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To start off, we have to mention Tata Ace, also known as Photo Hath for the specs and features it has to offer to its customers. This truck has a twin-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine that supplies 16 HP of average power and 37.5 Nm torque.

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The Mahindra Supra Minitruck is powered with 26 Hp and 55 Nm with Direct Injection diesel engine. The cargo box of this truck supports leaf spring suspension in both front and rear.

The truck offers a payload capacity of 850 kg with a top speed of 70 mph. Martí Suzuki Super Carry has twin-cylinder with a turbocharged diesel engine that gives an output kg 32 HP and 75 Nm torque.

The use of pickup trucks in India has significantly increased over the years as people are looking for more efficient ways to get around or to transport goods from one place to another. Although many of the car manufacturers in India are hesitant in the segment, there are a few options that are readily available to the public.

Mahindra has always been known as a company that sells cars that know how to perform and are extremely robust. This truck comes with a 5-speed manual transmission system that also features FWD capabilities.

The Bolero Maxi Truck has a maximum speed of 80kmph and a fuel tank that can hold up to 45 liters. It perfectly combines extreme durability and superior power and is capable of taking on any task it is put up to.

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Under the hood of the beast sits a 2.5L m2DiCR 4-cylinder DI Turbocharged diesel engine that generates 195Nm of torque. Fitted onto the engine is a 5-speed manual transmission that offers FWD capabilities as well.

The advantages of using a pickup truck are quite abundant and in a country where manual labor is extensively found, these vehicles could make things easier and more convenient in the near future. The Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc all over the world, with multiple countries on lockdowns.

The lockdown has definitely affected our daily lives, social distancing is set to become the ... We at CARS24 are constantly working towards building the largest auto tech platform in the ...

With the pandemic testing the limits of the abnormal and reaching all-time highs each day, ... Find details of mileage of all Trucks in India.

Real time mileage of trucks will be lesser than the quoted figure. Truck mileage doesn't vary with variants but with engine options like petrol or LPG or electric.

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Mileage remains the most sought after quality in a car for the Indian consumers. Since time immemorial, mileage and average have been the yardsticks to measure how good a car really is.

The list has been compiled keeping in mind the mileage, performance, brand variation and looks as well. It delivers a lot in its price range and comes in manual as well as automatic transmissions.

Since it’s launch in the early 2000s the car has gained certain accolades to its name in the arena of fuel efficiency. Martí launched the Bale no in its premium Next dealership and people have loved the car since then.

Mileage : 23.87 km per liters Engine: 1197 cc Price: 5.58 lakhs The car has settled in the hearts and minds of the Indian customers ever since it was launched in 2005.

The car has been successful with its sales and has gone through revamps to cater to the Indian audience. The sub-4-metre sedan comes with a variety of trims and is a perfect amalgamation of economy and comfort.

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Mileage : 22 km per liters Engine: 1197 cc Price: 5.82 to 8.68 lakhs The company also launched an SHIVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) in 2015 which made the car top the mileage charts.

The Honda City was launched to directly compete with Martí’s CIA. What helped them even more with the hype generation was the launch of the Seats for the Indian markets.

The car went well with the consumers due to its style, performance, service and the Kia brand name itself. The car has received several accolades from around the world for its performance, style and safety.

The car is directly pitched against the people’s favorites like the Brenda, the Hyundai Crete etc. Although, mileage is the aspect where the car took the largest piece of cake at the party.

Now when the petrol heads have already had their piece of information, let’s cover the diesel cars providing the best fuel efficiency out of all. The updated car got 14-inch alloys, faux skid plates at the rear and body cladding on doors, wheel arches, tailgates and bumpers.

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Just like its petrol sibling, the diesel version is also quite efficient when it comes to delivering mileage. The car shares its gearbox with that of the Dire and sells itself on the aspects of efficiency, mileage and performance.

The cars, irrespective of the fact whether it’s a diesel or petrol delivers on fuel efficiency. The Martí Suzuki Bale no’s lightweight design, based on the Heretics platform, gives the car an unprecedented mileage which puts it at the list of one of the most fuel-efficient cars in India.

The 1.5-litre diesel engine that Ford uses in most of its variants in India powers the Fig Aspire. The hybrid version of the popular sedan from Martí made some strides in the market when it was launched with some amazing mileage figures.

The hybrid modification in the conventional engine has surely paid back for the efforts as the mileage figures for the diesel version of the sedan did go up. The Hyundai Verna’s CDI diesel engine delivers quite well when it comes to fuel efficiency.

Martí Vital Brenda Vital Brenda | Best Mileage Cars 2020 It won’t be wrong if we call this car, one of India’s favorite SUVs. The compact SUV’s design and the 1.5-litre diesel engine bespoke performance and mileage.

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While it does depend on the engine and its efficiency, the other aspect that also varies the figures is how a person drives the car. So, apart from focusing on the engine quality, the fuel type and the tuning, it should be made sure that the person drives the car in a suitable manner.

Mini trucks segment is gaining popularity day by day and is certainly coming under the radar of many commercial vehicle manufacturers in India, considering their increasing demand in growing E-Commerce industry, stable 4 wheeled vehicles to fulfill last mile delivery needs & rising demand in rural areas etc. Sleek front design, wide-angle OREM, digital clock, high class dashboard adds to the beauty of Tata Ace mini trucks.

It features a 4th generation DECOR engine producing a mega power of 40 HP and 100 Nm of torque, thereby making the vehicle to achieve a top speed of 80 Mph. Tata Ace Mega comes with a high payload capacity of 1030 kg to be placed over a 2.14 m long cargo box.

Sporty body graphics and flared wheel arches along with bigger 14-inch radial tube tires make it aesthetically appealing. To cater to voluminous goods' application, the company has off late also introduced the bigger sibling Tata Ace Mega XL, with a longer 8.2 ft load body.

Tata Ace Mega price in India starts from Rs 4.67 Lakhs onwards (ex-showroom) for the base variant. This stylish Tata mini truck delivers a class leading 140 Nm of torque with vehicle mileage of 17.9 KPL.

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It comes in attractive colors like Meteor Sliver, Blazing Red, Twilight Grey, Arctic White. Tata Super Ace Mint price starts at Rs 5.55 Lakhs onwards for base model.

Recently Tata Motors has introduced a new upgraded front facial on Super Ace Mint mini truck. This Tata Ace Zip mini truck came into existence in 2010 as a compact micro truck and recently, its successor Tata Ace Zip Gold was launched, with tagline “Kawasaki KE rate, gold KE home HAI”.

With a payload capacity of 600 kg, Tata Ace Zip mini truck has also been marketed as a substitute to small 3 wheeler autos. A longer 7.5 ft long cargo box enables it to carry bigger loads supported by leaf spring suspension in both front and rear.

Mahindra Supra Mini Truck payload capacity stands at 850 kg with top speed of 70 mph thereby enabling it to deliver goods on time. Mahindra Supra Mini truck price in India begins from 4.35 Lakhs onwards for base variant.

Powered by DI engine, delivering output of 45 BHP and 98 Nm of torque allows it to overcome inclines with superior accelerations. Signature Mahindra grill and wrap around headlamps remain intact as it was in mini truck variant.

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Mahindra Supra Maxi truck comes with dual tone seats and car like interiors, power steering, AC option aiding to the comfort of driver and crew for long drives. Mahindra Meet represents an entirely new range of mini trucks, marketed under tagline Anasazi Chung, Kama Jyadaâ€.

Spacious cabin and stylish looks, headlamps makes it more attractive and has already shown its impact in the market by touching total sales of 1 lakh units. Mahindra Meet mini truck price in India starts from 2.88 Lakhs onwards for the base variant.

Yes, and it is Super Carry mini truck, powered by a twin cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine giving an output of 32 HP and 75 Nm torque. It gets propelled by 3 cylinders, 1.5 liters, turbocharged common rail diesel engine (TCR) delivering a staggering output of 58 HP and 158.5 Nm Torque along with vehicle mileage of 19.6 KPL.

Ashok Leland Dost Lite also comes with safety features like front impact absorption bar, load proportioning valves with booster brakes etc. Ashok Leland Dost Lite Initially showcased at last Auto Expo at Greater Noida, Tata Intro mini truck was slated to be launched during the Diwali festival season in 2018.

Tata Intro mini truck price is yet to be released by the company and shall only be announced in the final stages of launch.

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