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• Monday, 02 November, 2020
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Our specialty items are plastic pony beads that are Made in the USA. These beads are drum shaped or like fat tires and are very versatile.

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Pony beads can be used for many types of beading, jewelry and art & crafts projects. Our plastic beads are perfect for hair braiding is also a fun and popular activity, especially as a summer project.

These beads are perfect for bracelets because they are durable, lightweight and super colorful! You can create fun cuff bracelets, use beads for stylish hair braids, decorations and more.

Making bracelets are also a great group activity for parties, festivals and fairs. All you need are bulk packs of beads and elastic cord or a type of stretchy string that can be easily knotted.

To make bracelets, use pony beads and Stretch Magic string, or elastic cording. Alphabet beads are very handy for create personalized projects.

You can spell out the name of your favorite team, or a special word or message. We also offer specialty alphabet beads with vertical holes.

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This type of alphabet beads is for making things that hang downwards, like name keychains and zipper pulls. Vertical hole alphabet beads read from top to bottom when they are strung.

Vertical hole alphabet beads are most commonly used for making keychains, bookmarks and anything where you would like the beads to read from top to bottom. They include different shades of pink, red, yellow, orange, green, blue, turquoise, purple, brown, black and white plastic bead colors.

These beads have glitter inside transparent colored pony beads. They are great for making bracelets, necklaces, jewelry, decorations, ornaments, sun catcher, bead keychains and other types of bead projects.

Use pony beads energy beads and jewelry making beads to create bracelets fun scrunchies sock toppers key holders and decorations of all kinds. Overactive is the worlds' leader of color changing technology clothing, footwear, accessories, toys, world-famous color change nail polish called Ruby Wing, tee shirts and apparel.

Overactive has received Material Excellence Worldwide since 1997, Certificate of Merit awards for our color change inks and embroidery threads, Best new Product awards, and Small Business Commerce awards of excellence. Occasionally we offer products manufactured with Overactive technology made by other companies.

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Crafting Steps: Fold the plastic lacing in half and string the jingle bell onto the center of the lace, so that each side of the lace hangs an equal length on both sides of the jingle bell. (This is optional- a bell is not required) Thread both laces through the same side of a white pony bead.

Use a 7" piece of ribbon or white plastic lacing to form a loop right under the top of the hat with which to hang your ornament. St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow and you've seen some really great activity and craft ideas to use with your kiddos during therapy and at home this week.

Kiddos do love themed activities and anticipate these for each holiday. Well, I created an activity this week that can be completed by many age groups and it can be used for the holiday, the season, or for anytime really.

It's a simple activity to gather the materials for and it's easy to downgrade or upgrade. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple pipe cleaners2.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple pony beads 3. Gather your colored pipe cleaners in a rainbow sequence and loop one end by twisting it back around itself and keeping the ends bent close into the grouping.

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Place cloud shapes onto each side of the pipe cleaner loop, with one of the front and one on the back. Now, that the pipe cleaners are grouped and looped and cloud shapes are placed, have child begin matching and placing the pony beads onto each pipe cleaner.

When the child nears the end of the first pipe cleaner strand, loop the pipe cleaner back over the last pony bead and through the second and third pony bead from the end. At the end, have child bend the pipe cleaners into an arch like a rainbow.

Adult can complete the pipe cleaner rainbow sequence with loop twisting, cloud cutting and cloud placement prior to presenting the activity to the child. Have child simply sort each color of pony bead they need from a collection of pony beads with adult stringing or alternating bead stringing with child.

Complete the activity using thicker pipe cleaners and larger beads based on child's skill level. Shorten the length of pipe cleaners to reduce the number of beads required to string.

Have child complete all steps of the activity with only use of a model and adult minimizing assistance and cues. This allows for older child to work on executive functioning skills such as problem-solving, organizing, sequencing, sustained attention, planning, and task initiation.

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Have child completing all the steps to include looping, twisting, wrapping, and securing with instruction from adult. Use smaller pipe cleaners and beads based on child's skill level.


Pony beads for jewelry making are available in a range of colors, shapes, and finishes. Apart from jewelry making, they can be used in kids craft work, ornaments and hair fashions.

It was in the 1800s when the early explorers Lewis and Clark brought trade inventory consisting of pony beads to North America. In 1929, the term pony beads was first used for these beads when they were delivered via the Pony Express.

From then, these beads have been used by girls and women to decorate shoes and clothing. They were used with a range of other beads for jewelry making to design necklaces and bracelets.

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There are themed shaped ones available such as sports, medical, music, transportation, holiday, Christmas, etc. The transparent ones resemble glass beads to a great extent, and they also appear seamless and of good quality.

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