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• Thursday, 17 December, 2020
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Foals eligible for Premier Sires, Western Pleasure Super Sires, ALPHA Breeders Trust, NSA, and other major futurity programs The American Quarter Horse Association has seen some great stallions through the years, Rhonda Malone’s, The Restarting being one of them.

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The Restarting, known as Martin around the barn, has been proven in the show pen as a sire and has a build that will turn heads and drop jaws. Along with his astonishing show record, Martin also has a gorgeous body, pretty face, great personality, and a fantastic pedigree.

Martin is sired by RL Best of Sudden and out of Absolute Martini Girl. He has over $50,000 in earnings and is known for being consistent in the show pen, having an excellent record, and always being a perfect gentleman.

OF Parked At The Bar (Prissy Legs, by Hippos Old Gold) Aside from his outstanding show record, Martin is also known for having the sweetest and goofiest personality.

The stud fee for this NSA High Point Champion is currently at $1,800. North Farm offers shipped semen that can be delivered throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Rhonda believes this horse wills “go down in history for what he’s doing.” You don’t want to miss out on this outstanding bloodline. For more information on Martin, you can contact Roger Lands and Debbie True at 740-815-3545 or email them at dobrien110@aol.com.

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Rhonda, Debbie, and the staff at North Farm put the horse’s health and well-being at the top of their list. With a lot of love, good looks, and excellent bloodlines behind him, Martin might be the perfect stallion for your 2020 breeding season.

Lauren is the current Texas Quarter Horse Youth Association Vice President. In addition to competing in AQUA shows, Lauren competes in Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) horse shows and is participating in the 2020 AQUA Ranching Heritage Bred Young Horse Development Program.

Should more than one embryo result from breeding, mare owner must immediately report the additional embryo and pay an additional Stud Fee upon heartbeat check. Failure to report an additional embryo could result in denial of a Breeders Certificate.

In the event the account is not paid within 45 days from the date of the monthly statement, the breeder may refuse to palpate, tease or breed the mare. If a live foal does not result from the breeding, the Mare Owner will be entitled to rebreed the Mare the following season only, to the Stallion for no additional Stud Fee however there will be a $300.00 rebreed fee, provided proper written notification that the Mare has slipped or produced a nonviable foal is given to the Breeder within one (1) week of such slippage or non-viable birth.

STALLION OWNER, NORTH FARM OR ITS EMPLOYEES shall not be held liable for the loss of any pregnancy whether it has slipped or a non-viable foal is produced. Proper notification shall be defined as written certification by a licensed veterinarian that the Mare has slipped or produced a non-viable foal.

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Rhonda Malone strongly recommends the purchase of embryo insurance. Breeder’s Certificate: A Breeder’s Certificate will be issued only after owner has notified Rhonda Malone that the mare has produced a live foal and all bills on the mare have been paid in full (shipping, breeding fees, etc.).

Judgment upon any award by the arbitrators may be entered by any State or Federal Court having jurisdiction. The Mare Owner and Breeder intend that this agreement to arbitrate be irrevocable.

If either party is required to retain the services of an attorney to enforce any term or obligation arising out of or in connection with this agreement, or the collection of any monies due and owing under or pursuant to the terms of the agreement, then the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover from the other party, in addition to any other relief awarded or granted, its reasonable costs and expenses (including reasonable costs of collection and attorneys’ fees) incurred in the enforcement of the agreement or any proceeding related thereto. Frozen semen may be offered to fulfill the remainder of the contract to the Mare Owner and the parties to this agreement will be released form any further rights, obligations or liabilities hereunder.

Binding And Entire Agreement: This contract, when signed by the Mare Owner and the Stallion Owner/ Breeder and accompanied by payment of the Stud Fee and Expense Fee, shall be a binding contract on both parties on the above terms and conditions. This contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties concerning the breeding of the Mare and the Stallion.

Transported Semen Contract The Restarting This agreement is entered into on the date recorded below by the duly qualified member of Rhonda Malone known as STALLION OWNER”, Roger Lands, known as ‘ STALLION MANAGER’ and the ‘MARE OWNER’ whose name or signature appears below. In addition to the duties placed upon all parties to the breeding contract, it is mutually agreed by all parties that good and sufficient consideration exists to execute transported cooled semen agreement for the breeding season mentioned below.

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All parties agree that every semen shipment to the MARE OWNER shall be at a cost of $325.00. Mare owner must notify Breeding Farm prior to any usage of frozen semen.

If semen is needed the same day via an airline MARE OWNER will be responsible for the additional charge of $100.00. In addition, prior to the first shipment of semen all breeding fees must be paid in full.

The MARE OWNER certifies that STALLION MANAGER is obligated to transport cooled semen to the address of record, which has been provided in writing prior to any shipment by the MARE OWNER. It is the STALLION MANAGER’s stated preference that all shipments are made to and insemination performed at established breeding farms.

Mares to be bred to The Restarting in residence at STALLION MANAGER’S will be given priority for semen. All parties to this agreement agree that the obligations of performance by the STALLION OWNER and the STALLION MANAGER shall be met when the chilled semen shipment is accepted at the address of record as provided by the MARE OWNER.

Acceptance shall be defined as the contract expedited parcel delivery carrier actually delivering the shipment container to the address of record and receiving. All parties to this agreement agree that the risk of loss transfers to the MARE OWNER upon acceptance of delivery.

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Like mountain folks the world over, the region attracts people who appreciate and are inspired by living in a challenging climate, and making the most of what’s available locally. Wild Crumby Distillery was established in 2004 and made a name for its authentic Austrian style Schnapps using local ingredients and traditional methods.

In the design of gin, I see the Navy Strength style has a way for a distiller to leverage the stronger ABV as an element in the flavor profile in its own right, in that it’s not about getting a buzz on quicker, rather it lends another dimension to the spirit. Now we have turned our attention to creating unique and contemporary Australian gins, the latest of which is our ‘ Stallion navy strength.

We always aim to source the very best of everything, from our pure pH-balanced alpine spring water, to high-quality neutral spirit and organically home-grown fruit and botanical. For our navy strength ‘ Stallion gin, we combine juniper and local, wild-grown mountain pepper berry with black tea, ginger, and citrus from the family orchard, to deliver a punchy pallet of flavors.

Gentle notes of cassia also coalesce with the juniper and citrus, and a secret ten-year infusion of rare, native botanical is also added to the mix. Building on this success, the ‘ Rufus Patch’ gin also won gold at the 2017 Melbourne International Spirits Competition.

Launched last month, our new ‘ Stallion offers a bold new twist on our existing range for those gin connoisseurs in search of a strong, flavorful spirit. We used the traditional European methods of fermenting fruit which was then distilled it in our Ulrich The still imported from Germany.

hbf iron pedigree equine services cowboy
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With exclusive access to home-grown organic fruit and botanical, this new range of liqueur schnapps became an almost instant hit among snow sports enthusiasts and other visitors to the Snowy region. Our 57% Stallion is a strong, full-bodied spirit with a viscous, sturdy structure that slides really smoothly across the front and back palates.

Our classic juniper and citrus duo lend balance and harmony to our aromatic maritime spices, black tea and ginger. With a finely tuned balance of botanical and complex, robust structure, it can be enjoyed neat or paired with a favorite tonic, and is best served with a grapefruit garnish.

Schnapps distilleries are native to the European Alps, where the winters proved too cold for traditional wine production. Enchanted by this rich distilling heritage, Brad studied the traditional methods and then set out to introduce authentic schnapps to Australia’s Snowy region.

The distillery has continued to expand the range of spirits it distills, and push boundaries with flavor, essence and ‘mouthfeel’. We attribute many of these pure mountain ingredients to the unique smoothness and viscous qualities that help our gins to stand out.

Neat: Very spicy and forward on the palette, then a soft and pleasant oiliness, and at the end with a lingering dry and subtle pepper note. I kept things simple and opted for a light touch of Colin Dry Vermouth and an olive, and it worked very well indeed which the depth on the palette and crisp finish making for an excellent cocktail.

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