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• Wednesday, 18 November, 2020
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Mini trucks segment is gaining popularity day by day and is certainly coming under the radar of many commercial vehicle manufacturers in India, considering their increasing demand in growing E-Commerce industry, stable 4 wheeled vehicles to fulfill last mile delivery needs & rising demand in rural areas etc. Sleek front design, wide-angle OREM, digital clock, high class dashboard adds to the beauty of Tata Ace mini trucks.

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It features a 4th generation DECOR engine producing a mega power of 40 HP and 100 Nm of torque, thereby making the vehicle to achieve a top speed of 80 Mph. Tata Ace Mega comes with a high payload capacity of 1030 kg to be placed over a 2.14 m long cargo box.

Sporty body graphics and flared wheel arches along with bigger 14-inch radial tube tires make it aesthetically appealing. To cater to voluminous goods' application, the company has off late also introduced the bigger sibling Tata Ace Mega XL, with a longer 8.2 ft load body.

Tata Ace Mega price in India starts from Rs 4.67 Lakhs onwards (ex-showroom) for the base variant. This stylish Tata minitruck delivers a class leading 140 Nm of torque with vehicle mileage of 17.9 KPL.

With cargo body length of 2.6 m and payload of 1000 kg, it is suitable for intercity application and voluminous goods. It comes in attractive colors like Meteor Sliver, Blazing Red, Twilight Grey, Arctic White.

Tata Super Ace Mint price starts at Rs 5.55 Lakhs onwards for base model. Recently Tata Motors has introduced a new upgraded front facial on Super Ace Mint minitruck.

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This Tata Ace Zip minitruck came into existence in 2010 as a compact micro truck and recently, its successor Tata Ace Zip Gold was launched, with tagline “Kawasaki KE rate, gold KE home HAI”. With a payload capacity of 600 kg, Tata Ace Zip minitruck has also been marketed as a substitute to small 3 wheeler autos.

A longer 7.5 ft long cargo box enables it to carry bigger loads supported by leaf spring suspension in both front and rear. Mahindra Supra Instruct payload capacity stands at 850 kg with top speed of 70 mph thereby enabling it to deliver goods on time.

Being supplied in two colors along with car like interiors, styled head lamps makes its exterior elegant. Mahindra Supra Minitruck price in India begins from 4.35 Lakhs onwards for base variant.

Powered by DI engine, delivering output of 45 BHP and 98 Nm of torque allows it to overcome inclines with superior accelerations. Mahindra Supra Maxi truck comes with dual tone seats and car like interiors, power steering, AC option aiding to the comfort of driver and crew for long drives.

Mahindra Meet represents an entirely new range of mini trucks, marketed under tagline Anasazi Chung, Kama Jyadaâ€. Spacious cabin and stylish looks, headlamps makes it more attractive and has already shown its impact in the market by touching total sales of 1 lakh units.

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Mahindra Meet minitruck price in India starts from 2.88 Lakhs onwards for the base variant. Yes, and it is Super Carry minitruck, powered by a twin cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine giving an output of 32 HP and 75 Nm torque.

It gets propelled by 3 cylinders, 1.5 liters, turbocharged common rail diesel engine (TCR) delivering a staggering output of 58 HP and 158.5 Nm Torque along with vehicle mileage of 19.6 KPL. Ashok Leland Dost Lite also comes with safety features like front impact absorption bar, load proportioning valves with booster brakes etc.

Besting Trucks in India segment is growing popularity day by day and is absolutely coming under the radar of many commercial vehicle companies in India, studying their increasing order in growing E-Commerce industry, stable four-wheeled vehicles to fulfill last-mile delivery requirements & growing demand in rural areas, etc. All such factors are making Mini commercial vehicles to become sought after the segment.

4.01 lakh23.24 kmplMaruti Suzuki Super Carry DIESEL Instruct And welcome here, I am Lucky Gala and are you searching online for terms like Mini Trucks in India with that Price List, Mileage, Specifications or anything which is related to Mini Trucks.

Rs 4,92,822 Read More Force Motors Trump 40 Instruct There are many such companies in India that offer some best mini trucks at reasonable prices with good in hand mileage.

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To grow the e-commerce business, one has to take the support of these vehicles and in order to choose the best option for you, let’s look at the points mentioned below: To start off, we have to mention Tata Ace, also known as Photo Hath for the specs and features it has to offer to its customers.

This truck has a twin-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine that supplies 16 HP of average power and 37.5 Nm torque. The Mahindra Supra Minitruck is powered with 26 Hp and 55 Nm with Direct Injection diesel engine.

The cargo box of this truck supports leaf spring suspension in both front and rear. The truck offers a payload capacity of 850 kg with a top speed of 70 mph.

Martí Suzuki Super Carry has twin-cylinder with a turbocharged diesel engine that gives an output kg 32 HP and 75 Nm torque. Ashok Leland Dost Lite is an award-winning model that has 3 cylinders, 1.5 liters, TCR delivering a good output of 58 HP and 158.5 Nm torque.

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