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Paul Gonzalez
• Monday, 04 January, 2021
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Lots of AR-15 Uppers (And Hand guards)We’ll help with decisions such as going drop-in vs free-float or Named vs MILK. By the end, you’ll know the best hand guard to get for your specific purpose and budget.

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Steiner DEAL with Unity TAPS on a STN GR Hand guard MILK (L) vs Named (R), LuckyGunner It used to be personal preference but recently SITCOM (US Special Operations Command) released their results of testing.

And MILK is the clear winner due to much better impact test results. BCM-15- ML OK -Rail Free-floating hand guards give you an accuracy advantage since it doesn’t contact the barrel…so your hand position and extra gadgets such as bipeds don’t affect barrel harmonics.

Install was standard and there’s some strong feeling anti-rotation tabs built into the hand guard. However after a bunch of mags I found that it was fine (unless you have really thin fingers).

Plus there’s sometimes some blemished versions, so you can save even more if you don’t care to have a “perfect” rail. Readers' Ratings *Update* The lesser-railed LCN has become the basis of our night vision build (after a little paint job).

Unity Taps System on STN GR Land we love it…the slick upper side makes it easy to mount buttons. There’s the HWK hand guard which gives a more aggressive “prong-ed” look and the ability to add a light/laser to the bottom with the included rail.

hk417 handguard
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I personally like the look of the Cyclops more, but the Gecko is probably the more useful one to maintain a good grip. I love how it saves weight by not having a full Pica tinny rail on top.

Note that the top where the rail would have been is rounded so if you’re thinking of putting a pressure pad for lights…you’re out of luck. Only negative about the Aero hand guards is that sometimes (especially after a seasonal sales) they are out of stock for a while.

This lightweight hand guard includes a full Pica tinny rail on top. I’ve been using the older version of this (non MILK) for years as my primary competition rifle hand guard.

But still a great hand guard if you’re looking to save a little and still keep the full top rail. If you’re needing lots of Pica tinny real estate…the perennial favorite YAM has got you covered.

Combined with a pencil 14.5 barrel…this AR was nearing 5 lb territory. But keep in mind that you won’t be able to add anything to it…and since it is cylindrical all the way through…you’re going to have a harder time bracing against barriers.

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As you guessed from the name…this hand guard combines MILK attachments throughout with Pica tinny compatibility at the front sides. I’m using it for my newest AR-15 precision build with a fluted 18 Saxon barrel.

I’ve seen them around a lot in competitions but either didn’t like the look, feel, or price combination. Many of them come in two pieces, which are placed on the gun and are screwed together to prevent the need to take off the barrel.

You shouldn’t need to make any modifications to your AR-15 when installing a new drop-in hand guard, and since they’ve got a relatively simplistic design, they’re usually cheaper than their free float counterparts. First off, if you’re looking for a fancy hand guard with extra frills, the Magnum MOE MILK isn’t for you.

I have a box of holsters and cheapo rails now that sit in the back of my shed. And if you’re just getting into guns and are in the beginning stages of learning about the AR-15, you might want to check out our comprehensive AR-15 guide.

I’ve created this guide to make choosing the right AR-15 free-float hand guard a direct and simple process. The AR-15 ATLAS S-ONE MILK Slim Line Hand guard Free Float is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, meaning it’s sturdy enough to withstand repeated shocks over the course of thousands of shots.

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They’re all slim line builds to allow for a lighter end product, yet they maintain the strength required of them out in the field. This features two taper lock units that clamp to the barrel nut allowing for an even spread of pressure.

Midwest Industries, Inc. are renowned for producing high-quality AR-15 accessories and gear right here in the USA from some of the best materials and methods available. The hand guard has a continuous top Pica tinny rail, giving you maximum space for attachments.

The whole kit is made from heat treated aluminum to ensure it can withstand the shock from repeated firing. The free-float combat hand guard may not fit all billet upper receiver designs and shouldn’t be used with gas-piston As.

Very durable Comes with custom barrel nut and installation wrench Comes with two quick-detach sling sockets Continuous top Pica tinny rail Wide range of lengths available Made in the USA MILK system Affordable Bravo Company has another incredibly reliable free-float hand guard made in the USA that you should definitely consider when upgrading your AR-15.

The MMR MILK free-float hand guard has a continuous Pica tinny rail on top and six MILK slots allowing you to attach all the accessories you’ll ever need. The kit comes with the hand guard as well as a customer barrel nut, so you don’t need to worry about searching for one to fit it.

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All components in this bundle are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and are given a hard coat anodized finish to make them more robust and protect against corrosion. The MMR MILK hand guard offers the perfect balance of strength and compatibility, and it’ll make your rifle look a lot meaner.

Ultra-durable Continuous top Pica tinny rail Various lengths available Comes with custom barrel nut and installation wrench Looks the part Made in the USA MILK system The kit includes a free-float hand guard with a length ranging between 7.25 to 15 allowing you to fit your rifle and meet your specific needs.

It also comes with a custom barrel nut and attachment wrench to save you time and trouble when it comes to installation. There’s a full MIL-STD 1913 Pica tinny rail along the top of the hand guard, as well as seven MILK slots along the sides allowing you maximum space for attachments.

All the components are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and given a hard coat anodized finish to protect against corrosion and abuse in the field. The hand guard has also been dehorned to prevent you from cutting your hand or snagging your gear on any sharp points.

There are MILK slots running all the way down the hand guard in the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, as well as a continuous Pica tinny rail on the top meaning you have all the room you need for attachments. The kit includes the hand guard as well as a custom barrel nut to allow for easy installation.

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The hand guard is machined from a semi-billet piece of aircraft-grade aluminum which means it has a comfortable balance of weight and sturdiness. Also included in the kit is a long barrel nut that has been machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and given a hard coat anodized finish.

The free-float hand guard screws onto the barrel nut before being secured by two cross bolts ensuring that it won’t come loose or rotate over time. You can get the MK8 hand guard in black or Easel’s Desert Dirt Color (DDC) allowing you to customize it to meet the aesthetic look of your rifle.

Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum Loads of room for attachments MILK slots along the sides and bottom of the hand guard Barrel nut included Designed not to loosen or rotate over time Comes in black or DDC Looks great Professional-quality Each one has been designed to keep the attachment rails where they matter most and ditch the rest to save weight.

These Lightweight Hand guards have a slimline profile and lack most of the center of the top Pica tinny rail. The whole kit is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and is Type III hard coat anodized to ensure extra strength and durability, even though it’s an ultra-slim build.

Tough and reliable Ultra-slimline Lightweight Barrel nut, screws, and wrench included Tons of MILK slots Pica tinny rail is present where it needs to be Made in the USA Lifetime warranty Relatively affordable Looks great That being said, they will also fit any standard threaded Mil-Spec upper receiver if you also purchase the BAR barrel nut.

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The MILK version also has a continuous Pica tinny rail along the top and plenty of MILK slots down the sides and bottom of the hand guard. The AR-15/M16 Enhanced Hand guards are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum to ensure they can withstand the shock of repeated fire and the rough and tumble of being out in the field.

Specifically designed for the Aero Precision Enhanced Upper Can be used on any Mil-Spec upper with the BAR barrel nut Tough build Lots of MILK slots and Pica tinny rail for attachments Three CD slots Looks the part Affordable You attach the hand guard to the lower receiver to cover the barrel of your rifle and prevent you from burning your hands when shooting.

Some poorly designed free-float hand guards may also rotate over time, which will also throw off your sighting system and cause you to lose accuracy. MILK and Key mod hand guards allow you to attach accessories directly or short lengths of Pica tinny rail that support everything from lights and lasers to coffee makers.

Free-float hand guards are generally heavier than drop-in variants because they need to be able to withstand the shock from recoil while not being fully attached to the barrel. The added weight actually makes your rifle feel more secure and a lot of people say it improves their accuracy.

The front-sight block will also likely just get in the way of your optic, so unless you’re shooting with just irons, it doesn’t make much sense to keep it these days. A low-profile gas block is perfect for a free-float hand guard as it won’t restrict the length or get in the way of your optic’s field of view.

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Many competitive shooters like to grip the front of the rifle far down towards the end of the barrel and a free-float hand guard allows you to do this without any risk of burning your hands. You want to be able to attach a variety of accessories and ensure they won’t move around with the shock of repeat fire.

You can also use polymer with an aluminum coating if you’re on a budget, although I always recommend going for quality over price control. All things considered, I’d recommend you go for the Midwest Industries, Inc. AR-15 Combat Hand guards Free Float MILK.

The reason for this is that they offer the widest range of lengths to suit assorted barrels, and they provide great mounting options for accessories. Midwest's industries, Inc. makes all of their products 100% in the USA, so you’re also keeping hardworking Americans in employment.

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