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Ellen Grant
• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
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As a notable name in the CNC router accessory business, Franco has delivered multiple products of exceptional quality. These rails flawlessly provide the parallel, frictionless and stiff support for the loads afforded by your machine.

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This Franco 3 piece DIN rail set is perfect for supporting many electrical appliances and outlets. They lend themselves well to panel boxes, surge protectors, circuit breakers, terminals, relays and many other such appliances.

Users and our fellow woodworking friends were satisfied with the size and specs as these translated well to their needs. The Pirelli Automations 50 inch extension guide rails is one of the biggest offerings on our list.

This of course speaks to a sturdy build quality (it is made from cold rolled sheet steel) in addition to the sizes of the parallel pieces. Here, Pirelli gives us high quality ball bearing slides that are smooth, sturdy and quiet.

While the construction of your CNC router will set you back a decent amount, it is nice to know that this is a staple of quality. Slide rails are fully supported, giving a low friction and by extension quiet experience as your CNC moves along its length and performs its duties.

Woodworkers who bought these linear rails were unanimously satisfied with the offerings, praising the fact that these linear rails are of high quality and lend themselves well to their intended purpose. The Reliable 350 mm MGN12 Linear Guide Rails is specifically designed to support not only CNC machines, but also 3D printers.

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The friction is cut down significantly here, with a seamless and quiet experience as the machine or 3D printer moves along the rail with the aid of the mounted carriage block. While there are more options out there with more length to facilitate travel distance, this small offering is quite durable and capable.

If you are building your router rig you have to compensate for and take advantage of the carriage block which provides extra mount and leverage. Reviewers praised the motion and smoothness of the build, but were quick to point out that these were optimized after adding grease.

The rail itself is made with quality steel, making it durable enough to support the weight of its CNC host. While not the sturdiest (these are not immune to vibration) the Any cubic MR12 MGN12 Miniature guide rails will serve its intended purpose.

Ease of use was very much considered here, as the rubber stoppers on the rail ends serve to make it easy to gauge and control the movements of the CNC along its body. The Reliable 400 mm MGN15 Linear Rail Guide will support large loads and is therefore recommended for some heavier machines.

The 2 Set TRH20 Square Linear Block Rail L600mm is advertised as being able to support the builds of many economical CNC routers. The rails are constructed with high density bearing steel, which for the most part provide a smooth and sturdy movement experience with virtually no friction.

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The manufacturer is open to customization options as it relates to ball screw length and encourages communication in that regard. We would recommend applying some form of grease to eliminate friction and by extension reduce the noise.

The noise and friction makes this product somewhat inferior to others in its category, but that does not mean that it does not carry out its function. The carriage blocks that are included with these linear guide rails will provide support for 3D printers and CNC machines.

Everything functions as it is supposed to, with the anti backlash technology in the form of the ball screws contributing to a sturdy, vibration free linear bearings motion experience. Speaking of travel, you will have a virtually noise free experience as friction is highly reduced even without the application of grease.

Once you have planned and budgeted, you should secure the parts needed for your build and some of the most key components will be your support rails. Well, to help you arrive at an amicable conclusion, we have listed the top brands today.

With more than 20 years of constant technological improvement, the THE Company not has a linear guide of 100% quality. Today, a lot of technological devices have to fit the standards of this company if they are to sell well in the market.

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The guide rail can bear both movement and force, plus it comes with remarkable loading capabilities. It’s specifically designed to increase resistance and reduce all possibilities of energetic frequency vibration.

Well, by simply keeping the rolling surface in high precision for a sufficient amount of time. Because of the small resistance to friction, the power transmission and source mechanism required is massively reduced.

Lastly, it’s important to highlight that when the repeated positional accuracy is high, parts that require constant start-up function better. However, over the years, their manufacturers have changed a few basic features to create durable and efficient devices.

It also keeps the person operating the guide rail safe while still boosting his work rate. A majority of people who use these linear guides have expressed their happiness and satisfaction.

A good example is that the machine won’t slip or produce inaccurate movements while in use, posing a danger to the user. Its reduced rail friction capabilities improve the operational features of the machine and maintain the safety of the user.

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The 4-row linear guide has a two-point contact system which will enable it to cater for the gap caused by elasticity for smooth operation. Interestingly, you can mount it using bolts, and it will still achieve accurate linear motion.

You can even make your guide rail and slider to be interchangeable and straightforward to install. The guide rails maintain fundamental changes for a sufficient amount of time.

Compared to the conventional sliding technique, with these guides, you’ll enjoy reduced friction and minimal heat production. This further prevents wear and tear, maintaining good positioning accuracy for a long time.

The traditional sliding systems have a grinding action and shovel at the end of their running surface, which often leads to frequent wear and tear. This means that you can restore the machine’s normal movement even after replacement and maintenance.

A minimal amount of friction between the slider and the rolling ball improves the sliding speed of the entire machine. You’ll also require minimal force or power to drive the machine.

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This maintains fantastic rolling motion and boosts the efficiency of the machine. The rear and front decibels of the ABBA self-lubricating block have plastic caps on both ends.

In doing so, it protects the guide rail and saves on manual lubricant addition maintenance costs. This reduces inventory costs and creates convenient management as the guide rails can be locked and unlocked independently.

Doing so will not only improve the service of the track but also keep it working for a long time. Besides, they can effectively keep all machine operations safe by regularly lubricating the oil film on the tracking surface.

For the very best quality and precision for DIY CNC, order WIN Spec Linear Guide rail. Custom cut lengths do not include guide blocks (order separately).

Note: Maximum single length for 1 piece of WIN rail is 1400 mm or 55.12 inches. The function of this rail is to provide a stable guide way that is extremely rigid and allows that axis of movement to maintain its position across a linear space.

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The top part of the rail is where the sharper points are located. These WIN linear rails are an industry standard when it comes to high quality, low noise, and superior accuracy.

Through much of my research on homemade CNC machines, I found that the mechanism to provide linear sliding is simply the use of an angle (“L” shaped piece of metal), bolts or screws (5/16” at 3/4” in length), nuts (5/16”) and standard skate bearings (I use ABEC7/608Z). When I say clutter free, I mean that the exhaust of sawdust that the CNC will produce will not clog up these bearings.

In this case, the width to which I'm referring is the short side of the piece. Step 13: Gantry Y-Axis Rail Support This tutorial is dated, if you are considering a CNC for your personal use, we would highly recommend purchasing a kit that is very stable from our wide range of machines available.

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