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• Thursday, 12 November, 2020
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SOUTH TEXAS TACK STT Single Buckle Slide Ear Horse Headstall Heavy Oiled slide ear headstall available exclusively from South Texas Tack. This is a straight cheek headstall that has Latino tie ends and single buckle adjustment.

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The tight weave of this saddle blanket adds strength and durability. PROFESSIONAL CHOICEProfessional's Choice Cowboy Spur The 1-inch band has engraved German silver trim and floral buttons.

The Bomb is made from 100% nylon and handles great in hot weather conditions. This rope delivers tons of body and tip despite having a small diameter.

This boot has a stabilizing bar that rests gently at the heel bulb and prevents rotation. This boot uses high quality Iconoclast construction and design to give your horse overreach and shoe protection.

ICONOCLASTIconoclast Orthopedic Hind Sport Medicine Boots for Horses Support, stabilize, lift, and cradle the hind lower leg with Iconoclasts Orthopedic Sport Boots. This boot provides unparalleled lateral support thanks to the patented double sling straps.

This boot reduces joint restriction and interference, while providing 360 degrees of balanced nonrestrictive support. It is designed to fit the hind lower legs and to protect them from soft tissue damage.

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The double sling straps are patented and provide unparalleled 360 degree lateral support. The lower leg is lifted and cradled while joint restriction and interference is reduced.

This boot provides balanced support to the soft tissue of the equine lower limb. ICONOCLASTFront Iconoclast Orthopedic Sport Boots The Iconoclast Orthopedic sport boot is a non-restrictive devise that allows full range of motion while cradling and supporting the soft tissue of the lower limb.

This orthopedic sport boot provides 360 degree support and protection to the suspensory and sesamoid regions. Whether you're a cowboy working on the ranch or training and showing horses, we're sure to have the perfect tack for you.

From clinches to bridle sets, South Texas Tack has you covered with our wide range of horse tack online and in our store. Some of our horse tack items are even handmade in our saddle shop and can be made to order.

Browse our Western horse tack to stock up on all the essentials today! To read more about our products and the latest in all things tack, request a catalog today.

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During these 22 years we focused on constant development to fulfill the riders’ needs for the highest quality equestrian equipment. Thus, we established cooperation based on distribution with then rising, and now the most recognizable equestrian clothing and horse riding equipment producers.

For years, we have been the only distributor of Sam shield, Various, Prestige Italia, or Chinese’s equestrian vests in Poland. Instead of looking for brick and mortar equestrian shops in London or New York, and going shopping after work, when you are tired and would rather spend that time with your beloved horse, you can choose from the wide range of products offered on-line.

Bishop delivers right to your computer or mobile devices, which gives you the comfort of shopping from your own stable. Our store offers a wide range of the highest quality products with international shipping.

Besides clothing and horse equipment, we also offer tack products that come very handy in everyday equestrian life. Zorro is the premier online shop for all of your favorite tack and horse care brands and products.

Whether you are shopping for your companion in the pasture or are gearing up for dressage, barrel racing, or eventing, we are here to serve all of your horse care supplies and equipment needs. Enjoy an easy, straightforward shopping experience, including the best, most transparent prices, simple shipping & return policies, and outstanding customer service -- all backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

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We believe all horse owners deserve a great place to shop for their horse tack, supplies, and equipment, no matter their riding style, breed preferences, or part of the country. If you are looking for low price saddles and other equestrian equipment, you’ve come to the right place.

We are proud of our reputation for offering the highest quality saddles and equipment and are dedicated to supplying the best possible merchandise at the lowest possible price. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable about all areas of riding and horses, and we know what riders need.

John & Sue have always loved horses and enjoy a fascination with tack and equine products. Sue's was voted best tack shop in Saline County in 2006 and is one of Arkansas' largest tack stores.

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