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When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn commission on some items you choose to buy. Half pads should mold to the horse’s back to distribute pressure evenly, allow the saddle to sit correctly and remain in place, and should not cause the horse’s back to overheat.

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In order to achieve all of these benefits look for pads made of a breathable material that have the ability to adjust to the shape of your horse’s back. The half pads in this group test were trialed by professional event rider Sam Jennings, who started here venting career in 1999 as a young rider and was shortlisted for the British team that year.

Sam successfully competes a range of event horses up to advanced level, from her friendly, professional yard in Kent. She also regularly holds clinics and teaches private lessons around Kent and Sussex.

“I found this mini half pad very useful for when you just needed to make a little adjustment to how the saddle sits on the horse’s back. The change it caused on the saddle fit was subtle, which I liked, and it didn’t affect the feeling between my seat and the horse’s movement.

I felt that it distributed the weight of the rider evenly and worked really well for everyday use on the yard. It wasn’t as breathable as the others in the group test, but all my horses felt comfortable wearing it.

A good choice for someone who is looking to provide that extra bit of comfort to their horse’s back.” It combined the benefits of a gel pad with a riser effect and my horses felt very comfortable in it.

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For all the latest news analysis, competition reports, interviews, features and much more, don’t miss Horse & Hound magazine, on sale every Thursday Thankfully, there are a wide variety of padding options that can help you reduce the stress on your horse’s back.

We’ve teamed up with the crew at Draper Therapies to list off five of our favorite saddle pads that prevent and repair back issues while you ride! For those of you not familiar with Cellist, it is a fiber that is filled with thermo-reactive minerals that takes your horses own body heat and transforms it into infrared energy to improve blood flow and relieve sore, tired muscles and joints.

This pad comes in all-purpose, dressage and jumping options and helps to regulate temperatures and wick away moisture from your horse’s back while in work. Paired with their shock absorption material and air-flow vent system, this pad is a must-try for long, hot summer days.

This pad also includes Eco gold’s Frictionless and Secure systems to keep your saddle in the right place throughout your ride. Enter Actually’s withers free pad with their signature gel and memory foam composition.

This cutback pad reduces friction on your horse’s sensitive withers while still providing the comfort and cushion of a half pad. Paired with memory foam, this pad helps to evenly distribute pressure throughout your horse’s back during your ride.

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Finding a saddle pad that not only suits the hunter ring but also provides your horse with the comfort they need is always a challenge, but Th inline has you covered! This pad not only looks the part, but sports many features that make it the perfect option for a sore backed horse.

As if that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, this pad sports Ultra Th inline panels which provide 95% shock absorption and a non-slip saddle fit. With all of these advances in saddle pad design and technology, sore backs will be a thing of the past.

Besides its main role of protecting the horse’s skin, this pad helps absorb some shocks your spine is likely to feel as the animal is bouncing up and down. These saddle pads are available in different sizes and designs, and there are tens of hundreds of brands out there in the market.

Besides providing ultimate comfort for both rider and horse, this lightweight pad helps prevent further injuries. With contoured shims for the back and the front, gradual adjustment can be made until optimum fit is attained.

Roma Circle Quilt AP Saddle Pad has been designed to keep your horse dry throughout the day thanks to it wick easy lining. This pad features four pockets sewn on its top, where each pocket has three shims of memory foam secured in place by loop straps and hooks, allowing for a customizable fit for pressure point relief.

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The punctiliously shaped top line of the saddle is optimized for maximum airflow and breathability for enhanced air circulation. If the answer is yes, the Southwestern Equine Correction Authorize Saddle Pad is a perfect choice.

It features Poron-RDX under the saddle bars, giving the ability to absorb up to 90 percent of the generated shock. As its name suggests, it is contoured to fit the horse’s shape, implying that the likelihood of the pad bunching up or rolling under the saddle is less.

Utilizing merino wool, this moisture-wicking pad is known for adding comfort while keeping sweat off the back. Unlike other saddle pads of the same class, this one features a protective layer coat that adds a level of resistance to both mildew and molds, which henceforth lowers the chances of the horse catching infections.

Material –merino wool fleece Other linings -100 percent fibers Color –red/turquoise Item weight -4.11 pounds With a high wither design, this award-winning saddle pad allows extra space to fit growing horses.

Its contoured design fits appropriately into place and provides spine relief for the horse’s comfort. Made of an easy-care Hercules fabric, this incredibly durable pad provides the much-needed breathability, shock-absorbing, and added comfort to the horse.

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Perfect for schooling or shows, this riding saddle pad is comfortable and practical thanks to its cotton or micro-polyester construction. While its flannel underside and diamond quilting makes it feel velvety, the reinforced center seam keep the saddle pad in place.

The Diamond Wool Contoured Felt Ranch Saddle Pad has since become a trusted and well-respected choice of horse riders around the world. Designed using domestic materials and a high level of craftsmanship, this pad features a contoured spine with a wither relief notch that is reinforced with distressed leather for unmatched comfort.

As earlier mentioned, a properly fitted padding piece also protects the rider against undue shock. Well, for the simple reason that there are so many brands and models of these padding pieces out there in the market, it becomes harder to choose the best option.

As a rule of thumb, it is required that the padding piece extend slightly beyond the saddle’s edge and not beyond the animal’s last rib. Since you are concerned about choosing the best saddle pad, then you are obligated to pick one made of the highest quality and long-lasting material.

The material in question should feature wicking capability to ensure that the horse is comfortable –cooler and dryer. Foam and gel are other materials you are likely to find, which add some extra short absorption and cushioning.

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Deal Of The Dallas Presenter to Win OEM Equestrian Outfit Valued at $413 Special Deals Half Pads help by protecting the horse's back from impact.

Half Pads come in sheepskin or fleece or in cotton/Cool Max combinations. Choose English half pads from brands like Ovation, Letitia, or Thin Line.

All of our half pads for sale come with the Horsepower 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Half Pads help by protecting the horse's back from impact.

Half Pads come in sheepskin or fleece or in cotton/Cool Max combinations. Choose English half pads from brands like Ovation, Letitia, or Thin Line.

All of our half pads for sale come with the Horsepower 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. With such a dizzying array of shapes, materials, colors and patterns, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start when choosing a saddle pad.

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Pads can also help distribute pressure from the weight of both rider and saddle, absorb shock, wick away moisture, dissipate heat and protect the horse’s delicate back from friction. And, according to B.C.’s Meredith Dean, of Trading Post Feed and Tack, thicker isn’t necessarily better either.

• Not extend past the horse’s 18th rib (the section of the back with no anatomical support), or forward onto the shoulders. Here’s a breakdown of pad types suitable for both English and western saddles and activities.

Shims, for example, are thin pads that come in several shapes, sizes and materials (including foam, gel, felt). They’re placed under the saddle or in pockets on the pad itself to fill in small gaps, particularly, but not limited to, the shoulder area.

Western built-ups provide the same function at the wither area, while bridge pads help fill in gaps between the saddle and the horse’s back. A saddle pad can come in a wide range of materials from traditional fibers to state-of-the-art synthetics engineered originally for industrial purposes.

However, they can become matted and compacted more quickly than other materials and, due to their thickness, can interfere with saddle fit. Neoprene waffle-weave or honeycomb patterns on the pad ’s bottom are supposed to aid in cooling, but some people claim once the saddle and rider are up, hair and skin fill in the gaps, rendering it ineffective.

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Closed-cell foam is dense, molds to the horse’s back and has good grip and shock absorption. Unlike open-cell foam, air in the cells doesn’t escape, so pads maintain their shape during use.

Memory foam (think mattresses and pillows) absorbs impact while shaping to the horse’s back. Numerous pads purport to offer therapeutic benefits to enhance our horses’ performance, comfort and health.

While some people claim traditional materials like wool possess the ultimate in therapeutic qualities, numerous patented and exclusive pad technologies have been developed over the years.

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