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Danielle Fletcher
• Tuesday, 13 October, 2020
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There are bags of different sizes and types available so knowing what makes the best mountain bike saddlebag can be challenging. We have also included a list of what we think are the best saddle bags so you don’t have to do all the research yourself.

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If this is the case then you will only need a small bag to fit a spare tube, multi tool and maybe a CO2 inflation. If you want to go on longer rides without your rucksack, then you might need a slightly larger bag to hold a jacket or snacks.

Remember that if the bag is only half full, then the contents will rattle around. Large saddlebags are generally used for bike packing when you need to transport extra layers, camping equipment and food.

Due to its position on the bike, a saddlebag will be constantly bombarded with dirt, stones, mud and water that get kicked up by the rear wheel. How securely the bag attaches to the saddle or seat post is important for two reasons.

Some have additional braces to prevent it, but you can play your part too by packing the heaviest items nearest to the saddle. Others may work with them but it is not guaranteed and some manufacturers with discourage using their bags with dropper posts.

The reason for this is the extra weight and forces that big bags can exert on the seat post. As the shock compresses, the distance between the rear wheel and saddle decreases.

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Depending on how much travel you have and how high your saddle is (especially if you have a dropper post), there may not be enough space for a saddlebag when the shock is fully compressed. You can check how much space you have by releasing all the air from your shock and letting it compress.

This is especially crucial if you are going on a long trip that will last for more than a day or two, or if you are going to ride in winter or at night. But you don’t want to jeopardize your speed by carrying a heavy backpack.

A quality mountain bike saddlebags provide easy and convenient access to some accessories that you might need on a long trip. Saddlebags are compact yet big enough to carry the stuff you need.

They sit tightly under the seat post without adding weight to your bike. The word of mountain biking accessories is full of options and making a purchase is not always the easiest decision.

This is why we asked several experts for their help in order to review some best saddle bags on the market. You need to make sure that you are buying a good, reliable, and accessible bag that will not get in the way of your MTB adventure time.

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This compact saddlebag is essential for long bike trips. It is big enough to accommodate your wallet, some light snacks and everything you might need for a short break.

It is made of sturdy nylon that is durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions on the trail and comes in 3 different sizes, so you can pick the one that you find most convenient. It also features a reflective trimming that enhances visibility at night for a safe ride.

The big zippered opening provides easy access. This will come in handy when you want to keep small items in an easy-to-access pocket; like your ID or special emergency medication.

The smart design will allow more necessities to fit in while providing easy access to everything you’ll ever need. Cons This saddlebag might look like a basic one but it is actually one of the best bags that you can pack for your next mountain bike adventure.

It is extremely easy to access and will accommodate all the essentials that you need on the trail. It is made of high-quality 1200 denier Cordoba that will last for long, in addition to high-quality zippers that will provide fast access to all your belongings.

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It features a reflective rim that will keep you visible in poor light conditions and also has room to attach a rear taillight. The design is very smart with 2 elastic straps that can secure your valuables inside the bag.

This bag also comes with a loop to attach a taillight for the best visibility and an enhanced safety while riding. This saddlebag is also weather-resistant so you can rest assured that all your valuables will be safe and in great condition.

It comes in various sizes and features an internal mesh pocket for easy access. Reflective strap and room to attach a rear light for better visibility.

The smart design of this saddlebag makes it absolutely convenient to use. It is considered to be the best mountain bike frame bag because it is extremely compact yet roomy enough to carry all your belongings.

It features one large main compartment in addition to two side pockets to keep your necessities organized and safe. The bag is made of weather-proof polyester that is strong enough to withstand various weather conditions.

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Moreover, it will keep the contents of your bag safe and dry when you are riding in extreme weather. It comes with two adjustable Velcro straps that will secure it in place with no tools needed.

The bag has reflective straps on three sides in addition to a loop to attach a rear light. Easy and fast installation where the straps keep the saddlebag in place.

The saddlebag might start to swing especially during rough rides. Unlike most of the saddlebags on the market, this one is designed to be 100% waterproof.

It will keep all your belongings absolutely dry even in the toughest weather conditions. The smart design fits all your essentials and keeps your saddlebag discrete and convenient to carry.

This bag is made of 840D nylon and thermoplastic polyurethane that bond together for maximum durability. Regardless of the size of your MTB, the Velcro fasteners will secure your saddlebag perfectly.

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This is a universal bag that fits women’s, kids’ and professional bikes. It features an internal pocket that prevents your valuables from moving around when you are riding.

The reflector on the back secures it even more to the seat post and can be used to attach a rear light. Cons It is not big enough to accommodate a large cell phone.

The bike bag should provide easy access to all your valuables. It is made of high-quality durable materials that will last for long and will keep your valuables safe as you hit the trail.

This will make it convenient to use as you can have easy access to everything you might need on the trail. It will also enhance your safety even in poor light conditions thanks to the reflective trim.

Moreover, you can easily attach a rear light to warn other riders and drivers. Whether you choose the tiny or large bag, you will always have easy and convenient access to everything you need when you are on your MTB.

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It attaches quickly and stays in place so it won’t interfere with your cycling. Unlike other saddlebags, this one is designed to provide room for everything you might need if you plan to spend several days away from home.

It is the best under seat bike bag if you want to carry several water bottles or snacks for a long ride. This will keep your belongings dry and safe even in extreme weather conditions.

This could be the only storage you’ll ever need even if you spend several days mountain biking with your gang because it is big enough to accommodate all the essentials in addition to a change of clothes. No mounting tools are required to install and secure this saddlebag.

As a bonus, you can enjoy the rubber cushion lining inside your saddlebag. This bag comes with a rear light that will enhance your visibility to keep you safe.

The zip closure is designed to provide easy access to all your belongings, and they will not fall off your bag as you ride faster and harder. You don’t need any mounting tools to install this saddlebag.

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This affordable pack attaches firmly to your MTB frame thanks to the four-point mounting system. The design is simple and provides easy access to everything you’ll need on your MTB adventure.

It is very basic and looks like a low-profile bag but will come in handy when you want to have all your essentials close at hand. It is different from other saddlebags because you don’t actually have to bend or stop cycling to gain access to all your valuables.

The design allows you to fit everything you’ll need on a mountain biking trip that will last for hours. It comes with wider straps to secure your bag firmly to your MTB so you can focus on your riding knowing that everything you need is close at hand.

It features a roll down opening to provide easy and fast access. It is one of the best saddle bags to bring on your next mountain biking adventure because it is so practical and durable.

Picking your mountain bike saddlebag is a decision that you shouldn’t take lightly. Saddlebags should be designed to withstand harsh conditions.

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You should make sure that your bag is made of a sturdy fabric that will not get damaged easily. Nylon, polyester and carbon fiber are good materials that provide sturdy and durable.

Waterproof bags are designed for people who usually ride in the rain and are looking for the ultimate protection. With enough room inside your saddlebag, your belongings might actually get trapped in the corners or become difficult to find.

It is essential to make sure that your bag is designed to provide easy and fast access. This will allow you to store your food, maintenance tool kits, and other essentials away from each other.

Some saddlebags come with a special mount or strap that allows you to attach a rear light. In addition to the extra LED light, a lot of excellent saddlebags will feature a reflective trim.

This will reflect light from other sources to keep your saddlebag and your bike visible. Buying a poor-quality bag is a total waste of money because you won’t be able to use it as planned.

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