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• Thursday, 29 October, 2020
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When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn commission on some items you choose to buy. To avoid your horse from overheating, fabric should be very lightweight, light and have some reflective and/or cooling properties.

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Other useful features to check include breathability, UV protection and the option to be used with or without a neck for added flexibility. Horse & Hound has been working with a number of professional riders, trainers and yards to put a range of products to the test in a busy yard environment.

The winter riding gloves in this group test were trialed by Rob Wine. Rob is a professional dressage rider and trainer based at Hammer & Harp Farm in Beacons field.

From here he runs a successful livery and training yard for 17 horses. He has won three regional titles and a national title, as well as having been placed at the Winter Championships and represented Great Britain at Small Tour level at the Danville CDI***.

It has proven to be very hard wearing with tough fastenings and fillet strap.” It was easy and quick to take on and off, had a nice broad chest, and I was particularly impressed how it didn’t rub the mane.

“This rug proved breathable, lightweight, fitted well, kept the flies off and went through the wash well. I found the belly straps were tight, not very adjustable and the wither got a bit squashed, although the rug didn’t rub and the horse didn’t appear to be uncomfortable wearing it.

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Because horses love to spend time outside the barns, they often get exposed to flies and other insects. Besides distracting them, these insects can also cause diseases and skin conditions like sweet itch.

These will give your horses the protection they need while allowing them to roam and exercise in their environment. The fly sheet should fit your horse snugly because a loose one defeats the whole purpose.

A fly sheet that’s too big will only hang loose and cause discomfort for your horse ; not to mention easily get destroyed. On the other side of the spectrum are sheets that are rigid and seem like they create a bubble of protection.

The thicker, bulkier alternatives are obviously more durable, but they trade comfort for longevity. The color of the fly sheet you buy can also give you an added bonus when it comes to protection from the sun.

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Lighter colors reflect sun rays away from your horse in addition to keeping flies away. Darker colors, on the other hand, absorb heat and may be more suited to cold weather.

This sheet comes with three straps that hold it on the horse and these ensure a snugly tight fit, even if it’s not exactly the right size. If you put together the cost of the materials it takes to actually assemble a fly sheet this big, coupled with the benefits your horse will get, it’s a real bargain.

This fly sheet is created by a manufacturer of multiple horse accessories, from riding clothes to equestrian supplies. The best part is that it fits snugly Ono the body of most horses because of its adjustable straps.

However, its UV protection features more than makes up for this limited range of choices. They did so by throwing their picnic blanket over the beast, and their fly sheet brand was born.

The newer models of sheets have much more benefits than just protecting your horse from the rain, although that’s certainly part of it. What’s more, is that it offers a full range of protection, covering your horse all the way from the neck to the body.

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The tougher sport mesh has a different kind of strap from the other fly sheet on this list. It’s also a blend of comfort and durability, which is surprising because lighter materials are usually more prone to damage.

The company, professional’s choice, is responsible for manufacturing this premium fly sheet for horses. It has a soft inner lining that’s designed to interact well with your horse ’s skin and give maximum comfort.

With minimalist straps, this fly sheet has a simple and easy to apply structure. This fly sheet is incredibly comfortable to wear for horses, and it offers breathability and UV protection.

It is made of high quality and durable material that’s both breathable and protective. The high-quality means that you can forget about having any problems relating to tears or damage with this fly sheet.

It has a plain design that might fool you into thinking it’s not capable of adequate fly protection. It is made of incredibly durable material that will last for a long time, regardless of how active your horse is.

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The amigo evolution fly sheet is also very breathable, which is counterintuitive if you consider that it covers the whole body. If the right size is obtained, it fits well over the horse, and you can use the straps to secure it in place.

The gray and coral colors make sure that it reflects heat away, keeping your horse cool. This is one of the absolute best fly sheet for horses because it comes with an optional head collar fitting for extra protection.

The fly rug combo classic is another neck to body fly sheet is that is both functional and affordable. It’s optional because the fly sheet is designed to be fitting; the neck piece will stay in place even if you don’t use the collar.

This fly sheet trades usability for aesthetics because it doesn’t have much in the way of visual appeal. Even though it’s not as expensive as the others, the zebra print makes it look like a top-quality premium grade sheet.

The only problem you might have with these boots is that they only come in pairs, so you’ll have to buy two to get full protection for your horse. Every item on this list will get you what you need in terms of basic protection from pesky flying insects.

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Some fly sheets extend to the neck of the horse while others only cover the body. There are also fly sheets that offer weather protection, like the Kensington platinum.

When choosing a fly sheet for your house, the most important thing is to pick one that suits the needs of the horse. During the summer months or in particularly hot weather, horses are often plagued by an array of biting insects, unforgiving UV rays, and a lack of heat protection.

We’ve gathered a list of the five best flysheets for horses in hot weather and reviewed them to help make your shopping experience much easier. This flysheet made the top of our list for its great protection, lightweight 600 deniers rip stop fabric, and anti-rub lining at the deep shoulder gussets as well as in the chest and neck.

Cons Sometimes this sheet rips early on with their horse ’s activity levels, but you may find that it is still entirely useable This flysheet is made with the same 600 deniers rip stop fabric as the top pick of our list, so it’s equally durable and protective.

It’s thick enough to endure some winter weather conditions including cold wind, light snow, and things of that nature, but don’t count on it to protect your horse in freezing rain or hail if they’re out and about. This flysheet comes in a variety of sizes and over a dozen color options, so you’re sure to find the perfect sheet for your horse.

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This is also a great option as a back-up flysheet for your primary choice, and the cost is low enough to justify adding it to your horse ’s available wardrobe. As a result, it’s important to find a flysheet that fits your horse ’s specifications for optimum protection.

Getting an ill-fitting flysheet, one that is either too small or too large, won’t do you or your horse any favors, so properly measuring the animal and making sure that the sheet has quality straps or buckles is key. Horseflies, mosquitoes, and in some areas, bot flies can be a real problem that your horses have to face daily during the warmer months of the year.

Additionally, an excessive amount of UV radiation from the longer, intensely sunnier hours of the day can be harsh for your horse to endure. So when choosing your flysheet, it’s important to know not only how frequently your horse is bothered by pests, but also what kinds of weather conditions you need to prepare for.

While the flysheet is meant to protect them, it does not cover the horse ’s entire body, and any exposed areas are up for grabs by the insects. So in addition to not drawing the attention of pesky bugs, lighter flysheets will help to keep your horse cooler.

When your horse needs protection from biting insects, UV rays, or rain, the best solution is to have a high-quality flysheet.

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