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• Wednesday, 16 December, 2020
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Megan Thee Stallion is not “most artists.” With the incredible success that the Houston-based rapper has already attained, it is hard to imagine how she could possibly top her previous critically acclaimed EPs and mixtapes. On this opener, Megan wastes no time addressing the controversy surrounding her and rapper Tory Lane, who allegedly shot her after an argument on July 12.

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Popcorn & Mustard) and “Don’t Rock Me to Sleep,” “Good News” does not stray too far from MeganTheeStallion’s past works. The album has songs about money and sex, beats by Little JU, explicit yet clever lyrics, and, of course, a DaBaby feature (among its many other cameos).

In fact, the album is notably similar to MeganTheeStallion’s mixtapes and EPs such as “Tina Snow” and “Fever,” but that’s what makes it so good. Megan Thee Stallion has given us all Good News in a bad time, with the release of her debut album at midnight, on November 20.

But along with her success she’s also gained what tends to come with popularity: backlash and controversy galore. Rest assured, she brought bars in addition to a fork and knife to the table.

She discusses that night and the drama that followed several times throughout the album, but this is her most pointed drag of Lane. She doesn’t even bother dropping his name, but we all know who this lame ass is.

The flavor : justice, and the delicious satisfaction of knowing you’re more successful than your haters. “N****s love using’ Instagram like a journal, just like my ass, n****s talking’ in a circle.

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“The category is body” and Megan’s proving that she’s got what these girls lack and then some, AND she knows they’re mad about it. If you’re a visual learner, she also dropped the music video for this one yesterday BTW.

Amid a pandemic, and while recovering from a gunshot wound, the superstar rapper made an album that purposefully celebrates life. This says nothing of the emotional trauma of being shot, particularly as a 25-year-old Black woman with no parents but millions of people watching her, some of whom believe she lied about or instigated her attack.

She goes from reducing her assailant’s bullets to mere pellets to ribbing someone who she’s fucked so good he’ll want to wear her hoodie. Her rapping is still razor sharp, littered with punchlines and barbs that make your ears perk and jaw drop.

In a year in which a virus, a man, and a cadre of misogynistic spectators could have killed her, Good News is a celebration of life. When the album ends with the massively successful Savage Remix, ” plus singles Girls in the Hood, ” and “Don’t Stop,” it feels exultant, like confetti falling from the ceiling for an encore at Madison Square Garden.

The pulse of the album is steadily upbeat, which might appeal to the casual hip-hop fans she’s collected through the viral “Savage Remix” more than those from Make It Hot, Tina Snow, and Fever. Smartly smuggled towards the end of the new releases (almost as if not to distract) is “Don’t Rock Me to Sleep,” a bold sing-along experiment with the same Anglo airy synths that Dua Lipa and The Weekend used to evoke ’80s nostalgia.

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Debbie, Trina, Adana Howard, Juvenile, Naughty By Nature and Enzyme are sampled throughout, and she does each one justice with her relentless rapping. It’s that after four years in the game, she can still make bars about good sex, hot girls, and unwavering confidence sound new.

But unlike her previous works, with their dark and fiery undertones, what she has finally cemented as a studio album bears the victory of spars with death. From top to bottom, Good News vibrates with the infectious confidence and defiance of Meg’s straight-to-camera flow.

With easy flow, hard barbs and a magnetic persona, the rapper casts herself as the successor to hip-hop’s old-school heroes. Raw and ruthless, ‘Good News’ is the sound of Megan Thee Stallion pushing against the boundaries imposed on her until they break.

The Good News about this album is that Megan exceeded expectations by delivering a memorable debut project ... The authenticity of her sound and the sincerity of her delivery takes this project up a level.

We are more than familiar with Megan’s brilliance, but her debut album expands on it and reminds us that the charismatic artist can outran your favorite in the game any day of the week. On her debut, the 25-year-old combines West Coast samples with the Southern sounds of her youth.

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While Megan Thee Stallion presented herself as a force to be reckoned with from her earliest material, Good News finds her triple-X-rated sex rhymes, imposing charm, and ability to make it all appear effortless reaching new levels. Arriving in the wake of several releases and countless show-stealing features, Good News is a shining culmination of all the work Megan’s put in, yet it avoids being weighed down by the sense of too many cooks in the kitchen.

Good News is ... chock-full of catchy hooks, stellar verses and feisty attitude. Amid a pandemic, and while recovering from a gunshot wound, the superstar rapper made an album that purposefully celebrates life.

A high-octane, heavy-hitting rejoinder that rearticulates the headlines of a year fraught by global and personal trauma for the Houston rapper. After a disappointing EP with Sugar which showed Megan toying around with generic autotune and much more boring instrumentals than what she typically landed on prior to that EP’s release, Megan seems to be back on her shit here.

IDK, don’t ask me, do I look like I’d do that...well that’s not a good question, but the point I’m trying to get to is that she’s overused this ... read more Megan Thee Stallion is a household name by now, and she has easily already established herself as one of the most polarizing rap stars in recent times and all of her success is definitely deserved as she is capable of making hit.

Megan Thee Stallion made the best album by a horse I have ever heard, and I have nothing but respect for this manly horse because it is some of the best horse rapping I have ever heard, and I must say I actually did enjoy it very much but let me just tell you all the story behind this album because I have a very interesting story about this album and I will also review it at the same time so lists go and get started so basically I was riding this stallion, and it was called Megan and I said hey ... read more Roberth3108, Music, Aztec, Leo Aguilar, ThomYorke2, Toasterqueen12, here, Patton, Grayson, dumb moonlight, bad karma, Through the Fog, IAmDaanBecome a DonorDonor badge, no ads + more benefits.

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Not letting the incident hold her back, the career-defining hit “WAP” that Meg shared with fellow emcee Cardi B was released in August, also reaching number one and making history in the process. Other collaborators on Good News include SEA, City Girls, DaBaby, Popcorn, 2 Chain, Big Sean, and Mustard.

She’s also shared a video for the new song “Body.” It features appearances from Tarawa P Henson, Jordyn Woods, Black China, Daren Kyle, Asian Doll, Bernice Burgos, and Malibu Mitch. The credits reveal production from Juicy J, Mustard, Scott Torch, Day Keith, Buddha Bless, Ave don, J.R. Totem, Little JU, Cool & Are, and others.

She kicked things off in January with the Norman collaboration Diamonds for the Harley Quinn movie Birds of Prey. She went on to make songs with Phony PPL (“ Fan Around ”), Toga (“ Freak ”), DaBaby (“ NASTY ”), Young Dolph (“ RNB ”), DJ Chose (“ THICK (Remix) ”), and, of course, Cardi B, with whom she made WAP, ” which had the biggest streaming debut week of all time.

In her powerful SNL performance during which she also called for justice for Breonna Taylor, she stated, “We need to protect our Black women.

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