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Ellen Grant
• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Is the red and yellow default pony somebody'soc? I saw someone running around as an old pony blog character, someone who wasn't the most popular but still had a decent following I think.

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For as long as this blog exists I’m keeping the same background because it’s an ancient relic from 2016 pony town … I keep hearing rumors that pt devs are working on different size ponies.

Hey dude, I know your on a hiatus and i don't ally know what's been going on here but I hope you're doing ok!! From what I've read so far things are doing to great and u seem like u could use the break.

The people who confess/vent about not able to make friends are ridiculous, you're not a trash bin for all of them to throw their vents into! I get it if they're some nasty ass pesos or something, but the hate on entire fandoms, blending vs no blending debate, and complaining about pones having sex on 18+ is ridiculous.

(literally who even has time to whine about a fucking pixel PON sitting down and standing up on top of you. Yeah there’s a reason I’m starting to check my inbox less, I’m thinking of quitting the whole confession shit in general because honestly these aren’t confessions at this point it’s just people getting angry at fandoms or certain people or pointless shit so I mean.

I still need time to think but other input from people would be nice. If you hide someone, you both disappear to each other for however long you hid them, and whatever pony you use.

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I think it would be nice if pt added a list of whom you’ve hidden and muted (how long included for hiding). Tbh Pontoon should add body markings like stripes, spots, blankets (Appaloosa markings), socks (white feet/legs like g4 Sunburst), Karin scales, etc.

Well I play the game so yeah LOL It would also give good use for the water besides decoration, and unicorn magic can even just be the flame overlay that people do by sitting in a certain spot...

Includes Discord benefits're the team behind the free multiplayer browser game Pontoon. Pontoon is a social game in which you can create your own pony and hang around in a pixel environment, chatting with other players, role-playing, or celebrating seasonal events.

In the future, we hope to expand it into a proper sandbox MMORPG game focused on farming, crafting, exploring the world and building houses and towns with other players. We’re inspired by games like Star dew Valley, Minecraft or Factor.

By supporting creators you love on Patreon, you're becoming an active participant in their creative process. As a member, you receive exclusive content, community access, behind-the-scenes updates, and the pride of fueling work that matters to you.

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It brings together unique scenery, history and wildlife all along the fascinatingly desolate Pony Express National Historic Trail. There’s geological and film history in the form of the Bonneville Salt Flats and the unique Basin and Range topography.

This itinerary requires preparation, but thoughtful travelers shouldn’t hesitate to go out and follow the path of the Pony Express riders. Preparing for West Desert Travel This itinerary suggests a loop starting and ending in the Salt Lake metropolitan area.

Levi, Toole or Wend over are the nearest supply points, depending on which section of the trail you depart from. There is no potable water or food available between Camp Floyd State Park and Isaiah (near the Deep Creek Range) on the Pony Express trail.

In the era before electronic communication, the Pony Express was the thread that tied East to West. As a result of the 1849 Gold Rush, the 1847 Mormon exodus to Utah and the thousands who moved west on the Oregon Trail starting in the 1840s, the need for a fast mail service beyond the Rocky Mountains became obvious.

This need was partially filled by outfits such as the Butterfield Overland Mail Service starting in 1857 and private carriers in following years. Ad in the Sacramento Union, March 19, 1860 “Men Wanted” The undersigned wishes to hire ten or a dozen men, familiar with the management of horses, as hostlers, or riders on the Overland Express Route via Salt Lake City.

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On June 16, 1860, about ten weeks after the Pony Express began operations, Congress authorized the bill instructing the Secretary of the Treasury to subsidize the building of a transcontinental telegraph line to connect the Missouri River and the Pacific Coast. On that day the Pony Express was officially terminated, but it was not until November that the last letters completed their journey over the route.

In the western states, the majority of the trail has been converted, over the years, to double track dirt roads. Short pristine segments, believed to be traces of the original trail, can be seen only in Utah and California.

The tour for each state includes a map image and driving directions that provide opportunities for discovering the remnants and significant resources of the trail.

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