Best Place To See Andalusian Horses In Spain

Danielle Fletcher
• Thursday, 26 November, 2020
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We will have a car and want to see Natural beauty and horses. We will have just finished a 10-day tour of Morocco and will need to relax before our journey to France.

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I also read that Jerez is the place where flamenco started. One of the best drives in Spain is from Azalea, which has a natural park, to Ronda.

Ronda is probably the most beautiful white town we have in Andalusia. Hemingway said it was the most romantic town in Spain.

The region’s rugged landscape and beautiful beaches also make it a great spot for a riding holiday, so read on to discover the coolest horse-riding hotels in Andalusia. Boasting a spectacular location on an unblemished white beach in Tariff, the southernmost point of mainland Europe, Hotel Hurricane offers some of the best riding holidays in Andalusia.

The hotel’s excursions are for riders of all skill levels, and include a spectacular route into the uninhabited expanses of Donna, one of Spain ’s most beautiful natural parks. Horse-riders staying at this old farmhouse near Jerez can take lessons with Anglo Rodríguez, the finest practitioner in Spain of Dome Vaquero, a style of horsemanship used in the rearing of fighting bulls.

Also offered to guests at El Terrill II are a range of gentle hacks out into the surrounding countryside, as well as riding lessons and equipment rental. And when it’s time to kick back after a day’s convoying or compiling, the hotel’s superb facilities include a private pool, beautiful gardens and terraces and hunting lodge-style lounges decorated with old riding gear.

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Watch choreographed routines ranging from classical dressage to carriage driving and dome vaquero, which traces its roots to traditional cattle herding techniques. This ‘How the AndalusianHorses Dance’ show is held at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, in the historic center of Jerez.

Foundation Real Estela Andalusia del ARTE Chester, Avenida del Tuque de Abrantes 11, 11407 Jerez de la Frontera Spain Make your way to the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art and present your voucher for admission. The shows vary with the day, using between six and eight styles of choreography that features different parts of the Andalusian riding tradition.

See dome vaquero, based on techniques honed by traditional cattle herders, or watch the exquisite precision of classical dressage, as horses execute maneuvers such as “the colts,” “airs on horseback,” “pas DE DEU,” “passage and Pfeiffer,” and more. In displays of carriage driving, horses don a classical harness to demonstrate the old-fashioned art, and in “work in hand,” the horses follow commands to carry out classical Hate Cole dressage exercises.

And in the coordinated carousel maneuver, horses and riders work together for a grand finale in the center of the arena. When the show concludes, you’ll be in the heart of Jerez, close to some of the city’s top historic sites, cafés, and destinations.

Foundation Real Estela Andalusia del ARTE Chester Each show consists of between six and eight different choreographed, with the same degree of difficulty and entertainment value and scheduled by the school according to the following repertoire; Dome Vaquero; a demonstration of the skills of this Spanish riding discipline based on traditional cattle herding.

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Classical dressage; 'The Colts', 'Airs on Horseback', 'Pas de Deux' “Passage and Piaf fer”, “Domino on Horseback”, “Airs above the ground” and “Fantasy”, are just a few of the choreographed which make up the repertoire of the performance. Horses carry out advanced equestrian exercises to pieces of classical music that accompany them while they perform in the arena Carriage driving; horses also demonstrate their abilities by drawing carriages.

These horse-drawn carriages were originally used for transport but are now relegated to sport and exhibitions, using classical harness and driven by coachmen, who dexterously demonstrate this exciting skill. Work in hand; The horse also obeys its rider even when the horseman is not in the saddle by carrying out classical Hate Cole dressage exercises such as evades, caprioles, courgettes, giraffe (between pillars), the Spanish walk and long reins.

Confirmation will be received within 48 hours of booking, subject to availability It is essential to present your printed receipt at the ticket office. The purchase of tickets for performances is exclusively by category (according to price), without any right to select either row or seat number.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to film, record or take any photographs unless you are an authorized professional, nor may you enter the grounds with any bottles, cans, animals or any other objects which the management considers unsuitable. For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience.

Even though we had to sit separately due to COVID-19 rule, it was a good experience and the horses were lovely and exceptionally trained. Site would not allow cancellation even though it promised refund up to 24 hours before show.

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Complete experience was so good especially for children to be able to view horses and site before entering arena. Well worth the visit.and gave us time in the afternoon to visit the town and surrounding areas.

We'll reserve your spot today, and you can cancel up to two days* before your experience without making a payment. If you want to explore landscapes so varied that range from large mountains to extensive plains on horseback, you will be able to book all kinds of experiences such as trips sleeping in equestrian inns, taking a carriage ride in the countryside, or simply signing up for a beginner’s course.

You’ll fall in love with Andalusia, with landscapes ranging from the Donna National Park, passing through dunes and pine forests, to Sierra Nevada, with a tour of the highest peaks on the Peninsula. We also recommend the Ebro Delta for trotting on horseback between rice fields or the Sierra de Gredos if you prefer inland areas.

To the north, the Pyrenees and the Picks de Europa are perfect for contemplating countryside landscapes. You could also have a unique experience riding a horse on one of Europe’s largest networks of cattle trails –while admiring the passage of bulls, cows and sheep guided by their cowboys– or complete a historic itinerary such as the Via DE la Plate.

One of the most beautiful examples of these is the Came de Cavalls Nature Path: 185 kilometers amidst turquoise coves, forests and cliffs bordering the island of Minor ca. The different equestrian tourism associations and companies organize routes that can last from one hour to several days, depending on your riding experience, with adapted inns (with stables), experienced guides and a team of riders, veterinarians and farriers.

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Equestrian show, Passion and Spirit of the Andalusian Horse © Tourism de Córdoba However, it was in the 16th century that King Philip II decided to build the Royal Stables of Córdoba and obtain a new breed of “perfect horses ”.

Centuries later, you can visit these stables yourself to see the equestrian show “Passion y Dense Del Cabal lo Analog” (Passion and Spirit of the Andalusian Horse) at dusk. Also in Andalusia, the city of Jerez offers shows by the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art.

In fact, there are numerous festivals organized all over Spain, where you can see riders in typical costumes and magnificent horses, such as the Pilgrimage of El Rocco in Huelva, the Festival of the Horse in Jerez de la Frontera, the Ballad in Athena, the horse races on the beach in Singular de Barrameda, the Sent Joan festivities in Menorca, etc. SPORTS AND ADVENTURE EXPERIENCES Choose between thousands of activities to live your best life on holiday.

The reason behind these small numbers is that historically, these breeds were the warhorse of choice due to their speed, strength and agility combined with a kind disposition. Andalusian horses are a huge part of Spain ´s history, the traditional working riding discipline of Dome Vaquero “cowboy training” originates from the use of horses to herd aggressive fighting bulls on countryside ranches, something which is still done today, proof that these horses are still an integral and ubiquitous aspect of Spanish history and life.

So, as any self-respecting horse-lover like myself would do, my first expedition on arriving to Andalusia was not to lie on the beach and bake, but to seek out the nearest herd of horses and see if I was allowed to get on one. I was lucky enough to find a small trekking company in the hills of Casarabonela, a charming pueblo about 60 km outside of Malaga surrounded by mountains and the promise of adventure.

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If my memory serves me right, I believe the horses were a mix of Andalusian's and Lusitania but each one a very beautiful specimen of Iberian equine pedigree. I had never ridden Western before, but I was assured that the horses would obediently and expertly deliver me up the mountain side without much need for guidance, leaving me to soak up the amazing views, dodge low-hanging branches and try to stay in the saddle.

The experience was like being dropped into a Wild Western film, nothing but fields of scrub and flora, clusters of white dots and the beauty of the Spanish countryside at it's most luscious. After all that commotion we slowly wound our way to Carratraca, we passed mountain homes carved out of the rock walls and the mystical blue lakes at Ar dales and El Churro.

We landed in Carratraca about four hours later and stuffed our ravenous, sweaty faces with refreshing tomato and onion tapas while the horses cooled down and rested in the shade of the palm trees and drank water from troughs. If you are a confident rider a good trekking business will give you fun horses to ride, lots of galloping and breathtaking views.

We live near Denial, Alicante and for my partners birthday in late August I want to drive south visiting Granada and on to Seville. She loves horses and a visit to seeAndalusianhorses would be great, maybe a very gentle ride too.

She fell off a Spanish horse 5 years ago and broke her back, A full recovery but nervous about proper riding. Thinking of spending 2 weeks travelling, possibly could borrow a friends small camper van with no amenities, never used me before, so may drive and stay in hotels/accommodation.

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I have no idea whether the horses are actually Andalusian or whether there are reputable riding outfits, but you might want to check it out. If you drive there, do be careful -- the road into the gorge had a lot of switchbacks and blind curves with few (if any) guard rails and (at that time) at least one absolutely crazy bus driver.

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