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Written by Katherine Blockader Reviewed by Anna O'Brien, DVD Children often dream of having a horse or pony. In general, a small horse or pony works well because its size isn’t as intimidating as its larger counterparts.

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Pick one that's docile, attentive, sure-footed, and familiar with riders of varying levels. Shetland ponies are popular for children because of their diminutive size, durability, and fun personalities.

Welsh ponies of all sizes can make good mounts for children. The pony of the Americas has the distinction of being a North American breed developed specifically for young riders.

But a mini can be great for children to learn how to ride and take care of a horse. Minis also participate in competitions similar to dog agility courses.

Physical Characteristics: Small, muscular build; many have similar proportions to larger horses They aren't massive horses, averaging around 5 feet in height, which can work for an older child.

Physical Characteristics: Muscular body; deep chest; small head with flat profile They also are notoriously friendly and loyal horses, which makes for a devoted family companion.

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Physical Characteristics: Colorful coat patterns with mottled skin; striped hooves They're also highly social, intelligent horses, which makes them easy to train.

Physical Characteristics: Muscular build; deep chest; distinctive coat patterns They are known for being highly cooperative and eager to please, and they generally love to socialize with their human family members.

Physical Characteristics: Compact build; short neck and back; long head The term “grade” in horse circles means the same as “mutt” in the dog world.

Whether you’re a smaller adult or looking for the perfect partner for your child, these top breeds have made notable marks in the horse world. These ponies have earned their place in the show ring, both in riding and driving classes.

Between 44 and 52 inches, the POA is known for a Quarter Horse body, Arabian face, and Appaloosa coloring. Popular because of their smaller size, Shetland ponies are not only strong, but highly intelligent.

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While their smarts can make them difficult mounts for children, an obedient Shetland is worth its weight in gold. This breed features the strength and hardiness of a mountain pony, but with the beauty of an Arabian.

Good minds and a natural athletic ability make the Quarter Pony a solid choice for serious young riders. There’s no doubt that ponies can make exceptional mounts for children and petite adults.

Tagged: adult, children, Connemara, horses, kids, POA, ponies, quarter, ride, riders, Shetland, welsh, western The horse is one of the most loyal, friendly, human loving, faithful, and intelligent animals.

This muscular, athletic, and graceful horse has been existing for more than 500 years and originated from Great Britain in the 17th century. These medium profile horses with an athletic body were bred especially for their racing qualities.

Bay, brown, chestnut, black, and gray are common colors for Thoroughbred with white blazes and markings on the face and legs. Having a relatively fast metabolism, these horses require more amount of quality nutrition and feeding.

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With high intellect and strong work ethics, these hot-blooded horses are too spirited, bold, ad agile and cannot be handled by the beginners or kids. A few health issues bother the Thoroughbred horse breeders like having an abnormally small heart contributing to circulatory ailments, short hooves causing soreness, and some behavioral issues that become a hindrance in training the horses.

They have a robust build that makes them survive in the harsh weather of Arabian deserts. Their high intellect helps them in quick learning, but they can also get bored easily and become stubborn at times.

The Clydesdale horses have a hardworking nature, and they have been used in the fields and agriculture for logging, hauling, and pulling the carts. These beautiful horses are also used in show rings, carriage, drumming, pleasure riding, therapy, exhibition, and fairs.

The eye-catching performance of high-stepping action has also been presented in the show rings and has gained more fame for this horse breed. But, this high-stepping action can cause hooves injury, arthritis, joint problems, and muscle stiffness if not taken care of properly.

The Hackney horse has a dark solid-colored coat of black, bay, or chestnut shades. Their food intake is traditional and their diet must include nutrients to maintain their weight and energy required for show rings and dressage.

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Today, this beautiful horse breed is used for presentation in the show rings, dressage, exhibitions, race competitions, and also for pleasure riding. The lots of feathering, mane, and tail of a Frisian horse need proper cleaning and grooming.

The horse breed is popular due to its unique and colorful coat with spotting. These horses are used in wars, hunting, transportation, pleasure riding, show rings, and competitions.

It has an athletic strong body, and they are used for transportation, barrel racing, combined driving, jumping, equine sports, and trail riding. This breed is loved by the riders and breeders for its unique coat color patterns.

The American Quarter Horse Association is known as the largest breed registry in the world at present. This horse breed is very popular for having a calm and gentle demeanor, friendliness, and being easy for the trainers.

The Tennessee walking horse has gained popularity for its unique, versatile, and interesting gait styles. The farmers wanted a breed for a smooth ride as well as a good farm working horse.

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Tennessee Walking horse appears in a variety of colors like chestnut, bay, black, gray, dun, roan, white, and many others. With increased speed, the horse changes its gait to a gliding motion which is safe for the rider.

Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis, malignant hyperthermia, and Polysaccharide storage myopathy are some well-known diseases that the Tennessee Walking horses are prone to. The smooth gaits of the Tennessee Walking horse are considered to be helpful for the older riders and the people suffering from spinal issues and back pains.

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