Best Lightweight Turnout Rug Uk

Carole Stephens
• Thursday, 03 December, 2020
• 6 min read

Manufacturers are constantly innovating and introducing new features to their bestlightweightturnout rugs, such as shaped padding to protect the withers and new designs of shoulder gusset to allow additional freedom of movement. Fastenings are important because there’s nothing more annoying that having to find a spare buckle or replace your leg straps with a fillet string made of baler twine.

zero buster turnout rug neck 0g classic fill lightweight crafted 840d breathable selling
(Source: www.premierequine.co.uk)


It also has a number of technical features, including the strong 1680D outer and a shaped, detachable neck with fleece poll pad and storm flap. This Derby House rug scored 9/10 as part of our independent testing scheme, and it was awarded H&H Approved status.

This high-neck turnout is described as waterproof and breathable, and is made of tear-resistant 1260D ripstopmaterial in a classic checked look, with leather-look piping and embossed imitation leather badges. Bringing the best in technical soft shell materials to the Rambo range, this turnout offers a waterproof and breathable top section, polyester mesh sides and a 600D drip strip.

The waterproof and breathable soft shell top section is designed to prevent your horse from getting wet during summer showers, while the 100g liner keeps the chill off as temperatures drop overnight. It is designed to relieve wither pressure and the polyester mesh sides allow maximum breathability and airflow to keep your horse from overheating on hotter days, while elasticated cross surcingles offer improved fit and a V-front closure system to remove pressure from the shoulder and chest area.

It has a shoulder gusset allowing for freedom of movement as well as twin front fastenings, adjustable belly straps and fillet string. The detachable neck piece features a generous overlap, which prevents leaking and helps to maximize use indifferent weather conditions.

For comfort in warmer wet conditions, the Air Motion turnout rugs are lined across the back with a ventilated 3D fabric that draws moisture and heat into a cooling, breathable microclimate away from the skin. Additional key features include 600D rip stop fabric, a waterproof and breathable outer with taped seams, and an integrated contour neck cover.

buster zero turnout rug fill 0g classic neck lightweight crafted selling
(Source: www.premierequine.co.uk)

This turnout is designed for the changeable weather, featuring a waterproof and breathable, 600D rip stop outer with taped seams, 50g filling and full lining. It has removable, elasticated leg straps and features reflective strips on the front, rear and tail flap.

Our main Speed gate website includes a complete listing of all products available online, in store, via click & collect and/or local delivery. An ideal rug for warmer days, keeping your horse dry and comfortable.

FEATURES & BENEFITS • Available in classic front, double fastened for added security or disc closure to give freedom of movement t… Lined across the back with Air Motion mesh, this ventilated 3 dimensional fabric draws moisture and heat into a cooling, breathable microclimate away from the skin.

This means that your horse is protected from the rain, yet any perspiration produced by his skin is allowed to… Inside, lining is shine enhancing with thermoformed fiberfill for longer lasting heat retention.

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