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• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
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Today, we are going to make use of the micro : bit features together with a 8few peripherals to create over 27 projects! 25 red LED lights that can be individually programmed and flash messages Two programmable buttons that can be used to control games or pause and skip songs on a playlist.

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As mentioned, programming the micro : bit is beginner-friendly and you do not need to have years of experience! Gadget Kit includes a Bit Maker and up to 9 different Grove modules.

One project you could create is your own customized mood lighting with the RGB LED strip which automatically senses when it needs to come on through a light sensor or adjust it manually with a sliding potentiometer and pushbutton. The LEDs change its light display regularly as you rotate the rotary angle sensor, just like filling a glass.

When tilting the micro : bit left and right, you can see a rainbow-like RGB LED strip! This is an automatic door made with a servo and an ultrasonic distance sensor.

We are starting off with this project because with the micro : bit, you can only do so much with it as it lacks peripherals. In addition, you may feel that onboard I/O rings and crocodile clips are not handy and safe enough to connect peripherals.

With the addition of the Bit maker, using the micro : bit would be much more convenient and simple. So let’s not wait and connect your micro : a bit with the Bit maker in this 1st project.

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The Bit maker is a micro : bit Grove expansion board that has 6 Grove connectors and also features 4 built-in addressable RGB LED and speaker for playing melodies! This project will show you how to use the Bit maker using Make code and control its onboard buzzer and Neo pixel RGB LED.

Grove is Speed’s very own modular, standardized connector prototyping system. Grove takes a building block approach to assemble electronics.

(Other than the Micro : bit) Ref: Danish An sari With this burglar alarm project, you will learn about microbit communication and communicate between 2 micro :bits! This project will involve 2 micro : bit communicating via radio signal where one will be used for notification and the other for sensing light level to notify the previous micro : bit whether to turn on the alarm.

With this project, you can brighten up your room, garage, desks, etc with colorful LEDs! Through this project, you will learn how to display rainbow colors on the LED slip and with the use of a rotary angle sensor, allow the colors to flow on the LED strip.

For example, it is obstacle avoiding thanks to an ultrasonic sensor add-on and has built-in speaker for playing melody or providing sound effect together with many more other actuators! Furthermore, it features a double castor wheel design, which makes both vertical and horizontal motion possible.

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With the micro : bit, you can build your very own reaction game and play with your friends and family! Using the physical switches built, you can compete with each other to see who has the better reaction speed.

(Other than the Micro : bit) 4 crocodile clips leads Some scrap cardboard, tin foil, glue and scissors Ref: 101 Computing With the onboard LEDs, you can sure create various games with the micro : bit.

To keep things this way, we finance it through advertising and shopping links. At Little Bird Electronics we are excited to offer a huge range of BBC micro : bit accessories to both hobbyist and educators in Australia.

We are happy to help with initial setup of your board, ideas for lessons and compatible project design.… An electronics component supplier with 20,000 products including micro : bit and associated accessories.

We believe we can reach and make people aware more and more about electronics by creating a platform where they can teach themselves.… We also provide systematic and methodical contents with micro : bit to educate algorithm and computational thinking.

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In addition, MARSES provides contents and curriculum for maker education with micro : a bit so that children can build their own machines to solve the real-life problems.… Robot is the first educational technology integrator for micro : bit, software and other related products in Belarus.

With micro : bit, we create unique lesson plans and training courses in our local language. Maker-Shop offers electronic goods, including the micro : bit and a variety of its accessories, for Makers, Educational institutes and Creative Minds.

Miltonic are a dynamic company with 20 years of experience and the product range necessary for teaching electronics and computing.… Based in Hong Kong, we are a leading supplier of STEM and IoT educational products.

Many channels include blog, media site, magazine are always opened to connect and communicate with us. Our aim is to provide high-quality electronic products to the global Raspberry Pi, single board computer and Maker communities, through a fast distribution service that is expanding daily.

We’ve grown from a one-man band operation working in a dusty warehouse in Kent with two silly dogs to a growing team based all over the UK and EU. In our offer you will find not only BBC micro : bit boards but also a large variety of related accessories and extensions.

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Nettop is a Greek specialty electronics retailer focused on micro : bit and other product ranges.… Online retailer of the BBC micro : bit, other development boards, electronic modules and accessory components in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The museum run educational programs for teachers and pupils on BBC micro : bit and sell products and kits on its web shop.… Open circuit is an online store that specializes in providing electronic components and modules for educational, innovative and above all; fun inventions.

Patrons is a STEAM specialist for schools, helping teachers and educators in Australia to unleash creativity and innovation in the classroom. Patrons also offers product information, the workshop for teacher and technical support to fast track educator's skills in the digital technology.

For over 20 years, Parallax, Inc. has produced popular robotic educational products for middle- and high school curriculum. Parallax's specialty is in microcontroller education with a focus on circuit building, embedded programming and student-oriented projects.

We manufacture a range of clip-on sensors and accessories specifically designed for BBC Micro : a bit board. Protozoic is an electronics store who make and sell a range of BBC micro : bit accessories and add-ons.

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REX’s product line includes also embedded systems and devices, single board computers, open hardware, wireless devices, displays and display modules, development tools and compilers, electronic modules for robots and automations, programmers and measurement tools.… Education provides for the Brazilian families and teachers the best tools to foster and facilitate the learning of programming and robotics.

We are very well-known for our expertise in creating new ways to help people start coding and also for providing high quality products at affordable costs. We also organize tech events, where developers can show their creations to the public and compete with each other, putting their inventions to the test.

Our designers are experts in producing robust, functional and elegant cases that protect and augment technology platforms. Customers on Semi kart can search, compare and procure all on one platform and complete a transaction in INR (Indian Rupees).

Based on BBC micro : bit, we build some new amazing robots that can be programmed and installed by a school child. Because their school has a license agreement with SLBdiensten, students and staff may benefit with special conditions for their software as well as hardware (laptops, notebooks), e-learning, telephone subscriptions, magazines, books and computer accessories.

We provide a wide range of Micro : bit courses to local schools, colleagues. Sparked believes electronics is more than a hobby or a career path; it’s a creative medium for advancing teaching and learning.

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We support teachers using the BBC micro : bit to advance STEM education by providing an ecosystem of breakout kits and professional development designed to inspire students to take ownership over their own learning and innovative ambitions… Switch Science is a leading open source hardware and maker supplier based in Japan.

The Pi Hut is a small company based in the UK carrying both the BBC micro : bit and accessories. Celeste.RO, a brand under the umbrella THERON NRL, is a Romanian online platform that sells electronic products, modules and sensors for automation.

We are working hard to give the latest, newest and most innovative products to our customers, that's why, we chose Micro : bit to be part of a fruitful and encouraging environment for Romanian students and IT enthusiasts.… We achieve this by providing relevant fun inducing educational hardware tools and course content.

Tinkercad is a technology and education company in Singapore, comprising coders who teach, and teachers who code. We’re one of the first to bring BBC micro : bit workshops to Singaporean teachers and students, together with coding and making classes for young and old.

We also developed a custom Breakout Board, in collaboration with ScienceS cope from the UK, to enable students to create BBC micro : bit prototypes in a simple, fuss-free manner, with a host of easy-to-use, pluggable components.… We are a bunch of enthusiastic tech-savvy trainers who love to train kids on how to have fun with the building block of technology.

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We provide a variety of electronics and embedded products to hobbyists, students, teachers, researchers and makers. We support technology related schools, colleges, institutes, and university to make their labs and provide training.

Vittascience designs, manufactures and distributes pedagogical kits based on the BBC micro : bit. The team also develops a Blocks & Python interface for micro : bit, as well as hands-on resources for this tiny yet powerful board.

With personalized services and diversified solutions that empower our customers to realize their ideas and projects, we are committed to be a key enabler in the research and development ecosystem. Besides the mega stores in Hong Kong, we offer a wide range of services including distribution, retail, brand marketing, and technical support.

This covers amongst other things 3D Printing and Robotics, Test & Measurement, Copper / Optical Fiber Cables, Connectors and Plugs, Networking Products and Conversion Solutions.… Deftech is the distributor of the definitive range of interactive technologies and a number of educational toys into Africa.

By making STEAM Educational tools available for everyone, our goal is to facilitate and contribute to the development of 21st century skills. Inspired by the maker movement we provide practical and digital learning tools for educational and private use.

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Reseller and system integrator of educational kits for colleges, schools, universities within the STEM disciplines.… 12Geeks is an online platform based in Singapore where software and hardware developers can get access to tools and knowledge.

Ada fruit is a leading reseller of boards for makers and education and manufacturer of accessories for the BBC micro : bit … AKS ORN NEW Co., LTD. Heeds the pedagogy and learning process among all over teachers and students nationwide.

Our BBC Miro: bit products have already been sold to over 100 schools and companies in order to promote STEM education in Hong Kong. Buy is a Canadian source for educational and maker products and kits for schools, maker spaces, and hobbyists.

Canada Robotic, ROBOTIC INC., is a distributor, retailer and manufacturer of electronics with a focus on maker and education products. Founded in 2012, Canada Robotic has been serving the Canadian market from the greater Toronto area and making electronics and robotics projects possible.

With offices in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia we offer a quality service and wide range of products, supporting multiple customer requirements, including makers, hobbyists and educational institutes.… We are powered by full time makers and run weekly workshops to help share methods of making with the community.

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We distribute the BBC micro : bit card, books, guides and accessories through its Network of Training Centers and affiliated points of sale.… E Training SAS is a Colombian company, leader in the development of educational projects that improve the inventive and creative capacity of students.

We motivate children and young student to build technology-based solutions and high innovative potential to materialize them through functional prototypes and technological products. We provide the infrastructure required for the construction and materialization of the projects created by the students with an emphasis on the application of biotechnology, automation and robotics, and data science.

We have developed our own training methodology and actively use Micro : a bit as a tool for teaching in our programs. Our specialty is in STEAM education including conducting Micro : a bit related programs.

We focus on the development, production and sales of micro : a bit extension modules and accessories. In addition to that, the tutorials, blogs, and videos we create are our contribution to building a comprehensive knowledge base for the micro : bit community.

We stock over 2,000 unique items including a one of the widest selections of Micro : Bit and related accessories in Canada. Funiculars Creative Learning LLP is India’s Leading STEM Education Institute/Service Provider involved in the designing, developing and operating creative learning spaces to school kids in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM).

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Sundew Labs provides a safe and creative learning environment for Kids of Class 1 to Class 9 (Age 6 to 16 years) to uncover the dynamic and engaging subjects of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) with fun-filled hands-on experiments and activities. STEM experiments and activities offered by Sundew Labs would help students to fall in love with the world of experiential learning and would encourage them for experimenting, tinkering, building, observing, problem-solving and creating… Sundew Labs also offers various workshops on micro : a bit with its program series “Coding for Kids with micro : bit to school kids of various age group.

We develop useful and practical education materials of high quality, with the main focus being functionality, accessibility and flexibility. In HW Kitchen we try to break up this formula and give back people their creativity and motivation to learn coding, have fun and create something new.

Hang Zhou Junior Electronic Tech is one of the first company in China to participate in promote micro : bit. After a long period of promote Single Board Computers, it has cooperative relationship with a lot of education and training institutions.

We offer the BBC micro : bit to teachers and students and help them advance STEAM education. Ink Smith wants to help educators build hands-on, experiential learning opportunities to introduce their students to STEAM competencies and design thinking principles.

We also produce teaching resources for the BBC micro : bit and work with local partners to run workshops in schools and with home educators.… Our aim is to provide BBC micro : a bit at school level to influence children towards innovation and learning.

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Since then, we've been expanding our portfolio with prototyping parts and components and have become official reseller for many embedded computing platforms.… Land Technology is a high-tech enterprise which integrates research & development, production, sales and training with an international vision.

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