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David Lawrence
• Monday, 11 January, 2021
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Premier Walks Through 12' Panel Gray 2 available at San Marcos Premier Ride Through 6' Bow Gate Gray Not stocked in store.

(Source: www.wirefence.com.au)


6' Tarmac Ride Through Corral Gate Green with Chain Connectors Not stocked in store. 12' Tarmac Walk Through Corral Gate Green with Chain Connectors Not stocked in store.

This item is not sold online but in your local Home Depot store. To determine availability and pricing you will need to localize the item online by using a zip code.

Unfortunately, if you are unable to see the store inventory, then it’s most likely not a stocked item in your area. You may also want to call or stop by your local Home Depot store and talk to one of our professionals.

It appears we do not have an accurate time frame for when the Been Country 12 ft. × 5 ft. Corral Panel, Greens will be back in stock. Once it is back in stock the price will be displayed on the page for the item.

This item is currently Back order Ineligible, and we have no eta for inventory. There is a chance this unit can come back in stock in the future, and to get notifications, please enter your email in the “notify me” part on the items page.

gate panel livestock coated powder gauge galvanized round sheep duty tube canada america
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Your local Home Depot Store might be able to do a Special Order for you directly to the vendor, please speak with a local, in store associate. It appears we do not have an accurate time frame for when the Been Country 12 ft. × 5 ft. Corral Panel, Greens will be back in stock.

Once it is back in stock the price will be displayed on the page for the item. OK Corrals, Stalls, Fencing, Doors, Horse Stalls, Equine Equipment made of steel, galvanized, aluminum for Farm and Ranch for Horses, arenas and Barns in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, CaliforniaStall Fronts are built using a 2" x 2" galvanized steel square stock for the frame and 1 3/8” tubing for the grill.

Need a Custom Design or Made to Fit Corral, Stall, Gate or Door? You and your horse will appreciate the superior powder coated steel construction and simple, thoughtful design.

With a length of 6’-9” (in the folded position), these portable corral panels store neatly in your trailer for travel. Each folding panel has three legs providing excellent stability which makes it super easy for one person to set up.

The latch secures both the top and bottom of the panel for superior stability on any surface. The leg at the end of the panel will hold the gate in position as you gather your horse.

hurdles cattle galvanized 6ft goat sheep bars
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Number of panels Inside Diameter of Panacea in Square feet26'-9”45 ft²311'-8”117 ft²416'-3”218 ft²520'-8”347 ft²625'505 ft²729'-5”692 ft²833'-9”908 ft²938'-1”1152 ft²1042'-5”1425 ft² Durability, Performance and Security Portable horse corrals come in a number of designs but none compare to Hi-Hog’s when it comes to durability, performance and security.

Materials such as aluminum, light walled nominal dimension steel, and even plastics are used to produce some portable horse corrals. Durability, performance and security are at the core of Hi-Hog’s simple and thoughtful portable horse panel design.

Each panel is constructed with heavy duty 1.5” OD, 60,000 psi high tensile steel tubing and is then given a protective industrial grade, hunter green, powder coat paint finish for a long life. The large loops provide lots of room for aligning and connecting your panels ; even on uneven terrain.

Enjoy simple, quick and secure installation of any pen configuration you require. Plan No.# of Panels # of Posts# of passingly Pen Area Panels /Pen1401181 ft²42401218 ft²43722181 ft²3.541254181 ft²35271410181 ft²2.76601505 ft²671122504 ft²5.58601469 ft²691122469 ft²5.5101964469 ft²4.751135148469 ft²4.375Hi-Hog’s portable horse corral is the perfect answer for those looking for temporary penning for their pony, horse, or llama.

Original engine and transmission professionally rebuilt. View pictures personal cattle ranch sale, 20 plus years' accumulation.

Protect and contain your livestock with this 0059-7 Max 50 Feedlot 10-Line Cattle Fence Panel. The feedlot panel is perfect for keeping cattle, pigs, goats, and other livestock or animals fenced in.

The feedlot panel fence is lightweight and flexible, so it is easy to maneuver. With one piece welded steel construction, this panel is extremely sturdy and sag resistant, making it the perfect low-maintenance, high-quality feedlot panel.

SpecificationDescriptionProduct Weight35 lb. Product Length16 ft. Animal CompatibilityLivestockAnimal TypeCattleCountry of OriginImportedFencing StyleFeedlotFencing TypeFeedlotMaterialSteelProduct Height50 in. Shop Bulk DiscountManufacturer Part Number 0059-7 Rated 5 out of 5 by John the Chicken Farmer from Good product works as it shoulder sturdy and well-built.

I should have double-checked on much I needed, bought 25 and got the discount. Date published: 2020-12-30 Rated 5 out of 5 by Cookouts from Product as expected far so good.

Work very good to keep animals from testing the philosophy of “The grass is always greener on the other side”Date published: 2020-12-20 Please contact TS at 877-718-6750 Monday – Saturday 7am-9pm CST for more information regarding measurements.

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