Best Pet Insurance For Purebred

James Lee
• Thursday, 24 December, 2020
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Or maybe you'd rather gamble on the fact that the chances of your pet getting seriously hurt or sick are relatively slim, and wind up deciding that going sans insurance is worth the perceived risk. That’s a teeny portion of the pet population at large, but a 17% increase in enrollments from the previous year.

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This small-but-growing marketplace is currently inhabited by about a dozen different pet insurance companies, and each insurance plan offers coverage with different perks for different pets and different budgets. We were wondering the same thing, so we decided to go hunt down a bunch of customer reviews and scour providers’ websites for the best values for various needs.

No caps or limits • Thorough coverage at a decent price point A few minor restrictions aside, dog and cat owners would be hard-pressed to find a better bang for their buck. Established in 2009, Healthy Paws offers comprehensive, affordable plans for dogs and cats of all breeds, covering new accidents and illnesses, chronic conditions, surgeries, cancer treatments, alternative and emergency care, prescription medications, and most genetic conditions (save for hip dysplasia, which commonly affects large dogs).

Purebreds are genetically predisposed to certain defects, diseases, and conditions, many of which require major surgeries to remedy. Most insurance plans require filing a claim and waiting for a reimbursement following such procedures, but not Companion.

One of the few plans that covers avian and exotics • Wellness coverage is an option for an extra cost Some reviewers say it sucks • Premiums can increase as your pet ages Avian and exotic owners have few good options when it comes to pet insurance, so it might be worth ignoring some reviewers’ warnings. Avian and exotic owners have few good options for pet insurance, so it might be worth ignoring some reviewers’ warnings.

Price: Coverage starts anywhere from $12 to $20 based on the pet’s species and other factors Enrollment: Enrolls exotic pets and birds 3 months and older; no upper age limit for eligibility Underwritten: National Casualty Company Available for most birds, rabbits, reptiles, and other exotic pets, Nationwide covers accidents, illnesses, exams, lab fees, prescriptions, X-rays, surgeries, prescription meds, and hospitalizations at the licensed vet of your choice, with a 14-day waiting period after the policy effective date for accidents and illness.

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Nationwide tends to be hit or miss among reviewers, racking up its fair share of complaints for shoddy customer service, slow reimbursements, and frequently denied claims. No lifetime limits • Exam fees are covered for an additional fee • Discount offered for every year you don’t make a claim Coverage for ligament and disc problems requires a 12-month waiting period A flexible, solid pick if the vet is basically your second home.

Price: Cats start at $26/month and dogs start at $32/month Enrollment: Enrolls pets 8 weeks and older; no upper age limit for eligibility Underwriters: The New Hampshire Insurance Company (CHIC) and Independence American Insurance Company (IAC) Inspired by its co-founder’s decision to put down his dog, Pettiest aims to offer its policyholders quality medical care without burdening them with massive bills in times of stress.

It offers a variety of different coverage types to the best suit your budget and your pet’s needs, which range in annual benefits from $2,000 to $10,000. Its three most popular plans have no per-incident or lifetime limits, have a $250 deductible, aren’t based on a schedule of benefits, and have a reimbursement rate of 80%.

Reviewers seem pleased overall with Pettiest’s options, although owners with generally healthy pets (i.e., those without chronic conditions) found it somewhat pointless. Reimburses at 100% • Helpful companion app with bonus social tools Slightly more expensive than other plans • Company hasn’t been around for very long An industry newbie that’s already making waves for its high-tech approach to pet ownership.

Price: Cats start around $28/month and dogs start around $50/month (plans average out to less than $1.50/day, according to Fig) Enrollment: Enrolls pets 6 weeks and older; no upper age limit for eligibility Underwritten: Market Specialty Insurance Company Designed to simplify modern pet owners’ lives, Fig uses a borderline ingenious cloud-based app to streamline all of its offerings.

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This Fig Pet Cloud includes an AI assistant that can help you file claims electronically and access a live vet 24/7. The less expensive plans cover accidents and illnesses with annual limits of $10,000 and $14,000, while the most expensive plan offers unlimited coverage on things like cancer treatments, exam fees for a covered injury/illness, chronic conditions, hereditary issues like hip dysplasia, and prescriptions.

It was actually a lot better deal than the other companies, which makes me slightly nervous, but I read several great reviews online. I really enjoy the peace of mind it gives me, especially considering one vet visit with some x-rays and prescriptions for an NSAID and nausea medication came out to over $300.” Click here to get a free quote.

From its humble beginnings as a business school project, Embrace has turned into a robust pet insurance company that’s helped hundreds of thousands of pets. It features the pet insurance marketplace’s only diminishing annual deductible (you can shave off $50 for every year you go without a claim), giving you an incentive to sign up your pet while they’re young.

It also offers its policyholders optional Wellness Rewards in the form of $250, $450, or $640 annual allowances that can be used for check-ups, vaccinations, microchipping, toenail trims, anal gland expression, and other services not covered by insurance. Pet plan is also one of the few pet insurance companies that offers coverage for non-routine dental exams and periodontal diseases, which is a *must* for older pets.

Pet plan also allows you to treat your older pup or cat to acupuncture, chemotherapy, stem cell therapy, and more at no extra cost so long as the treatment is administered by a licensed vet. Like Healthy Paws and Embrace, a Pet plan plan offers 70% to 90% reimbursement of your total vet bill and lets you customize your deductible (anywhere from $100 to $2,500).

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Sign up to get Personal Finance Insider's newsletter in your inbox » According to the ASPCA, the annual cost of owning a dog or cat is around $700 to $1,000 per year.

To assess the bestpetinsurance providers, we looked at cost, levels of coverage, types of policies available, and other key factors. Pricing will vary based on your pet and location.

In addition to its foundation work, the ASPCA offers pet health insurance plans that do a great job of balancing price and benefits. The maximum coverage and lowest deductibles led to a quote of $62.93 per month for our sample dog.

For comparison's sake, the same plan for a purebred golden retriever would be $86.11 per month. ASPCA pet insurance includes coverage for accidents, dental disease, behavioral issues, illnesses, and hereditary conditions.

Noteworthy exclusions include pre-existing conditions and preventive care. What to watch out for: Pre-existing conditions and preventive care are not included in the Complete Coverage plan and require an extra monthly cost.

Healthy Paws pet insurance earns high marks from customers and covers pets with no per-incident, annual, or lifetime caps. That takes away the financial risk of surgeries, cancer treatments, and other high-cost care.

For a medium-sized, mixed-breed dog (31 to 59 pounds), costs start at $24.77 per month for 70% reimbursement and a $500 deductible. Policies specifically include illnesses, accidents, hereditary conditions, cancer, prescription medications, emergency care, imaging and testing, surgery, hospitalization, and other treatments.

What to watch out for: Exclusions for pre-existing conditions, preventive treatment, spay/neuter procedures, and fees charged by your doctor for office visits or exams. Plans specifically cover accidents, illnesses, testing, surgery, treatment, hospitalization, and alternative therapies.

They also cover hereditary conditions, dental and gum disease, behavioral issues, sick visit exam fees, microchips, and prescription dog food in some cases. If you have more than one dog or cat, additional pets receive a 10% discount.

What to watch out for: Preventive care requires an additional monthly cost. For a mixed-breed dog between 8 weeks and 1-year-old, basic coverage starts at $18.73 per month.

Companionway accident and illness coverage includes allergies, broken bones, diagnostics, toxic ingestion, medications, physical therapy, surgery, and hospital stays. Pre-existing conditions, physical exams, cosmetic, and preventive care are not included.

What to watch out for: Many types of care are à la carte and require an add-on subscription. This saves money for people who would skip those extra options but can lead to a more expensive policy for those who want everything available.

It takes about two minutes to sign up and print your pet's discount card. Discounted treatments include dental exams, dental cleanings, X-rays, spay/neuter procedures, routine care, cancer care, hospitalization, well- pet visits, surgery, allergy treatment, illness, injury, parasite screenings, and more.

What to watch out for: Discount plans don't make any payments toward your pet's care. While your monthly payments are a lot lower than traditional pet insurance, the benefits are limited to discounts.

A quote for a medium, mixed-breed dog with a $0 deductible led to a monthly cost of $140.91. Exclusions include pre-existing conditions, preventive care, exam fees, vaccinations, and other treatments.

Nationwide also offers pet insurance policies with no age limits for older pets. Nationwide offers coverage for dogs, cats, birds, and some exotic pets.

Major Medical coverage runs $35.78 per month and includes accidents, illnesses, cancer, and some hereditary conditions. The expanded Major Medical with Wellness plan costs $53.78 per month and adds on vaccinations, flea and heartworm preventive treatments, blood tests, and urine tests.

The highest-end Whole Pet with Wellness plan runs $109.55 per month and adds on coverage for spay/neuter procedures, alternative treatments, prescription diets, and behavioral treatments. There is no age limit for pets on Nationwide insurance policies.

To earn a top spot on the list, insurers or discount-plan providers had to offer quality plans at competitive prices. Here are some other plans to consider that could still be a good fit for your needs, but come from smaller providers or those that were not quite as competitive for pricing, terms, or other conditions.

This product launched on July 15, 2021 in 33 states and aims to offer an easy online experience for pet insurance. Personal Finance Insider's mission is to help smart people make the best decisions with their money.

We understand that best is often subjective, so in addition to highlighting the clear benefits of a financial product, we outline the limitations, too. We spent hours comparing and contrasting the features and fine print of various products, so you don't have to.

We combed through hundreds of online reviews to understand what pet owners are looking for in insurance, and what they do and don't like about their pet insurance providers. We also compared pricing and options from pet insurance providers of all sizes to determine which companies offer the most coverage for your dollar.

Pet insurance is a type of health insurance for the furry members of your family. Like personal health insurance policies, most require a monthly premium that is paid regardless of whether your pet needs medical treatment.

Costs over that deductible are split between you and your insurer based on the policy's terms. Many policies require your pet to be at least 8 weeks old and under 14 years old, but there are many exceptions to the rules around age.

According to a report from the Washington Post, both dog and cat insurance is worthwhile if your pet needs a high level of care. Insurance guarantees a certain minimum cost, but it can save you a lot of money in the long-run if your pet is ever seriously ill or injured.

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