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Later on, the manufacturers come out with a single-piece design, which removed these errors. Because the U.S. Army wasn’t satisfied with the products already on the market, they put together a team which should develop a better mounting solution for all kind of optics and accessories. This is the rail we know it today, and it was designed in conjunction with weapons specialists like Aim point, Beretta, Colt firearms, FN Herstal, and Heckler & Koch.

picatinny weaver vs rails systems base
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Whatsoever, the following rifles have the same dimension of the receiver, so the same Pica tinny rail fits them all: ERA-TAC is a tactical line of products from the company Rectangle, which is well known for their high-quality hunting mounts and accessories.

It comes in bubble wrap packaging, with mounting screws and a Torn L-key. In our comparison, only ERA-TAC and Contest had the Torn/hex key included, which is a small benefit if you want to mount the rail on the rifle alone.

The finish is black anodized for great wear resistance. The edges of the rail are nicely rounded, and throughout the entire length, a rounded groove is cut out in the middle to provide a good aiming possibility for iron sights.

The bestPicatinnyrails for Remington 700 style actions The second rail we had is from the Italian manufacturer Contest. Also, this Pica tinny rail is not an exception since it has one of the nicest looking finish.

The finish is a more glossy matte black and has great wear resistance. On the bottom side, the inclination is engraved, in our case 0 Moas, and an arrow for the mounting direction.

tikka scope t3 mounts
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They produce optic mounts, rails, bipeds, moderators, and many more. Whatsoever, because it is made of aluminum, the finish can get more quickly damaged if you put the optic often on and off the rail.

The rail comes in a small plastic box, with screws and mounting instructions included. LAW is one of the oldest manufacturers of rifle scope mounts on the planet.

It is made of steel, and the finish is a brighter black compared to other products. I don’t think this has some pros and cons, but it sure looks nice on a luxury rifle.

The edges are all nicely rounded, and all the surfaces where the mount touches the rail are very smooth. Between the bulges, there are light traces of the milling tool, but this doesn’t affect the quality of the mounting.

On the entire length is a rounded groove cut out in the middle to provide a good aiming possibility for iron sights, in-depth very similar to ERA-TAC. All other manufacturers have 2 higher surfaces where the rail gets mounted on the receiver of the rifle.

grips ar rails fortis switch rail tactical system ready mount mission weapon
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LAW, on the other hand, has the smaller radius of the front mounting surface milled through the entire length, until the surface rises for the rear part of the receiver. Between the bulges on the upper side, there is also an LAW logo engraved in the rail.

There is also a 20 MOA rail available from this manufacturer, and both come packaged in a thick plastic foil with mounting screws included. Like previously said, ERA-TAC is a German manufacturer of high-quality mounts and other rifle accessories.

This rail is made of high-grade aluminum, so it is extremely durable and resistant to hits and other influences. Exactly the same as on the steel rail, it has a roundly milled inner surface through the entire length, to provide good aiming capability with iron sights.

It weighs only 37 grams, which you won’t even notice on the rifle when mounted. Also in this packaging, the Torn key and the mounting screws are included.

But whatsoever, we think that the quality and materials of the rails used are the same, so the only difference is in the length and weight. Rusan-Micron is a Croatian company that started to produce products under their name in the year 2005.

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Whatsoever, they produce very high-quality gun parts like muzzle brakes, triggers, firing pins, and many more. The finish of the rail is really shiny and smooth, and there are no traces of a milling tool.

Susan has the biggest cut-out in the middle of the rail, through the entire length, for great visibility of the iron sights. What stays are bulges on both sides of the rail, and the material in the middle is removed.

The company is called Appear and is specialized in the production of high-quality mounts, muzzle brakes, Picatinnyrails, and some other accessories. In the box are mounting screws, and the Pica tinny rail that is made of steel.

On the upper side, the rail looks very similar to the Susan rail, since, through the entire length, the middle part is milled out for the best view of the iron sights. This cut-out is more precisely made than on the Susan rail since you can’t notice any difference in height.

The edges on the upper side of the bulges are all chambered and not rounded like on other rails. The edges on the bulges on the 45 degrees part are, on the other hand, not chambered, and because of that a little sharp on the touch.

ruger rifle precision bipod rail accessories mount picatinny bipods bp01 rr
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The quality of all rails is on a very high level, but they differ in the design and a little in functionality. The main difference between the rails is in the materials used and on the surface finish.

We want to thank the Optics-Trade online shop for providing and enabling us to test these 8 Picatinnyrails. This comparison was made because of our own interest in optics, mounts, and accessories, and provides an objective opinion of tested Picatinnyrails.

Lots of AR-15 Uppers (And Hand guards)We’ll help with decisions such as going drop-in vs free-float or Named vs MILK. By the end, you’ll know the best hand guard to get for your specific purpose and budget.

Steiner DEAL with Unity TAPS on a STN GR Hand guard MILK (L) vs Named (R), LuckyGunner It used to be personal preference but recently SITCOM (US Special Operations Command) released their results of testing.

And MILK is the clear winner due to much better impact test results. BCM-15-MLOK-Rail Free-floating hand guards give you an accuracy advantage since it doesn’t contact the barrel…so your hand position and extra gadgets such as bipeds don’t affect barrel harmonics.

benelli m2 tactical shotguns defense hiconsumption
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Install was standard and there’s some strong feeling anti-rotation tabs built into the hand guard. However after a bunch of mags I found that it was fine (unless you have really thin fingers).

Plus there’s sometimes some blemished versions, so you can save even more if you don’t care to have a “perfect” rail. Readers' Ratings *Update* The lesser-railed LCN has become the basis of our night vision build (after a little paint job).

Unity Taps System on STN GR Land we love it…the slick upper side makes it easy to mount buttons. There’s the HWK hand guard which gives a more aggressive “prong-ed” look and the ability to add a light/laser to the bottom with the included rail.

I personally like the look of the Cyclops more, but the Gecko is probably the more useful one to maintain a good grip. I love how it saves weight by not having a full Pica tinny rail on top.

Note that the top where the rail would have been is rounded so if you’re thinking of putting a pressure pad for lights…you’re out of luck. Only negative about the Aero hand guards is that sometimes (especially after a seasonal sales) they are out of stock for a while.

ruger pc9 carbine 9mm pc sights alloutdoor thefirearmblog accuracy frank
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This lightweight hand guard includes a full Pica tinny rail on top. I’ve been using the older version of this (non MILK) for years as my primary competition rifle hand guard.

But still a great hand guard if you’re looking to save a little and still keep the full top rail. If you’re needing lots of Pica tinny real estate…the perennial favorite YAM has got you covered.

Combined with a pencil 14.5 barrel…this AR was nearing 5 lb territory. But keep in mind that you won’t be able to add anything to it…and since it is cylindrical all the way through…you’re going to have a harder time bracing against barriers.

As you guessed from the name…this hand guard combines MILK attachments throughout with Pica tinny compatibility at the front sides. I’m using it for my newest AR-15 precision build with a fluted 18 Saxon barrel.

I’ve seen them around a lot in competitions but either didn’t like the look, feel, or price combination. Many of them come in two pieces, which are placed on the gun and are screwed together to prevent the need to take off the barrel.

idf plate carrier armour bulletproof masada vest vests carriers
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You shouldn’t need to make any modifications to your AR-15 when installing a new drop-in hand guard, and since they’ve got a relatively simplistic design, they’re usually cheaper than their free float counterparts. First off, if you’re looking for a fancy hand guard with extra frills, the Magnum MOE MILK isn’t for you.

Despite its simplistic design, the MILK has slots on its 2, 6, and 10-o’clock positions where you can mount an optional Pica tinny rail system. The drop-in version is MILK compatible and available in a couple gas system lengths.

Attachment system sucks (too heavy, too many screws, etc) Doesn’t align correctly to the upper receiver Pica tinny rails are not mil-spec (stuff doesn’t fit onto them) I have a box of holsters and cheapo rails now that sit in the back of my shed.

And if you’re just getting into guns and are in the beginning stages of learning about the AR-15, you might want to check out our comprehensive AR-15 guide.

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