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• Sunday, 11 October, 2020
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And to avoid troubles installing it to your horse, choose a halter that is easy to put on and remove. The halter should be fit enough, but not causing pain to the horse on small movements.

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Knowing these things will filter your choices for the most suitable halter for your horse. Equine professionals suggest that hardware made of solid brass, nickel plated or chrome plated is the best choice because these materials do not corrode nor rust easily.

But the good thing about it is, your horse may avoid accidents in case the halter is caught somewhere. On the other hand, nylon webbing is known to be much stronger and is a great choice for tougher actions.

Just make sure not to leave your horse in it for a long time to avoid unwanted accidents. Weaver Leather is dedicated in providing halters you can depend on at an affordable price.

They offer various halters designs and features which surely meet the needs of your horses. The 2 ply construction and box-stitching give it extra strength while reducing the stress points.

Another great product from Weaver Leather is the Original Adjustable Nylon Horse Halter. Its triple ply cheek design gives you the durability you need for a long time use.

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And since it is made from premium quality nylon and box stitched stress points, the horse surely feels comfortable wearing it. It also has oblong buckle holes and the edges were heat sealed for safety.

It features brass hardware that is nickel plated so you are sure it will not get rusty. The cheeks and nose part was added with neoprene padding t guarantee the horse’s comfort while wearing it.

One is its unique black hardware made from plated nickel metal is very functional and durable. It can catch light in any angle to increase your horse’s visibility in open areas.

In addition to that, its design was carefully considered to give horses the comfort they deserve. The halter’s body is made of double-layered nylon and it has a breathable padded nose band that is resistant to rubbing.

This halter is made of the highest quality nylon webbing that is triple thick. It is double sewn in a diamond tack design to guarantee the halter’s pleasing appearance and stiffness.

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Other than improved training, this all-in-one halter is also effective to use for tying, lunging and trailing. This, together with the nose knots gives accurate pressure on the horse for more control.

The knot design also promises that it will not be twisted or torque the horse’s head. This 1” wide halter is created from nylon web sewn using a bright silver metallic thread.

The hardware used was durable and it was made silver to match the thread used in stitching. The breakaway leather crown has double buckles and an adjustable nose.

The throat part is rolled and it has a square eye swivel snap. This halter is said to be ideal for yearling, cob and full size horses.

For the comfort of the horse’s head, the crown is made of leather which can be replaced. And the halter was made durable to withstand extreme actions and situations.

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SOUTHWESTERN introduces this revolutionary halter that is not only unique and functional, but also stylish. It is crafted from 5/8” mountain rope making it extremely durable.

The nose band is braided to give you a better control of your horse in case it starts to act frisky. It may look different from the traditional halters, but it can surely give you the same or even better results.

Premium quality soft leather was used to create this halter. It has a decorative stitching for a better look, and it is proven to withstand excessive wear and tear.

This breakaway halter, for example, has a beautiful plaid design and a dependable quality. The leather attachment on the crown can be broken under high pressure to avoid danger to your horses.

The nose band is padded to make it tolerable for your horses no matter how long they have to wear it. The snap at the throat allows you to have the same fit of the halter from the last time your horse wore it.

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The halter is made of triple ply nylon, so you can guarantee its extreme durability. This halter has double nose bands and this nose band has a high quality brass ring on each side which was designed to break under extreme pressure.

This soft leather made halter has a beautiful crystal inlay on the cheeks and nose band which give it its catchy look. It has a patent leather piping, and the hardware is made of stainless steel.

Getting the same halter as the one you have proven and tested is not a bad idea, but it is also worth venturing and trying a new one. Since our knowledge and expertise keep on improving, you might find a better halter with better qualities and features.

A traveling petting zoo, complete with goats, chickens, rabbits, potbellied pigs, and even an alpaca, can be a thrilling experience for young children at a birthday party or other event. The costs vary greatly if you extend the party or add additional activities.

Personalized halters can be helpful in identifying your horse if he becomes lost separated from you during an emergency. Leather halters can be costly, but they are definitely durable and can even be handed down from one horse to another when well-cared-for.

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Set up a regular routine for cleaning and lubricating all your leather tack, including your halter. Leather halters come in a variety of styles intended for everyday use and for showing.

You can get good leather halters specially sized for ponies, cobs, full-sized and over-sized horses. A poorly fitted halter looks bad, limits the amount of control you have and can lead to injuries for both you and your horse.

Begin by choosing the right size and style of halter for your type of horse. Make adjustments carefully to be sure that the crown piece sits behind the horse’s ears securely and comfortably.

Adjusted correctly, the nose band should fall about halfway between the horse’s eyes and nostrils. The throat latch is supposed to fall under the horse’s upper jaw where the head joins the neck.

You want it to be fitted enough to keep the halter from slipping over the horse’s head but not so big that a hoof could get caught under it. Note that donkeys and mules may have larger heads than ponies and horses of the same body size.

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If you have multiple horses, you may want to keep a collection of nylon halters handy just in case you need them. If, for some reason, you need to cut through a nylon halter to free a horse from a dangerous situation, you’re likely to have a very hard time doing so.

Connections holding the crown piece and cheek pieces together may be snaps or Velcro, which can come apart easily in case of an emergency. Rope halters used to be associated with cowboys and western riding, but today riders of all disciplines like them.

The knots on rope halter apply pressure to sensitive points on a horse’s head. Many riders and trainers feel that the lack of hardware on a rope halter allows for more direct contact so that more subtle cues can be developed.

The slim silhouette of a rope halter also makes it an ideal choice to be worn over a bridle during trail rides. Yes, as mentioned, knots are placed in sensitive areas to signal the horse during training.

This means that any pressure exerted is applied to a small, narrow area rather than being evenly distributed through a wide strap. A quiet horse can be tied for short, supervised periods with a rope halter.

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