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James Lee
• Wednesday, 18 November, 2020
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K-beauty fans are hardly strangers to the legendary makeup artist, PONY. With a legion of 5.47 million subscribers, the celebrity makeup artist has been the face of coveted K-beauty looks and stunning makeup transformations that has spawned recreations by many a beauty junkie.

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Formulated with Murmur Seed Butter and Brazil Nut Seed Oil, this liquid lipstick leaves your lips with an intense color payoff while hydrating your lips for all-day comfort. With its highly-pigmented formula, expect to cover your lips with a full coat of color with just one swipe.

If you want to see these hippies at work, head over to Edward Avila’s product review ! As much as we were in love with the color payoff, we were not fans of the streaky application of this liquid lipstick.

Its firm tip makes it easy to draw on even the finest of lines, while the formula glides on seamlessly without tugging onto the skin. It’s not clumpy and the tip is fine which makes it easy for precision.

As its name suggests, this foundation is one that is a serious contender when it comes to staying in place all day. Ideal for people with oily skin types, this foundation promises to leave your skin with a semi-matte finish while delivering high coverage for a flawless finish.

Even though it is touted as a full coverage foundation, the texture feels weightless, which makes it a life savior for Singapore’s humid climate! However, we found that this foundation did crease a little over dry and flaky patches, so you might want to prep your skin with a primer beforehand.

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If your makeup needs a little extra hold, the PonyEffect Ultimate Prep Primer has got you covered on all fronts. With its silky, balm-like texture, this primer glides over any fine lines and large pores to create a flawless canvas for your makeup.

It melts into the skin and blurs our any imperfections without settling into fine lines or large pores. Although it comes out as a beige tint, it goes on translucent on the skin to create a skin-like finish.

For the sweetheart in all of us, you can never go wrong with adding some rosy tones to your peepers. This eyeshadow palettes boasts four super versatile rose-inspired shades from deep mauve to adolescent white to create limitless eye looks.

View More Curate a Makeup Collection You Love with More Mindfulness (2020 Guide) A YouTube powerhouse and beauty guru, she has a 3.1 million strong fan base.

Fun fact: she is also the celebrity makeup artist for CL, formerly from Pop girl group 2NE1. We trawled the World Wide Web (think: Reddit forums) to find out what are the 5 PonyEffectproducts you need to have, and where you can get them.

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The PonyEffect Seamless Foundation was a veritable hit among Pony fans and beauty lovers alike. The foundation has a texture designed to be more lightweight and sheer, so that you can easily create a more natural finish without the caginess.

The foundation has earned props from users for its ultra lightweight, matte medium coverage and 6 hours long-lasting power. Even Leah Yew, another popular Korean beauty guru YouTuber, has raved about its lightweight quality.

Alternatively you can place an Airflow listing and see if any Seoul travelers would be keen to pick up your request. Reviewers have even called it a good dupe for the much more expensive Beauty Blender.

Brenda of Sword beauty thinks that this could double up as a great starter eyeshadow palette for beginners. Meanwhile, AUJ Hi is a fan of the staying power afforded by the powders in this palette, after witnessing how it clung on with determination to her lids despite a hot and sweaty day.

Reviewers have reported that you will need to apply the powder three times for the color and shade to show up prominently. From another perspective, this added effort helps to ensure that beginners wouldn’t accidentally end up looking like Pikachu.

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The powders themselves have a velvety-soft texture and it glides on smoothly onto the lid, making it easy to blend out with your fingers as well. Edward Avila, a beauty YouTuber, loves how travel-friendly the palette is, but he also mentions that they don’t last all day on his oily lids.

The PonyEffect Favorite Lip Fluid Tint is a huge hit with her fans and beauty lovers all around the world. We offer professional products and solutions that showcase K-beauty exclusive tips and tricks for conceptual and dramatic makeup looks.

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