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During these 22 years we focused on constant development to fulfill the riders’ needs for the highest quality equestrian equipment. Thus, we established cooperation based on distribution with then rising, and now the most recognizable equestrian clothing and horse riding equipment producers.

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For years, we have been the only distributor of Sam shield, Various, Prestige Italia, or Chinese’s equestrian vests in Poland. Instead of looking for brick and mortar equestrian shops in London or New York, and going shopping after work, when you are tired and would rather spend that time with your beloved horse, you can choose from the wide range of products offered on-line.

Bishop delivers right to your computer or mobile devices, which gives you the comfort of shopping from your own stable. Our store offers a wide range of the highest quality products with international shipping.

Besides clothing and horse equipment, we also offer tack products that come very handy in everyday equestrian life. Totally Tack is a family business based in small town in Somerset, England, with a global reach.

With hard work it's grown rapidly into our own equine empire. We sell thousands of products online (through our own bespoke website, Amazon & eBay) and particularly enjoy meeting and greeting our local customers when they pop in to our shop.

We believe that what has made our business so successful is the fact that we love what we do! We have our own horses (three at present), and when we're not stocking up our shop and warehouse with wonderful horsey goodies you'll find us hanging out with our animal friends: the horses and rescue Staff Alice.

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“I love going to Totally Tack, it's a treasure trove for equestrians. They have a great range of good quality products and are competitively priced.

“Despite me ordering the wrong size Stream dog collar, the Company dealt with me very professionally and made sure I received the replacement collar hassle-free. Received my online order next day and had to change it because it didn't fit... no problem.

Here at Eileen Douglas Tack shops, we are a family run business, and we aim to provide our customers with an excellent service and shopping experience, both in store and online, with a vast majority of products for both you and your horse. We stock some of the best brands including Aria, Mark Todd, John Whitaker, Shires, Horsehair, Charles Owen, Race safe, Equilibrium and not to forget our own bespoke brand only available from us.

Only the best quality products for our wide range of lovely customers and their four legged friends. Always new products available, such as horse rugs, country wear, competition attire, footwear, saddlery, supplements and much more.

It is always our aim to ensure you have the most satisfying shopping experience, both online and in store. A rug for all seasons, including top brands such as Horsehair, John Whitaker, Shires and Mark Todd.

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From brushes to shampoos, hoof oils and even plaiting accessories, keep your horse looking dapper. A wide variety to suit everyone, including Aria, Mark Todd, Bromine and many more.

Ensuring safety, comfort and style in all our leg wear, including men and children. With some stylish products, including HIM, Horsehair, Aria and Piker.

Schultz Brothers is well-known for its gorgeous, durable western tack and Mary's is proud to carry an excellent selection of this specialty line. Joined by his brother, Dick, they opened a tack and gun store and also sold their products at fairs and horse shows.

The core of Schultz Brothers success is their practice of finding out what horsemen want, using the finest materials, and having skilled craftsmen dedicated to doing it right. The family-run business continues with new generations of kids, grandkids, and in-laws who carry on the legacy of Don and Dick Schultz Among the best -selling Schultz Brothers leather goods at Mary's Tack & Feed are the Rolled Night latch Hand Hold, the Lip Cord Lead, Pony Roping Reins, and a huge variety of brow headstalls, 1-ear headstalls, spurs, spur straps, and western breast collars.

We have a highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable western sales team that can help you find the perfect Schultz Brothers tack for your needs. Having been reached by our very enthusiastic client Joanne we were tasked to create the perfect stable block for her new Arena.

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Create your own and unique mallets It is important to have the proper fit, as a mule head isn't just longer than the average horse, it also has a wider brow.

First know that you shouldn’t be embarrassed if you have trouble sorting out all the different types of bits in your head. Or if you find yourself frustrated and confused when facing the bit wall at the tack store.

In fact, many horse owners get overwhelmed by the range in types of bits available. The first thing is breaking them down to the main types of horse bits based on design.

All bits can be sorted into two main classes based on their overall design and how they govern interaction between your hands and the horse’s mouth. The horse will feel virtually an equal amount of pressure on the mouth as the rider is providing on the reins.

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This means the horse will feel a larger amount of pressure on the mouth than the rider is providing on the reins. Second, the cheek pieces, or the rings to which the reins attach can vary in size.

If it’s large enough bit, it can also touch the roof of the horse’s mouth and act as a signalling mechanism prior to when the horse feels the true onset of pressure. Some force from the reins is lost through this movement and therefore, this makes it easier on the horse’s mouth.

There is a bit of a debate as to how important the type of material is in terms of promoting salivation. Generally, materials that oxidize and rust will promote salivation due to their taste, which horses may prefer.

However, the skill of the rider’s hands on the horse should also promote relaxation of the jaw. The horse will naturally then chew at the bit and salivate regardless of the material.

I’ve created this quick list for you so you can choose which type will be right for you! This will limit friction and keep your horse’s mouth lubricated and healthy.

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They are preferentially used in Western riding because the fact that they oxidize makes them lose their luster. The main purpose of copper is to promote salivation which lubricates to prevent sores.

Pure copper bits generally are mid- to low-range in price and have relatively low durability compared to steel. They are made with silicon or zinc and have a golden color to them which makes them popular for use as dressage bits.

Thus copper inlays or other metals are often added in order to increase salivation. Rubber, plastics and nylons These are usually the thicker and more flexible types of horse bits, although you can get them with a steel core to increase stiffness.

The thickness reduces the bite of the bit and makes it softer and gentler on the mouth. These features promote chewing which will activate the salivary glands and keep your horse’s mouth moist and healthy.

These bits are usually cheaper, but they don’t last very long because many horses can chew through them quickly. Nickel combinations with steel, zinc and brass are fairly common.

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Check out this chart form Horse Journal for a better breakdown of nickel combinations of you are interested. Switching to a curb bit is usually done with older, more experienced horses.

Always ask yourself whether you are trying to achieve a quick fix to a problem in your horse’s training by getting a curb bit rather than putting in the extra work. Then again, you also don’t want to be controlled by your horse, being pulled around and risking your safety for years on end.

Trainer Jeff Spencer states here, perhaps with come controversy, that just because you’ve chosen a curb bit doesn’t mean you’ve failed horribly or are being cruel to your horse. Many cowboys like curb bits because they only have one hand with which to try and control their horse’s movements.

The extreme bite on your horse’s mouth can cause damage if there isn’t enough lubrication. This is also another reason why sweet iron bits are popular in Western riding.

If you do switch to a curb bit, I would do it gradually and give your horse a chance to get used to it. Start very light because getting harsh quickly will be jarring for your horse and could result in a bad reaction and compromise your safety.

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A good way to do this is to start with a softer leather curb strap and shorter shanks. I really hope this post was helpful and will serve as a quick guide for you next time you need a refresher on the different types of bits.

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