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• Friday, 11 December, 2020
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Trading the full-size Zeta architecture for the smaller Alpha platform brought about a Camaro that’s lighter, livelier, and more engaging than its predecessor. Short of a Mazda IATA, Toyota 86, or Subaru BRZ, there are few other cars that start below $30,000 and offer greater behind-the-wheel thrills than the Camaro.

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Short of a Mazda IATA, Toyota 86, or Subaru BRZ, there are few other cars that start below $30,000 and offer greater behind-the-wheel thrills than the Camaro. Obviously, I’m not arguing against spending the extra coin on a V6- or V8-powered Camaro (you really should), I’m simply saying the Chevy’s underpinnings are so well-sorted that its weak, base powertrain makes only a small impact on the model’s overall driving enjoyment.

Even the Dodge Challenger, which lacks its competitors’ convertible body style, moved 66,716 units last year. Of course, the Camaro has its flaws: its high window line and thick pillars make it feel like a mobile sarcophagus, its styling looks largely the same as its immediate predecessor’s (save for the unbecoming 2019 Camaro SS), and its interior feels cheaper than the toilet paper in a public restroom.

But every time I drive any variant of the current Camaro, I find myself thinking that maybe it’s not me who’s wrong, but the buying public itself. It was a massive undertaking which took more than a dozen people two work weeks (and several weekends) to accomplish all the testing, driving, photo- and videography.

For the sake of efficiency, we executed both comparison tests at the same time, which meant corralling all seven of these modern day pony cars for hundreds of miles and several days on the road. We also pitted the V-8s and the V-6s against each other in separate quarter mile drag races (Click on the videos on each page to see who took home the titles).

NBS Ron King Edward Low Frank Markus Nate Martinez 1 Mustang GT Mustang GT 2 Genesis 3.8 Challenger SRT8 Genesis 3.8 Genesis 3.8 3 Mustang V-6 Genesis 3.8 Challenger SRT8 Camaro SS 4 Challenger SRT8 Mustang V-6 Mustang V-6 Challenger SRT8 5 Camaro RS Camaro SS Musing V-6 6 Challenger SE Camaro RS Camaro RS 7 Camaro SS Challenger SE Challenger SE NBS Scott Mortar Kim Reynolds Arthur St. Antoine Overall: 1 Mustang GT Mustang GT 2 Challenger SRT8 Genesis 3.8 Genesis 3.8 Genesis 3.8 3 Genesis 3.8 Mustang V-6 Mustang V-6 Challenger SRT8 4 Camaro SS Challenger SRT8 Mustang V-6 5 Mustang V6 Challenger SRT8 Camaro SS 6 Camaro RS Camaro RS 7 Challenger SE Challenger SE That the new Mustang 5.0 stands alone atop the leader board is no surprise -- not only was it the runaway winner of the V-8 class, it was the only consensus pick amongst all seven.

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No less impressive is how high up the Hyundai Genesis 3.8 finished; it managed to beat the Challenger SRT8 on five of the seven judges scorecards, and soundly trounce everyone else for a solid second place. Rounding out the podium is the loud and lovable Challenger SRT8, which was the judges pick for second place in the V-8 comparison.

Then, if you're still not convinced, check out a few more of the notes from our drivers' log books left on the cutting room floor: “I enjoyed the SS's engine and suspension balance, but it's no match against the GT.

Shoots out of corners like a rocket and gets to illegal speeds aggressively. Styling has grown old quickly -- the car looks cartoonist.

Interior looks cheap, and it has by far one of the worst steering wheels and shift knobs I have ever held; both feel terrible in your hands.” “The new 5.0-liter is a luscious V-8, with lovely sound, great power throughout, and torque down low.

The Bullet, based on a well-equipped GT with the Level 1 Performance Pack, slides into what some of us think is the sweetest spot in the Mustang lineup. The Steve-replica Stand sticks with 255-section-width Michelin PS4s up front and 275s in the rear, while the PP2 wears a set of Pilot Sport Cups measuring 305/30R-19 all the way around.

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Ford has added a Bullet badge to the steering wheel, which sort of makes you the guy wearing the band's T-shirt to its show. The aesthetics pulls straight from McQueen's '68 GT390, with a chrome-trimmed, blacked-out, determined grille and 19-inch five-spoke wheels reminiscent of American Racing's classic gray-center Torn Thrust DS.

Shadow Black is an available paint option, but Dark Highland Green is such a fabulous color, one wonders how many buyers will opt for the more basic hue. The only model-specific callout on the exterior is the huge round Bullet badge between the taillights, something conspicuously absent from the automobile featured in the film.

And despite its New World brutishness, it laid down 0.97 g on the skidpan, which puts the Bullet within hundredths of a g of some very serious European hardware and only 0.05 g shy of the GT350. For those who daily drive their future Barrett-Jackson hopefuls, giving up those five hundredths makes for a much more livable commute.

Ford offers the Bullet with a six-speed manual transmission only, and the shifter wears a white cue-ball knob reminiscent of a Woodward-special Hurst unit. Each throw of the lever allows you to imbibe long pulls of the Bullet's chief intoxicant, this hottest Coyote V-8's magnificent, warbling yowl.

While FCA's Semi and GM's small-block engines bellow with similar classical push rod voices, Ford's 5.0 campers don't sound like anything else and are better for their aural individuality. We found the Bullet a bit tricky to get off the line, but we wouldn't trade the automatic-equipped GT's quickness for the engagement of the manual, which, for those of you with stiff, lazy, or hopelessly uncoordinated right feet, features automated rev matching.

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There's an ineffable rightness to the car that makes it just that much more involving than the already great Mustang GT, and it doesn't demand the day-to-day compromises of the GT350. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

Lincoln Aviator wins top Readers' Choice award at auto show NewsSportsAutosBusinessMichiganLife + HomeEntertainmentOpinionObituaries The 2020 Lincoln Aviator was voted best -in-show in The Detroit News’ annual Readers' Choice Awards at the Detroit auto show. One-hundred judges selected from the public chose for the top honor the luxurious Aviator, which debuted last fall at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Once the brand's signature sedan, the CT6 is expected to cease production when the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant idles indefinitely this summer. From Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the Dodge Ram 1500 scored for coolest technology with more than 100 standard and available safety and security features.

Best family-fun finder: Kia Tellurium Best future concept: Infinite Ex Inspiration Most for your money: Hyundai Sonata June 30, 2020Reviewer: Patricia Roland from Montrose, PA United States So well-made.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful: Very Happy with my purchase December 24, 2019, Reviewer: Scott Ailing from Oak Harbor, WA United States Received the cart in a timely manner. The back rest on the cart had some slight damage at the seam but a replacement is being sent.

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