inch keymod forend ar15 ar m16 uls a2 discount a1 handguards forends upper
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(that's where the design is from) any brand of pic rail and the spacing of the screws are not standard to anything but that companies drawings. So if you have pic rail that is attached by key mod then you are good to go.

Or a pic rail that has key mod spacing, you are good to go. If you have X brand of pic rail, it might or might not line up with key mod.

Now, Key mod is a great step up from full rail hand guards. One thing you need to understand is, you do not need the hand guard -- key mod pic rail ----light mount to attach the light to the hand guard as an example.

Just buy the key mod light mount and bolt it on directly. If you look at the VOA and GPR-E rails we make, the screw spacing is the same a Key mod, you can use your key mod stuff and bolt it to the rail no issue.

But it sounds like I'll have to buy some type of adapter to make them work. When you say key mod rail” it sounds like you might be a little confused, if not, my mistake.

rail light skeleton system ultra ar keymod ar10 handguard handguards barrel
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I would just rather have bought a free float tube that didn't require me removing it any damn time I want to move or add a rail. I jammed a Surefire into a door frame during a shoot house and pop'ed it off....

I jammed a Surefire into a door frame during a shoot house and pop'ed it off.... I agree and our direct screw in is the same spacing as the key mod like on these images of the GPR-E (first seen here on CSC) See the pic section, well the screws are key mod spaced.

We carry hundreds of the top leading brands. Ernie O E Looks like easy way to add accessories to my ar-15 and I like the looks of item.

Designed to optimize placement of your Scout light low and tight to the weapons twelve o'clock top rail, front sight, Laser Aiming device, or other accessories. When using a Laser Aiming device, Thorntail6 Offset Scout Mounts for ML OK and Named place the light in the optimum position, below and next to either side of the all the Laser Aiming device currently in use, including ATRIAL, AN/PEQ15, LA-5/PEN, DEAL I2, A3, and D2, HOLDS and NEAL.

Thorntail6 Offset Scout Mounts for ML OK and Named are fully compatible with the B.E. Without a Laser Aiming device, use one of Thorntail6 Offset Scout Mounts for ML OK and Named six mounting positions to place the Light in the optimum position on the weapon, tight against the 12 o'clock top rail, front back up sight or other accessories.

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We recently published a FOIA released summary of that test which indicates that SODOM selected MILK for use on the Suppressed Upper Receiver Group and Advanced Sniper Rifle programs. Modular rail systems were evaluated for repeatability, endurance, rough handling, drop testing, and static failure load.

With variations measured in MOA, Named exhibited a spread from 0.2 to 14.6 while MILK varied from 0.0 To 6.6 POA shift. On the other hand, testing shows that Named suffered significant POA shifts during both repeated mounting and remounting as well as after impacts.

Additionally, while both systems noted cracking under impact, some Named rail samples lost integrity with fracturing between slots. One additional point to consider; Crane noted that it was extremely important to properly mount accessories to the rail.

They aren’t lines of products so much as accessory direct attachment mounting system designs that some companies came up with, namely Magnum (MILK) and a joint venture (Named) between ACTOR and Novene. Lots of gun owners prefer these to traditional quad rail.

Both MILK and Named hand guards are lightweight and provide a more comfortable hold on the gun without a cheese grater effect on the support hand. Both systems are designs holes machined into the hand guard instead of to said rail.

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The compatible accessories of your choice is mounted to a bracket that locks into said holes. Pica tinny rails require extra metal and therefore add weight.

You have a large hole that the accessory lug goes into, then a smaller track. Tighten the lug screw and the accessory bracket is locked down.

Magnum wanted to do something a little different, as they didn’t quite like how Named performed. So they went to the drawing board and created a different accessory mounting system, the MILK.

The basic idea is the same (insert mounting bracket, tighten down) but the method is different. The MILK rail system uses rectangular holes machined into the hand guard.

That kind of vest is not business casual and stop complaining that there aren’t MRE's in the break room! For the typical person who wants an accessory mounting system, there are a few reasons to consider Named vs MILK and vice versa.

bravo kmr handguard company keymod lightweight
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Part of the reason why Magnum came up with MILK to begin with is they didn’t like how Named worked with accessories on polymer hand guards, which the MILK system addresses. Since Magnum is SO HUGE in the AR space, MILK has a lot more industry support with hundreds of MILK accessories.

SITCOM picking MILK as its direct attachment system of choice also makes it a bit more desirable as a group that knows what battle-worthy gear is prefers it. If, however, you compete in 3-gun every week or are an actual uniformed officer upgrading your patrol carbine…you want the SOCOM-approved model.

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