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These rides were underdogs and adored by the masses and with the support of dedicated communities of muscle car enthusiasts, these humble motoring masterpieces took on some of the most exclusive performance brands and won. The standard variant featured a 351 cubic inch motor that produced 300 BHP of peak power.

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This version was also offered with a 355 BHP Cobra jet engine as an optional extra along with the highly coveted Boss 302 variant. Today, the Chevrolet Camaro has developed its iconography and the car even managed to grab some screen time in the popular Transformers franchise.

Back when Chevrolet was designing the first- ever Camaro, the project was code-named Panther and the pony car was being developed with the primary focus of rivaling the Ford Mustang. First-generation Plymouth Barracuda was introduced back in 1969 and was offered with a 440 cubic inch Super Commando V8 motor that produced 235 BHP and it's safe to say, this was the most badass version of the legendary nameplate.

A Ford Falcon Lb GT was also featured heavily in the 1979 film Mad Max that only added to its iconography. The car evolved a great deal since its introduction but unfortunately, certain models did not receive similar adoration from the public.

The car managed to outsell the Plymouth Barracuda by a great margin but succumbed to the popularity of Mustangs and Camaro of the time. Dodge offered as many as nine engine options in the challenger, but the most famous power plant was the 425 BHP 426 cubic inch V8 renowned for its hemispherical combustion chamber design.

The company had to innovate to hold onto its respectful albeit modest consumer base and the answer was the AMC AMX. The company had developed a pony car masterpiece with the AMX, which sported attractive styling and was available in different variants.

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The AMX was offered with a 360 cubic inch motor but enthusiasts went for the larger 390 model that could accelerate from 0 to 60 in 6.5 seconds. AMC was a humble car manufacturer and couldn’t compare to the wide range of pony models that more well-established carmakers like Ford and Chevy were offering at the time.

The company did however introduce one of the finest examples in the segment and AMC Javelin instantly found itself a dedicated fan base. American Motors Corporation also offered a 390 cubic inch variant of the Javelin, which at 315 BHP, was the most popular version of the nameplate.

First-gen Fastback Mustang models make great show cars and have been sold for multi-million dollar amounts at auctions. The Oldsmobile Rally 350 is one of the most enigmatic pony cars of all time that unfortunately got lost in automotive limbo.

The car packed oodles of power, and thanks to its signature Sebring Yellow paint job, the Rally 350 didn’t have any trouble stealing the spotlight. The Pontiac Trans Am was offered with a wide range of power trains and starred in the Smokey and The Bandit movie franchise.

Raja Singh (56 Articles Published) My garage so far has been house to a Ford Fiesta, a Toyota Terkel, a Porsche Cayenne and a KTM RC 390 and I love driving more than riding, so please bear with me. The holiday special is adapted into the September-October 2018 Best Gift Ever storybooks, Board Book, and A Present for Every pony.

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A song animatic from the special was shown at the 2018 My Little Pony San Diego Comic-Con panel. The promo for the special originally had a layering error involving the reindeer's flight over Twilight's castle.

Supervising director Jim Miller confirmed on Twitter that this was fixed. The scene when Twilight is having her “traditional holiday meltdown” reappears in Memories and More.

After pulling cutie marks out of Applejack's hat, the Mane Six decide to do the gift exchange at Twilight's castle the following night. As they go their separate ways, Spike wants to get a present for Rarity, but he drew Rainbow Dash's cutie mark instead.

At Applejack's suggestion, he seeks out the pony who drew Rarity's cutie mark to try and get them to agree to a trade. At the Castle of Friendship, with her freed-up schedule time, Twilight is able to focus on decorating before Shining Armor, Cadence, and Flurry Heart arrive.

Spike enters wondering if she got Rarity for Hearth swarming Helper, but she got Pinkie Pie and plans to shop for her present later. Twilight decides to decorate later while she puts more planning and thought into Pinkie's present.

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Meanwhile, at Sugar cube Corner, Pinkie Pie has just as much trouble figuring out what to get for Twilight, and she asks her sisters Limestone, Marble, and Maud for advice. Unsatisfied with their ideas, Pinkie decides to seek out the best -at-gift-giving” yaks in Yakyakistan.

In the middle of town, Spike runs into Rarity and learns that she got Applejack for Hearth swarming Helper, planning to get her a designer western-themed hat from Manhattan. As Rainbow flies off, Spike approaches Flutter shy and learns that she got Rarity for Heartwarming Helper.

Just before Flutter shy buys a Daring Do book for Rainbow, she is drawn to the attention of a stand where a disguised Film and Flag sell cheaply-made “Holly the Hearth Warmer” dolls. With their typical show pony flair, Film and Flag manage to hustle Flutter shy out of all of her bits in exchange for one of the dolls.

In Yakyakistan, Pinkie Pie appears before Prince Rutherford during the yak celebration of Pillar Fest and asks where she can find the best gift ever “. Rutherford suddenly looks panicked and pulls Pinkie aside, so they can talk in privacy.

Derby accidentally sends Rarity's gift for Applejack to the wrong address. Back in Montville, Rarity goes to the post office to pick up her package from Manhattan with Applejack's present.

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To prevent further mishaps, Rarity offers to go to Sweet Acorn Orchard and pick up the package herself. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash continues searching for a present for Flutter shy, but Discord disapproves of all her ideas.

Back at the castle, Twilight tries to find a present for Pinkie Pie that is unique, specific to her personality, and food-based. When Rarity asks about the package that was mistakenly delivered to their home, Oak Nut and Butternut believe she was the one who sent it and thank her.

Upon realizing who Rarity is, Pistachio becomes starstruck and begs her to join him and his family for a meal. Back at the Castle of Friendship, a frazzled Twilight finally finds the recipe for Chancellor Pudding head's legendary pudding, which mentions that not meeting the exact measurements of its ingredients will result in “untold culinary devastation”.

Twilight quickly denies this and excuses herself to collect the ingredients for Pinkie Pie's pudding. In the arctic north beyond Yakyakistan, Pinkie discovers a small house in a mountain grove, where she meets a trio of reindeer.

With a cryptic rhyme, the Gift Givers give Pinkie a present for Twilight. Applejack and Flutter shy confront Film and Flag over their latest doll-selling scam.

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The brothers explain that they are raising funds to finance another expansion of their Las Pegasus resort and simply supplying ponies with something to get their friends and family for Hearth's Warming. Despite the dolls' shoddy assembly and Film and Flag's unscrupulous methods, they are not doing anything illegal or harmful, and they quickly make Applejack and Flutter shy leave.

Upset that Film and Flag are using the holidays for their shifty purposes, Applejack and Flutter shy decide to show their customers a better way. Some time later, they return to Film and Flag's stand and pretend to be repeat customers.

Applejack buys three “Holly the Hearth Warmer” dolls for Apple Bloom, Big McIntosh, and Granny Smith, but Flutter shy points out that giving the same doll to all three of her family members would depreciate the value of gift-giving. This causes the rest of Film and Flag's customers to question their own purchasing choices, and they walk away, bringing the brothers' latest scam to an end.

Film and Flag are eventually run out of Rainbow Falls by angry, ripped-off customers, and Applejack and Flutter shy take the train back to Montville. Rainbow Dash and Discord search the forest for a small, rare, and elusive creature called a winterchilla.

When he dozes off to sleep in the middle of this, he accidentally covers his entire body in glitter. Back at Sweet Acorn Orchard, Rarity bids farewell to Oak Nut and Butternut and foresees a promising future in fashion for Pistachio.

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Just before Rarity leaves, Pistachio offers to give the hat back, knowing full well he was not its intended recipient. However, not only does Rarity let Pistachio keep the hat, but she also invites him to be her guest at Manhattan's next Fashion Week.

In the castle kitchen, Twilight is more preoccupied with carefully making Pinkie Pie's pudding gift than spending time with Shining Armor, Cadence, and Flurry Heart. Twilight admits to getting stressed over making sure her present was perfect and promises to spend time with her family now that her cooking is almost done.

However, while Twilight addresses Shining Armor and Cadence, Flurry Heart throws a bunch of additional ingredients into the cooking pot, and as the four of them leave the kitchen, the pudding in the pot starts to boil over. However, as the sun starts to set, the winterchilla transforms into a giant, monstrous version of itself called a winterzilla.

The Mane Six start to come together at the entrance to Twilight's castle, most of them disappointed in themselves for not getting anything special for their Hearth swarming Helper recipients. The Mane Six and their friends find themselves trapped between an impassable wall of pudding and a roaring monster.

But the winterzilla quickly ignores Spike and starts eating the castle's Hearth's Warming decorations. At Discord's suggestion, Flutter shy reprimands the winterzilla into being submissive and, upon learning it is all alone for the holidays, invites it to spend Hearth's Warming with the ponies.

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With Twilight unsure of what to add to the pudding in order to fix Pudding head's recipe, Pinkie Pie remembers the gift box she received from the Gift Givers of the Grove and their mysterious final message. A short while later, the Mane Six and their friends enjoy bowls of pudding by the fireplace.

The rest of the Mane Six feel equally ashamed of the Hearth's Warming presents they did or did not bring, but their intended recipients quickly forgive them. Though it is unfinished, Spike decides to give Rarity her Hearth's Warming present: a heartfelt song in which he fully puts his feelings for her into words.

Twilight recognizes this rhyme as a riddle and reveals that its answer is “friendship”. In a second verse of Spike's song, Twilight and her friends express that friendship is the greatest gift of all, and multiple ponies are shown across Equestrian spending Hearth's Warming together.

Applejack : Convincing' ponies to buy that doll ain't in the holiday spirit! Pistachio : I know you didn't send a Fedora Felt original to some no pony you've never met from Nowhere, Equestrian.

Applejack : Putting' those two in their places makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Rainbow Dash : I wouldn't have this little fella without you, so... if you want to join, Flutter shy would love having you.

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Alice : And so it worked out, And a lesson was learned, there's no need to obsess;Gift-giving is simple as long as you recall:Friendship is the best gift of all.

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