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• Sunday, 29 November, 2020
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If you are looking to raise a healthy horse, maintaining its weight and muscle tone must matter a great deal to you. In this guide, we will go over some of the best horse feed for weight gain and give you guidelines to help you simplify the decision-making process.

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While regular hay mixed with legumes will do wonders for your favorite horse, it isn’t as impressive and as nourishing as professionally prepared equine feeds. Some common sources include legumes, milk proteins, alfalfa meals, soybeans, linseed, cottonseeds, safflowers, and sunflowers.

Since protein is essential for growth, it should make up a bulk of the nutrients in a horse feed designed for weight gain. Starch or Carbohydrates The best feed for performance uses a mixture of oats, barley, hay, and beet pulp.

Also, everyday foods like tomatoes, berries, and even apples contain antioxidants that can boost performance, increase the shelf life of the feed, and help horses fight off illnesses. Older horses have a harder time digesting regular food like hay, feed and pasture.

If you have an old mare, it’s vital to always opt for high fat, easily soluble feeds that are dedicated to senior equines. Even though some items on this list aren’t technically horse feed, they are still fantastic for weight gain.

Manna Pro is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins that smoothen the skin coat, increase hoof growth, and regulate your horse’s digestion. It comes in an easily digestible drilled powder form and is quite popular among older mares because of its taste.

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If you are particular about what kind of pastures your horse eats from, and you’re passionate about saving the environment, then you’ll love this product. Most pastures simply don’t have the volume and quality of nutrients a growing horse needs.

This product ensures that you don’t have to rely on feeds or any other form of processed forages for your horse’s dietary needs. Oasis Alfalfa pellets are the closest things to an all-inclusive all-natural meal that you’ll ever get at such a low price.

It contains fiber, protein, minerals, vitamins, and Total Feeds’ proprietary ingredient, Totem. Some of its other ingredients include alfalfa hay, dehydrated Alfalfa meal, Grain Sorghum, Bran, wheat Middling, and Soybeans.

Much like Total Equine, it relies heavily on a subtle mix of protein and fats. Purina True Choice helps horses maintain their weight and overall health.

This feed is not as easy on the horse’s dentition as pelleted foods, but it can be as great-tasting and nutritious. When combined with an appropriate high-calorie diet, Formula 707 can be a powerful tool increases, or at least maintains the weight of your horse.

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Formula 707 can increase your horse’s metabolism, help it to retain muscle mass and boosts its strength. Although Purina Strategy Healthy Edge is predominantly a performance-enhancing feed, it can still be considered as one of the best feed for your horse’s weight management.

Purina Strategy Healthy Edge is an extremely balanced feed, and it could even potentially replace standard forages in your horse’s diet. Purina is famous for manufacturing great supplements for horses, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

It uses high fats and calories to boost metabolism and performance while helping the horse to put on weight. The fatty acids in this feed increase the coat shine and reduce the horse’s chances of developing skin diseases.

Although it boosts weight gain, it has also been known to help improve coat health, increase metabolism, and reinforce the immune system. Horse Guard Glow has remarkable anti-inflammatory properties, and it is surprisingly light in starch and sugar.

This light carbohydrate makeup means that it is perfect for horses that have trouble regulating their blood sugar. Horse Hard Weight Gain Supplement contains lots of minerals, vitamins, probiotics, and it improves fur and skin health.

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It utilizes a unique blend of molasses and soy oil to achieve its fat and sugar-filled performance boosts. Purina Imogene 500 contains lots of healthy vitamins and minerals, and so, it provides a very balanced nutritional care for your horse, even though it’s a feed for weight gain.

Flix-100% isn’t technically a feed, but, they edible nonetheless make in-between meal snacks. Not only does it support weight gain it is also packed with other nutrients that are crucial to the health of your horse.

It’s more of a supplement than a feed, but, it’s equally effective in improving Equine weight gain. The brief guidelines we discussed, in the beginning, can help you decide which feed type is best for your horse (Protein-packed, or rounded).

Once you find your perfect product, you can sit back and watch your horse gain weight. Most pony breeds developed where the pasture was very sparse, the terrain rugged, and the climate harsh.

When we pamper them, feed special preparations and lush grass we very often do more harm than good. These fodders, which are more energy and nutrient dense than much grass hay, are often too rich for a pony.

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Ponies can founder in less than 60 minutes of grazing if introduced suddenly to lush grass. If your pony eats too much rich pasture it could lead to such things as colic or founder.

Ponies can become obese very quickly and that can lead to health problems like metabolic syndrome. Or he could spend a small portion of his time on pasture and the rest in a grassless paddock.

It sometimes takes a bit of creativity to find ways to restrict the amount of feed your pony is getting. The exception would be a pony that is working very hard: one that is doing several lessons a week is being driven frequently, is doing something like pulling competitions, or is a lactating mare with a foal by her side.

If your pony is losing condition you could increase the quantity of hay and if that isn't enough add a concentrate that isn't too rich. A forage replaced fortified with vitamins and minerals might give your pony the nutritional energy boost it needs without adding extra pounds.

Hooks and sharp edges can make chewing uncomfortable because their mouths are compact and teeth, tongue, and gums can be closer together than on some horses. Don't forget to have your vet check your pony's teeth to ensure it can chew easily.

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Even if you have the best hay, the best oats and plenty of grassy fields for them to “mow”, sometimes these things just aren’t enough for a horse’s dietary needs. Horses with health conditions or those that are severely emaciated can benefit greatly from a man made feed that has extra vitamins and minerals added.

Once they start to creep up there in years, chewing hay and oats isn’t as easy as it used to be. These are easier for the horse to gnaw on and swallow, which means they’ll get the proper amount of food each day without having to fight the hard oats or sharp hay stems.

Number 3, for example, is a feed specifically designed to help horses gain weight at a safe pace. Pennsylvania Imports Himalayan Salt Brick Lick for Horses Salt Lick$4.3 The reason we like this one is that it is derived from natural mineral deposits in the Himalayan Mountains rather than man made.

This is a low-starch food that is made with non-GMO ingredients, natural vegetable oils, protein and fiber. The mixture of high fat stabilized rice bran, coconut meal and flax will really help regulate your horse’s digestive system.

These low calorie pellets contain plenty of vitamins and supplements that will help keep your horse in tip-top shape. It is especially useful to horses that are hyperactive or that have metabolic conditions (i.e. ulcers, laminates, insulin resistance or obese horses), and the ingredients also support hoof health, bone and tissue growth and overall digestive health.

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This is a 50-pound bag, so based on your horse’s weight you’ll have to determine how long it will last you. This not only provides them with the fat and fiber they need, but also plenty of vitamins and minerals, bacterial and yeast inoculate to help improve their gut functions and digestive healthy, protein to increase their energy level and vitamin E and organic Selenium to help them recover from stress.

In this article, I will discuss and compare the options and benefits that come with choosing Triple Crown, Nutrient, or Tribute, the best horse feed brands on the market. These are Triple Crown, Nutrient, and Tribute; brands that nearly all horse owners are familiar with.

Each type of grain is manufactured with careful attention to detail and dedication to natural ingredients. Senior The natural ingredients in each grain match what horses that fall into these categories are likely to need in their diets.

For example, their “Senior” grain includes high fat and beet pulp, both of which are used to maintain or increase a horse’s weight. Because of its ingredients, Triple Crown Senior is also good for horses with gastric ulcers.

Triple Crown makes their product line simple and easy to understand while providing its customers with superior quality in their feeds. They have an extensive list of top sponsored riders including Hawley Bennett and Phillip Button (photographed below).

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Also, they have an impressive number of partnerships, including being the “Official Feed Sponsor” for the US evening, dressage, and show jumping teams. They are also partnered with the National Barrel Horse Association (NBA) and the United States Pony Club.

From a user perspective, the most difficult thing I found while doing research is that there are many grains with the same basic description. They don’t advertise that they sponsor any riders on their website, but they do have a horse-wellness blog, called “The Feed Room.” This blog features articles about horse feed, horse health, horse-related research conducted by Nutrient, and Cargill Animal Nutrition.

Tribute offers twenty-four different types of grain, each catered to horses of unique circumstances, ages, and backgrounds. Unlike Nutrient, Tribute gives a detailed description of the exact horse-type that each grain is created for.

They have “featured” riders that include evener Megan O’Donahue and show-jumper Candice King. Triple Crown, Nutrient, and Tribute have proven themselves to be at the head of the equine feed industry.

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