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Predictable is the last word we’d used to describe this summer, but if there’s anything you can count on when the temp hits 90, it’s the best ponytail hairstyles. No matter how hot, humid, or swampy the weather gets, throwing your hair up into a quick and easy ponytail is the easiest solution to deal with the heat.

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Sure, we’ll always have a soft spot in our hearts for a classic ponytail, but with the days already blending into one another, why not switch things up with a fun take on the style? All it takes is a little braid here, a backcomb there, and a few strategically placed hair accessories to end up with something that feels brand new.

This high pony would be stunning on its own, but the rhinestones in her baby hairs truly take it to the next level. Add some bling to a clean pony with a single strand of crystals running down your head.

A deep side swoop and a little of volume at the crown gives a classic pony a fun ’60s vibe. Pulling two longer strands out of a polished pony gives your look a throwback edge and is a pretty way to frame your face.

Really lean into the ’60s Barbie vibes with a glam ribbon (cute puppy optional). Ariana Grande’s ponytail is legendary in its own right, but this glam hair clip takes it to another level.

To create this look, hairstylist Justine Marian used eyelash glue and tweezers to add flat-backed rhinestones to the pony. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but a dramatic clip helps spice up a low pony.

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The secret to getting it really smooth is spritzing some hairspray on your brush before pulling your hair back. Weave a thin braid from brow bone to the base of your ponytail.

A trio of minimal clips at top, middle, and bottom of your ponytail boost volume and make a statement. Add a few golden cuffs to braids or LoCs and pull back into a high ponytail.

Hair pulled back low and loose looks even better with a few layers falling from the front. A scattering of bobby pins makes natural texture look even more gorgeous in a low, brushed-out ponytail.

Create a bubble-ponytail effect by wrapping your hair in four sections with gold thread, wire, or string. Always a good idea, a thick side braid is even better when paired with a low pony and a velvet ribbon.

The ponytail shown here is separated into thirds: one right at the top, one in the center, and one at the bottom, brought together with small elastics. An extra-luminous length of metallic ribbon is basically a statement necklace for the back of your head.

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Her character pony head is one of her best. She currently attends St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses because of her rambunctious behavior.

However, she is very possessive of their friendship and is upset by Star also calling Marco her best friend. Star's disappointment in Pony Head lying to her about ditching Marco leads Pony Head to give her pair of dimensional scissors to Star and bravely sacrifice herself, getting caught by the guards to save Marco.

She calls him “earth turd”, tries to push him off the dance cloud in the Bounce Lounge, and ditches him at the Amethyst Arcade. Though she still insists on being known as Star's best bestie”, she remains on good terms with Marco when next they meet.

In “Goblin Dogs”, Pony Head tries to monopolize Star's attentions, making Marco interact with her friend Kelly. Pony Head can use her horn to shoot laser beams or function like a drill.

In “Sleepover”, it is shown that she is strong enough to carry several people at once (though with great difficulty). In “Pizza Thing”, she uses her horn to magically restore a crushed car, then has it drive itself back to its owner.

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Add a photo to this gallery Pony Head is based off previous artwork by Aaron Newly. According to her signature on a document in the episode “Death Peck,' her first name is Lilac, so Pony Head is her last name.

In early concepts, Aaron Newly wanted Pony Head's design to look like she was “drooling, and blood dripping out of the neck but then really sparkly and huge eyes”. She can wreck an entire dimension consisting of video game consoles using only her ability to shoot laser beams out of her horn.

But, when the powder cloud settles and the scores are tallied, there can only be one group of skis at the top of the pile. With the highest overall ranking and top scores in six out of eight categories, the Storm rider 88 garnered numerous comments from testers along the lines of “category defining.” The Stock earned its Best in Test award for its ability to handle the biggest, baddest skiers, but remained extremely kind and approachable when testers took their feet off the gas.

The 2021 Gear of the Year and Best in Test Stock Neal 80 Women's Front side Ski For years this Swiss brand has produced some of the most exquisitely crafted unisex skis on the market, but they were better suited to skiers with racing backgrounds than recreationalists, never mind the majority of the female population.

Enter the new Neal line, featuring a lighter weight and a women’s-specific flex that makes the skis easier to engage, more forgiving, and more accessible to intermediates than Stock’s unisex models. The new Neal 80 is the most piste-oriented of the line and our testers loved it for its thrilling carving performance and ability to bust through crud despite its smaller waist width, calling it “the luxury SUV” of the Front side category.

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The newest addition to Head ’s award-winning women’s More line is the polar opposite of the Stock Neal 80, yet beloved by our testers nonetheless. This ski impressed testers with her low-maintenance attitude, though some ladies wished she showed a little more backbone in the crud.

The ski’s revamped construction, which features a new carbon chassis laminate and what the brand calls Treetop technology, reduces weight and makes the ski smoother on edge, no matter the snow condition or speed. These new construction elements also add just a touch more forgiveness and a supple feel compared to previous versions, and are sure to make strong skiers smile.

The testers at Tao's showered the new Enforcer 100 with praise, noting that it rewards proper skiing technique with near-flawless performance. It earned the highest scores in the men's All-Mountain category for Stability at Speed, Crud Performance, Hard-Snow Integrity, Versatility, and Overall Impression.

Still featuring Head ’s innovative construction of graphene, Kory, and Aruba wood, this ski delivers top-of-the-line performance all over the mountain without forcing you to work for it, making it easy, quick, and forgiving for ladies of all abilities. With a noticeably pronounced rocker in the tip and tail built into a wider profile, this ski has all the great elements of the Gear of the Year Nordic Enforcer 100, but with a freeride-oriented, aggressive design.

The Blizzard Rustler 11 didn’t just win Best in Test in the Deep Snow category this year, it absolutely dominated the entire field. With the highest scores in six of eight categories, it’s clear there is one fat ski to rule them all for 2020-'21.

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A lot has changed about the Santa Ana 110 this year, though one thing hasn’t: She still dominates in powder and crud. But this year, she’s not just a top choice for ladies who know how to bend a stiff ski.

The all-new Santa Ana 110 Free makes skiing deep snow effortless even for intermediates thanks to only one layer of metal, and a tip using less heavy plastic in the sidewall to further reduce the ski’s swing weight. Testers gushed about how quick, fun, and forgiving the new version is not just in the pow, but everywhere else, too.

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