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Horseback Racing is one of the ancient entertainment for human beings that remain to exist as the same spirit in modern civilization. The people are using horses as a matter of honor, pride, strength, courage, and speed.

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In the modern era, horse racing developed from a diversion of the leisure class into a huge public-entertainment business. A well-recorded data regarding sire(Father) and dam(mother) performance in racing and breeding history should be maintained and well known to you.

The most prominent racehorse in the world is Thoroughbred that originated in England during the 17th century by breeding a native mare with Arabian, Barb, and Turk man stallion. They are bigger than their oriental forebears, with long legs, muscular and robust body, short back, deep chest, broad head, and larger nostrils.

There may be a presence of white markings in the face, head, legs, and body. The characteristics of the quarter horse are a healthy well-muscled body, small, short, and refined head, broad chest, and powerful and rounded hindquarters.

The most common color of quarter breed horse is chestnut, gray, bay, palomino, brown and black. The alternate name of the breed is Trotter Pacer which is originated in the United States of America.

In addition to harness racing, the standard bred is used for a variety of equestrian qualities- including horse show and pleasure riding particularly in mid-western and eastern United States and southern Ontario. The Standard bred typically weighs between 800 and 1000 lbs and a wide range of height from 56 to 68 inches.

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They have characteristics of a long body, well-muscled, solid legs, powerful shoulder and hindquarters in some cases heavier than the thoroughbred. The American paint horse is highly popular and known for their marking and excellent color, intelligence, and unique refinement makes most favorite.

The color is bay, chestnut, black, palomino, gray, buckskin, and blue roan. The two dominant coat patterns of the Paint horse, the over, and Tobago are distinguished by the position of the white coloring on the body.

Appaloosa is well familiar for western competition(reining, cutting, roping), Look-see sports (Barrel racing and pole bending), and English disciplines (evening, fox hunting, and show jumping) Andalusian is a pure Spanish Horse that originated in the Iberian Peninsula where its ancestors lived for thousands of years.

The average height ranges from 61 to 65 inches and body weight from 450 t0 500 kg which is a well known medium horse. Andalusian is intelligent, docile, and calm horses that’s why widely used in school riding.

Due to easy train ability, athletes, and recent performance in Olympic, Andalusian is the original dressage horse. American Miniature horse has very lengthy and angled shoulders, long and flexible neck, well-formed forearms, wide-set eyes, large nostrils, pointed ears, and a well muscular developed body.

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The American Miniature is gentle and friendly, curious, and playful horses so you can keep it as a pet for children. They are widely used in horse shows including halter, in-hand hunter and jumper, driving, liberty, costume, obstacle or trial classes, and showmanship.

Akhil Take is the reputed horse breed for intelligence, endurance, and metallic sheen which originated in Turkmenistan where they are the national emblem. Akhil Take is a medium horse that ranges from 58 to 63 inches and well known for a golden color.

They are characterized by a straight head, almond-shaped or “hooded eyes,” well muscular body, and glossy skin. Akhil Take horses used around the world have performed well in dressage, showjumping, evening, and the famous racehorse in Russia and Turkmenistan.

Black Forest horses include a dark chestnut coat color with flaxen mane and tail, short head, muscular neck, well laid back shoulder, wide coup, and expansive gaits. The Tennessee Walker has a finely chiseled head, large eyes, short and erect ears, which is 59 to 66 inches in height and 900 to 1200 lbs of body weight.

Tennessee Walker was developed for use in farmland for smooth work but now is equally used in English or Western track or competition racing or show ring or trail. Popularly used in show horses and movies of Television serial Tennessee Walker are favorite as well.

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The standard breed height from 59 to 64 inches and weight ranges from 450 to 500 kg which is most commonly bay, black, and chestnut color. Many countries developed Warm blood horses for riding, drawing wagons, and carriages.

The standard height of French Trotters is 61 to 65 inches and body weight 500 to 650 kg, and they are usually in solid colors like bay, chestnut, or brown. After the racing carrier, the French Trotters are widely used in Remount training for hunts and equestrian sports.

The horse breed first developed in 1735 AD at the state stud cell by the importation of 12 stallions from Holstein. In the above discussion, I have tried to bring all racehorse breeds in one article, and you can take a quick decision with this much information.

The American cowboy and his horse have become icons of the wild west. There are some breeds of horses that lend themselves more naturally to ranch work than others.

The Quarter Horse has secured its place in American history as the iconic symbol of the old west. They can work cows, hold the end of a rope and chase after livestock when asked.

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They are can be quiet enough for the youngest cowboys to ride and quick enough to get things done in a hurry when need to be. The Aqua was formed for solid horses whereas the founding members of the Alpha valued color and performance.

The fact is, many wild mustang herds were formed from ranchers turning out excess stock. Different herds may vary in type depending on what kind of stallions were turned loose in the area, but ranch-type horses are very common.

Mustangs have two great qualities, the ability to navigate rough terrain and the experience traveling long distances on a day-to-day basis. In the wild, mustangs frequently have to travel long distances between food and water.

This helps them to grow accustomed to navigating difficult footing. One of the best ranch horses I ever knew was a purebred Appaloosa stallion.

This horse needed to be versatile enough to do ranch chores by day and pull a buggy by night if he was asked. While not a breed of horse, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the use of mules on the ranch.

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While not every horseman can properly train a mule, their intelligence, sturdiness, and agility make them excellent for use on a working ranch. Mules can work a rope or cut a cow just as good as any other ranch horse.

The job you and your horse do will vary depending on the type of ranch you operate. It all comes down to what you want to accomplish and how much time you are willing to put into training your horse to do those tasks.

Then there are the endurance horse breeds, which crave long-distance competition in open environments with high levels of individuality. Bred in desert environments, there are an estimated 7,000 horses globally n this endurance breed.

The history of the Akhal-Teke horse comes from the local tribes that have called Turkmenistan their home for thousands of years. Their strength and intelligence allows them to be highly competitive and versatile, giving them a sturdiness that can only come from a combination of both horse breeds.

Their lineage is believed to date back for more than 4,000 years, with horses spreading around the world through trade, war, and exploration. Because Arabians were developed in desert environments, their endurance and stamina is virtually unsurpassed in the world today.

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Although dominate white, Fabiano, or Sabine patterns are possible, most Arabians tend to be chestnut, black, bay, or gray. Unlike some other endurance breeds, a Border is relatively calm and laid back with its temperament, almost to the point of a coldblooded horse.

This endurance horse is native to Uruguay, Brazil, and that region of South America. What makes this horse such a great endurance breed is the fact that it has a low basal metabolism.

This allows the horse to be involved in competitive events which last more than a week in duration without the need to have supplemental feed. Due to the conflicts that occurred between the Spaniards and the native population, many of the horses were abandoned or released on purpose.

Many of these feral horses were crossed with Thoroughbreds in the 19th century, which helped to create the modern Criollo breed that is recognized today. Since the 1930s, an emphasis on creating a compact stock horse that was shorter and stronger has been in place.

The Malware horse is a fairly rare breed that originates in the Jodhpur region of India. As for the endurance of this breed, it is believed to originate from the Arabian foundation horses that were crossed with native ponies.

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Strict breeding standards have been in place for it since at least the 12th century, thanks to the efforts of the Cathodes who ruled this region of Indian. Normally used as a war horse, the breed began to deteriorate in the 1930s when a lack of need, combined with poor management, almost wiped it out completely.

This endurance horse was developed exclusively in the United States in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. It was prized for its stock horse qualities, especially for the unique gait that is part of its name.

Like many modern endurance horses, the Arabian influence in its initial foundation helps to give it the upper stamina levels that are needed for such a breed. Their gait creates a smooth ride and allows them to carry an above average amount of weight for their size.

In 1950, another foundation stallion named Old Tone was used to develop the modern Rocky Mountain Horse. Because of the silver dapple gene being prominent in this breed, the unique coat color makes it a highly favorable horse for many purposes, including endurance riding.

These horses are typically feral, living freely in the western United States. The US government will round up herds and sell them to those who can prove they can work with the horse to reduce their destructive tendencies.

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