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Maria Garcia
• Tuesday, 27 October, 2020
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The Harrison Howard Care Master is a full face fly mask provide horses with a high-class fly and UV protection. On top of that, this mask features high-tech fabric panels put over the nose and the ears to offer midge-proof protection while also blocking harmful UV rays from the sun.

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Additionally, the mask features durability and comfort engineering with fleece seams and padded edges to keep it away from the horse eyes while also allowing maximum visibility during grazing. Even it’s not comfortable for the horse to wear the mask at first, this quick drying and breathable fly mask turn out to be adaptable.

Unique Design for comfort, durability High-Tech Midge-proof Fabrics Skin-friendly protection Translucent Fine Mesh Thick Fleece Padding Beech Horse Flask is a good vision and breathable, stable mask with ears.

The edges and seams on these masks are bound with low nap plush fabric which does not attach to irritating bristles or burrs. The best part is, the mask panels feature eyelet fabric which hovers above the skin surface while also protecting the eye’s soft tissues and the forehead from the annoying flying insects.

Good Vision Soft and Breathable Offer Great Sun Protection Anatomically shaped Stable and Pasture All-Around Barn Trail Riding Fly The fabric used here is quick to dry, breathable, and excellent at ensuring your horse is protected from harsh UV rays.

The Kensington Signature Flask with a removable nose by Kensington Protective Products is another well-designed to protect horses face and nose front the biting flying insects and harsh UV rays while also allowing the horse to have full visibility. It features a breathable webbing material which will keep your horse comfortable and protected from the harmful insect infections.

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The best part about this mask is, it fits all horses and stays in places during grazing or riding and comes with locking system. That makes it an ideal choice for the summer cooling, and it works perfectly at blocking around 73% harmful UV rays.

Double Locking System Non-heat transferring Vibrant plaid patterns Allowing Full Visibility UV ray protection Ears and Forelock It’s also designed to offer smooth stretchy Lycra conforms to the horse face comfortably.

Prevents Hair Rub Breathable Mesh Premium Quality Stain Resistant Soft Lining It features a design that allows it to provide the best eye, ear, and forehand, something your horse will love.

This product uses sturdy, robust, and durable fabric which will ensure your horse years of excellent protection. On top of that, this mask features durable seams and webbing, which are ideal for active wear that keeps it in place even during rides.

Though it doesn’t cover the nose, this mask will ensure your horse stays comes and free from the disturbing flies while also having good time grazing and drinking water. As a professional choice mask, it also comes with a matching sheet amp neck cover which unfortunately you need to buy separately.

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Simplified Excellence Comfortable Mesh Buckle on Front Durable Fabric Budget Price It features a durable and robust construction which also has well seamed and webbed together fabric to have it serve your horse for years.

The cleanly padding on this mask makes it super comfortable for long hour wear. Even though it misses the nose protection, the mask does a great job ensuring your horse get a full vision, while also staying flexible and durable.

Additionally, the mesh is quite durable, breathable, comfortable, and convex for an ideal visual effect. In the second place is the excellent Cashed Crusader Horse Flask which is proudly ranked #1 by clinicians and equine publications for fit and design.

Its primary function is offering stellar protection from flying and biting insects, especially the ear and long nose style. It’s made from coated nylon micro-mesh with a split-top opening, which means the forelock can be free from this mask which causes no discomfort due to hair dropping into the horse’s eyes behind the fly mask.

Soft coated nylon micro-mesh Keeps horses comfortable Blocks damaging UV rays Three-hole design Stellar protection Diversified styles It comes with reliable and durable sheer screen mesh panels designed to provide minimal visual obstruction.

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Reduces dust, dirt and debris irritation Strong and durable mesh panels Soft, lightweight and flexible Minimal visual obstruction Strong stretch fabric Easy maintenance Block UV Rays Quality: You don’t go picking any horse fly mask model out there since it looks like a product you’re searching.

Strength: Since the horse fly mask will stay worn for a long time, you need to make sure that it’s strong enough to remain in place. Avoid something that creates panic, ensures the mask gives an ideal visual effect with minimal obstruction.

The score is based on the product’s individual features, its sales stats, and buyers’ feedback. The score is based on the product’s individual features, its sales stats, and buyers’ feedback.

The score is based on the product’s individual features, its sales stats, and buyers’ feedback. The score is based on the product’s individual features, its sales stats, and buyers’ feedback.

Professional’s Choice Comfort-Fit Flask is made with a very comfortable mesh surrounding the ears and eyes that provides your horse with a stress-free fit. This is also giving a clear vision view without being bothered by the flies and other pesky bugs.

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The heat shield is soft and stretchy while keeping your horse dry and cool. The variety of colors is bright and vibrant, and it fits almost all shapes and sizes of horses.

More features: different sizes available; latch closure under the jaw; helps the healing; fly proof; see-through mesh It is a lightweight, breathable fly mask that is intended to keep flies and bugs away from your horse’s face and eyes.

This is the perfect fly mask for protecting your horse’s eyes after injury and assisting in the healing process. What we liked: Helps prevent flies, insects, bugs, dust, debris, and dirt from entering your horse’s eyes and face area.

The Weatherbeeta Stretch Bug Eye Saver with Ears Horse Flask is one of a kind in the market of protection. It even comes with raised eye mesh inserts to give an awesome unobstructed vision.

The Cashed Crusader Flask has a comfortable fit while blocking 70% of the sun’s UV rays. It does a superior job of preventing flies, dust, dirt, debris, and other insects out of the eye area.

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It has a comfortable split-top opening and a Velcro strap underneath to keep the horse fly mask in its place throughout the day. There is a nice structure to the design that prevents the fly mask from touching your horse’s eyes.

What we liked: Provides a natural feel around the eyes and face while blocking 70% UV rays. It has a really nice fit that is comfortable for the horse and helps protect it from flies and other bugs.

You should consider whether your climate where you live needs UV protection from the damaging sun rays. You need a fly mask for your horse to protect their eyes and ears from flies or other insects biting from dust and debris blowing in the air.

In fact, horses with really sensitive ears sometimes need cotton balls inserted to muffle out even more of the stressing noises, and the ear protection on the horse fly masks helps keep them in place and provide extra comfort. Also, make sure it is installed correctly, and there are no loose edges or scratchy material touching their skin at any moment.

Note: The Velcro should be snug, but not too tight that it will impact his or her movement or make him or her uncomfortable. You will need to check the label of whichever one you choose to purchase and follow the care instructions included with your horse fly mask.

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During warmer months, you can also hand wash and air dry your horse fly mask. You can see why we chose these six products as the best fly masks for horses, for us, it’s all about protection, comfort, and quality.

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