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• Thursday, 24 December, 2020
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Height: 15-17 hands Country of Origin: Netherlands Characteristics: Frisians are known for their strength, style, and friendly temperaments. Frisian horses are known for their beautiful black coats with long flowing manes and tails.

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Their good temperaments make them suitable for junior exhibitors and amateurs. Height: 14-15 hands Country of Origin: Ireland Characteristics: Gypsy Manners are known for their power, style, and friendly dispositions.

Gypsy Manners make a statement in the show ring with their beautiful coloring and feathers. Their elegant way of moving and athletic ability is great for getting a start in the dressage world.

Height: 15.2-17.2 hands Country of Origin: Germany Characteristics: Westphalia are known for their athleticism, agility, and friendly personalities. From junior exhibitors to Olympic riders, many have found success with this stunning breed.

They are beautiful movers with great dispositions, making them highly competitive. Height: 16-17 hands Country of Origin: Germany (was Prussia at the time) Characteristics: Trainers are known for their good temperaments, athleticism, and agility.

Tall, athletic, and refined, the Takeover horse has made a name for itself in the dressage world. Height: 15.3-17 hands Country of Origin: Denmark Characteristics: Danish Warm bloods are known for their athleticism, style, and good temperaments.

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With strong legs, muscular backs, and wonderful athleticism, they have become a powerhouse in the dressage industry. Due to their excellent temperaments and beautiful, flowy gaits, they have shown their worth at the Olympic level.

Elegant and sociable, they make great partners for all levels of dressage riders. These tall, athletic horses have everything it takes to succeed at the highest levels of the sport.

Height: 15.3-17.2 hands Country of Origin: Germany Characteristics: Hanoverian's are known for their athleticism, stamina, and style. With their sturdiness, stamina and athletic ability, they make wonderful mounts for competitive riders.

Height: 15-17 hands Country of Origin: Netherlands Characteristics: Dutch Warm bloods are known for their athleticism, grace, and stamina. Athletic and stylish, Dutch Warm bloods have all the makings of a top dressage horse.

Their lovely temperaments allow them to be easy to work, as well as letting them stand out in the show ring. Height: 16-17 hands Country of Origin: Germany Characteristics: Holsteins are known for their athleticism, willingness to please, and agility.

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They have great athletic ability and movement, making them a favorite among many dressage riders. Their willingness to work and loving dispositions make them great horses for people of all experience levels.

As one of the first warm blood registries, the Holstein er continues to find success as a competitive show horse. Height: 16.2-17.2 hands Country of Origin: Germany Characteristics: Oldenburg's are known for their grace, athleticism, and power.

As one of the oldest warm bloods, they have gained popularity for their character as well as their strong bodies, height, and compact build. They move with beautiful elasticity in their gaits, which has made them Olympic Malabar dressage horses.

It often takes five years to train a horse to Grand Prix level. There are several factors that contribute to when a horse will begin training for dressage, including temperament and build.

When it comes to dressage, there are only a handful of horse breeds that are uniquely suitable for such competitions. So, no matter at what stage you see yourself at, this article will surely guide you on which horse breed for dressage best suits you.

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In this section, I’ll go through the characteristics of each horse breed that I think is the best suitable for beginner riders. Appaloosa is an American horse and is recognized by its striped hooves and spotted skin around the eyes and mouth.

These horses were originally bred along the Northern area of the Wild West by New Peace and were recognized as an official breed in 1938. If you are an expert dressage rider, then Appaloosas might not be your first option but for a beginner, I’d recommend this breed because of its high versatility and because they can be easily trained.

The world is fond of the beauty of this horse and is the main reason why it is often used in movies to show the superiority of kings. Andalusian's have characteristic long mane and tail and have a compact, yet elegant body shape.

Even though they are not huge, they are thought to be a dominant force at top levels of dressage. These horses rarely reach the upper ranks in dressage but some high bankers do exist.

Because of their exceptional jumping abilities, Holsteins make excellent dressage mounts. Due to its high tail carriage and unique head shape, it is one of the most easily recognizable horses on the planet.

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With an average height of 57 inches, this horse, with the right training can do wonders in dressage. The Arabian is registered as a purebred horse with colors: chestnut, gray, bay and black.

Due to the lesser weight and great overall appearance, the Arabian proves to be an excellent choice for dressage. Averaging 61 inches in height, the Frisian horse is full of character, so much so that it is sometimes described as mischievous.

Mainly this horse is a popular choice for novice riders because of its love and affection but other factors are also in-play such as great dressage skills. Occasionally, chestnut color is seen as well because there are some breeds that carry the red gene instead of black.

This is not the only distinguishing feature of this species as powerful muscles, agility and feathers on lower legs also go in its resume. Today, by crossing this breed with Thoroughbred and other warm bloods, the Irish Draft has evolved into a sports horse that excels in all types of contests like evening and dressage.

Because this breed has a very good temper along with courage and resilience, it wouldn’t be right to leave such an incredibly versatile horse out of the competition. While it doesn’t appear high in the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses rankings, it doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for the competition as you may be surprised to know that the Irish Draft makes a fantastic dressage horse.

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These horses have a naturally light gait that is laterally ambling yet smooth and four-beat. In the US, there are two types of Pass Finds: one originated in Puerto Rico whereas the other was developed in Columbia.

This warm blood horse breed originated in Germany and has won a number of Olympic and other riding competitions. The Hanoverian is renowned for its beauty and grace while good temperament and athleticism also comes in its blood.

The breed comes in black, gray, chestnut and bay color and attains a height of about 64 to 66 inches. Due to its powerful athletic body and strong limbs, the Hanoverian is quite suitable for almost all types of equestrian competitions, especially dressage.

It has an elegant gait that distinguishes it from other dressage horses and hence, excels smoothly in this competition. Sell Français is a pure sports horse breed from France.

Today, Sell Français is exported worldwide with studbooks formed in the UK and the US. It attains a height between 61 and 68 inches while chestnut color is commonly seen in this horse breed.

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Since this horse is eager to learn new things, it excels in almost all equestrian competitions including evening, showjumping and dressage. This horse breed has a unique and elegant way of moving that helps it win dressage and evening competitions.

It is a classical example of a sport horse; it is intelligent, strong, eager to learn and has good conformation, all at the same time. This horse has a very friendly nature with plenty of stamina to work all day round.

This horse is probably the latest European warm blood developed when Thoroughbreds were carefully crossed with Gelderland and Groningen. The Dutch Warm blood is the 2010 Olympic dressage winner as well as the number 1 ranked jumper by the WB FSH.

Next comes the Tiger Mustang which is slightly smaller with a deep narrow chest and sloped groups. When given proper training, Mustangs are excellent in dressage and other equestrian events.

That’s the reason why Mustang comes second on my list of best horse dressage breeds for experts. Because the Westphalia are so easy to train and are suitable for any type of rider, novice or expert, they are highly valuable.

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The Westphalia is specially bred for competitive riding like show jumping and dressage. You won’t be surprised to know that this breed was ranked fifth in dressage and sixth in show jumping by the WB FSH in 2010.

Other than that, the Westphalia has won many Olympic gold medals in dressage and show jumping as well. Oldenburg excels in almost all equestrian riding sports because they are selected for breeding based solely on their qualities and not just for one particular discipline.

This beautiful breed of sports horses comes from Denmark by the result of crossing between Danish mares with the elite European bloodlines in the mid 20th century. Selections to breed were very strict from the beginning which helped them build a good reputation in the equestrian competitions very quickly.

Originally, this breed was bred for military purposes but later on, used for transport and agriculture. You can not train a horse that is unsuitable for a particular type of equestrian riding like dressage or showjumping.

At first, untrained horses have no idea what to do or what you’re asking from them but if it has a willingness to answer, that breed can surely be trained to excellence. It doesn’t matter if you are the world’s best horse rider if your companion is not willing to be trained and not willing to understand what you’re asking from it.

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Conversely, if you have the best horse in the world but don’t know how to train and ride it, that will go in vain too. While jumping, the horse should answer you well and accurately because making a mistake in a contest might put you off big time.

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