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Corral domestic box office grosses or which Gunfight At The O.K. This page looks at the ones that were released in theaters in North America and featured Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday.

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That means you will not find 1934’s Frontier Marshall (it featured characters called Michael Wyatt and Doc Warren) or 1955’s Wichita (it has a Wyatt Earp but no Doc Holiday and no Gunfight At The O.K. Yes you still get a table of stats….but we also gave each major movie stat their own section.

Another new item is the result of our Best Wyatt Earp/Doc Holiday portrayal poll. 20 people were nice enough to provide a ranking of their personal favorite Earp and Holiday.

Though Val Killer and Dennis Quad gave Oscar worthy performances in their movies. Corral movies by yearly domestic box office rank Sort Gunfight At The O.K.

60% rating or higher should indicate a good movie Sort by how many Oscar® nominations and how many Oscar® wins each Gunfight At The O.K. Randolph Scott in 1939’s Frontier Marshall Richard Dix in 1942’s Tombstone: The Town Too Tough To Die Henry Fonda in 1946’s My Darling Clementine Burt Lancaster in 1957’s Gunfight At The O.K.

Corral James Garner in 1967’s Hour Of The Gun Yulia Harris in 1971’s Doc Kurt Russell in 1993’s Tombstone Kevin Costner in 1994’s Wyatt Earp Cesar Romero in 1939’s Frontier Marshall Kent Taylor in 1942’s Tombstone: The Town Too Tough To Die Victor Mature in 1946’s My Darling Clementine Kirk Douglas in 1957’s Gunfight At The O.K.

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Kurt Russell and Val Killer are the winners of our Wyatt Earp/Doc Holiday poll There will also be time periods that will always draw audiences into the movie theater: World War II, the prohibition era, the Wild West etc.

From Henry Fonda to Kevin Costner and from Cesar Romero to Val Killer, Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday reserve a special place in the collective conscience of the benefice. This list comprises ten great movies about the famous gunmen duo from the ever fascinating Wild West.

This early Wyatt Earp movie, based on Stuart Lake’s book “Frontier Marshall”, presents a very romanticized version of the gunfight at the O.K. The sheriff of the town is unwilling to put a stop to the constant shootings going on in the saloon, so Wyatt Earp takes matters into his own hands.

The story begins in 1881 when Doc Holiday and his girlfriend Kate Elder come to Tombstone, Arizona to encounter their old friend Wyatt Earp. First, Doc meets Wyatt’s brothers Virgil and Morgan and learns that his old friend is striving to become the sheriff of Tombstone.

Wyatt Earp wins the election but soon faces harsh resistance from outlaw gang named “The Cowboys”. The film tries to put an emphasis of Holiday’s important role in the justice sweep of Wyatt Earp and because of this it is not entirely historically accurate.

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As stated in the title this Wyatt Earp movie does not take place in the infamous Tombstone, Arizona but in Wichita, Kansas, another lawless town of the Wild West. His skills as a gunfighter make him a perfect candidate for sheriff, but he refuses the job until he feels morally obligated to bring law and order to this wild town.

However, people soon begin to understand and embrace Earp’s ways and even rally by his side in front of the outlaw threat. Set entirely in the legendary town, the plot centers on former gunslinger Wyatt Earp, who helps the rather incompetent sheriff round up criminals.

The movie chooses to ends its run here not before showing some very beautiful but haunting shots of Tombstone: a town too tough to die. Outnumbered but determined, Wyatt Earp, his brothers Virgil and Morgan and ally Doc Holiday confront and clearly get the best of the cowboys” gang in a violent shootout in the Arizona town of Tombstone.

When they are cleared, Virgil runs for Tombstone City Sheriff, but is ambushed and maimed by some of Clinton’s hired guns. Doc Holiday, a gambler who has been on the wrong side of the law himself more than once, is terminally ill with tuberculosis and is admitted into a Colorado sanitarium.

Earp intends to clear out of Tombstone with what’s left of his family and move to California, but changes his mind upon being appointed a federal marshal for the territory. Guns blazing, Earp and his posse ruthlessly hunt and kill various members of Clinton’s gang.

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He makes one last trip to Holiday’s deathbed to say goodbye to his unlikely friend, then hangs up his badge and guns for good. The film manages to sum up, in a concise and structured form, the last part of Wyatt Earp’s life (his Tombstone period…right before moving to California) but remains partially faithful to the historical truth.

A successful lawman's plans to retire anonymously in Tombstone, Arizona are disrupted by the kind of outlaws he was famous for eliminating. The adventures in time and space of the Doctor, a Time Lord who changes appearance and personality by regenerating when near death, and is joined by companions in battles against aliens and other megalomaniacs.

Corral in Tombstone, a man becomes a myth in this thrilling journey of romance, adventure and desperate, heroic action. Lawman Wyatt Earp and outlaw Doc Holiday forms an unlikely alliance which culminates in their participation in the legendary Gunfight at the O.K.

The continuing adventures of the staff of the ghost removal service. The Earp's battle the Cantons at the Corral in Tombstone, Arizona.

Doc Holiday, the cold-blooded sharp-shooter, reunites with his old friend, Marshall Wyatt Earp, to take down the Clinton gang in the dusty town of Tombstone, in Arizona. Marshal Wyatt Earp kills a couple of men of the Clinton gang in a fight.

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In revenge, Clinton's thugs kill the Marshal's brother. Thus, Wyatt starts to chase the killers together with his friend Doc Holiday.

The Tombstone story told in the style of the Japanese classic Fashion where we see history from several perspectives including that of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, Kate, Ike Clinton, Colonel Afford and Johnny Behan Earp agrees to become marshal and establish order in Tombstone in this very romanticized version of the gunfight at the O.K.

Wyatt Earp cleans up Tombstone and faces the Clinton gang at the O.K. “Wild West Tech” was a documentary series for the History Channel that featured in depth interviews with historians and authors, as well as action packed recreations, to tell the story of ... See full summary ».

Based on the memoirs of Josephine Marcus Earp, a young opera singer from San Francisco, this docudrama tells the story of how she became the wife of legendary lawman Wyatt Earp. In my first post, I was talking about the film, Appointment with Destiny: The Last Days of John Dillinger (1971).

While cleaning Tombstone of outlaws, Michael Wyatt receives the amorous attentions of a saloon dancer. Host Jack Balance looks how Hollywood has depicted Western legends like George Armstrong Custer, Billy the Kid, Crazy Horse, and the O.K.

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This documentary traces the history of many of the Old-West's most notorious gunfighters and describes some of the most famous shootouts, including the James/Younger gang's bungled ... See full summary ». Roy is mistaken for a bad guy expected by the local outlaw gang.

He goes undercover to pin the goods on the bad guys. Doc Holiday and the Earp's confront the Clauses and the Cantons in this micro-budget short film.

A labor of love, this film takes its cues from historical records and newspaper reports ... See full summary ». The three Earp brothers along with Doc Holiday deals with the infamy for their part in the Corral gunfight.

The show covers aspects of the prostitution business in the wild west. It starts with the lack of women in the west relative to the number of men after the 1849 gold strike.

Jim Hardin at a stop finds a stagecoach holdup netted $50,000 in crisp new bills and Doc Holiday and his wife Amy are there. When Amy receives some bills from Doc she accuses him of staging the robbery, but Jim is doubtful.

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Matt and Frankie head to Tombstone, Arizona to track down Doc Holiday who they suspect is involved with the Clinton gang. While there they meet famed sheriff Wyatt Earp and become part of the gunfight at Corral.

Details about gamblers, gambling games, and methods of cheating in the west are described from the early days to its evolution toward the end of the 19th century. The Ghostbusters pay a visit to the small town of Tombstone, Arizona, where the spirits of Doc Holiday and the Earp's materialize, intent on recreating the gunfight at the O.K.

Earp recalls in court the details of the day when the Clinton gang rides into Tombstone to shoot it out with the Earp's and his plans initially to head off a street battle by arresting each one of the gang separately and then the gunfight. Earp comes to Steven's rescue and arrests Phineas Clinton, prompting the Cantons to decide to enlist the help of Johnny Ringo.

When the murderous Blanton brothers threaten to kill Sheriff Sides, Lucy convinces Henrietta, Grandpa and Grandma to stay out of the conflict. Henrietta convinces Sides to accept the ... See full summary ».

Narrated by Borne Greene and reenacted as though captured by newsreels, Showdown at O.K. Corral retraces the steps of the West's most famous gunfight.

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As punishment for ignoring their warning and trespassing on their planet, the Melt condemn Capt. Kirk and his landing party to the losing side of a surreal recreation of the 1881 historic gunfight at the Corral.

In 1881 Virgil Earp, marshal of Tombstone, suspects Billy Clinton and the Mary brothers of stealing cattle and, backed up by his brothers Wyatt and Morgan and 'Doc' Holiday, challenges ... See full summary ». The Cantons have shot Warren Earp, leading to a showdown between the two families with the Doctor powerless to prevent bloodshed.

This program reviews the most critical technologies to western towns economic survival. To stop the MacCreedy-Armindariz feud from coming to a rope's end, Has and Curry ride to the aid of their former employer Patrick “Big Mac” McCready, who is accused of murdering the ... See full summary ».

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