Best Pony Jumping Boots

Christina Perez
• Monday, 12 October, 2020
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A horse’s legs are delicate, and equestrian competition and pleasure riding put added strain on them. Aside from carrying the extra weight of the rider, there’s also the added concussion from jumping and galloping, as well as the possibility of injury even while doing something as innocuous as grazing.

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Protective boots that fit on a horse’s front and rear legs are a convenient way to help prevent injuries. For a long time, bandages were used to help safeguard horses’ legs, and while some people still use them, especially in sports like polo, they’re time-consuming to put on and have limitations in wet weather.

Our buying guide is full of useful information, and we’ve selected a few of our favorites to make your shopping even easier. Boots that are too tight can do more harm than good, constricting blood flow and causing pain.

Boots that rub can cause sores and even permanent hair loss at the chafing site. Horses travel the world for competition, and there are many products designed to keep them free from knocks and bumps whether jetting overseas or trailing down the road.

A common cause of these injuries is from the horse striking itself, such as the back hoof hitting the front leg when galloping or quickly changing direction. This interference can also happen at any pace when a horse is still in the training stages and still unbalanced or getting used to carrying a rider.

These are similar to brushing boots except they run longer on the leg to secure and support the suspension ligament. These rubber or tough ballistic vinyl boots pull on over the horse’s front hooves or are fastened around the pastern to protect the coronary band and the heel bulb.

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They’re only used on the front hooves except in extreme situations like team jumping or foxhunting, where injury could be caused by another horse. Using one boot instead of a pair can cause lameness because it can affect the horse’s gait and make it uneven.

These boots are designed to protect the fetlock when a horse comes to a sliding stop, such as in barrel racing, rodeo, or cutting. These boots are made of a tough vinyl or leather piece that covers the fetlock and is fastened at the front with buckles or Velcro.

These boots go on the front legs and are mostly used by show jumpers to protect the sides and back of the cannon bones. As the name suggests, they are open in front so that the horse doesn’t become desensitized to the feel of the rails in the jumps.

Horses that are particularly prone to irritation from bug bites can benefit from wearing fly boots during turnout. These boots are made of mesh or other lightweight, breathable fabric to keep the bugs away and the horse cool.

Horses that are particularly prone to irritation from bug bites can benefit from wearing fly boots during turnout. These boots are made of mesh or other lightweight, breathable fabric to keep the bugs away and the horse cool.

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In much the same way that boots replace bandages for riding, they are now often used to help keep poultices or other medications on the horse’s legs. There are also a number of boots on the market that are designed to add an extra layer of drug-free therapy to help horses overcome injuries.

Some competitions may have rules about hoof boots, although this is changing as more people are turning to them in lieu of shoes. This is because the dressage test is aimed at showing how sound, well-trained, and balanced your horse is (thus, not needing boots).

It’s certainly important that the horse’s legs don’t overheat, so it’s worth buying boots that are made of breathable fabrics or are designed to allow airflow. Keep the boots clean and free of dried gunk and debris to stop skin infections from sweat.

If you’re in the market for a pair of hoof coverings, it makes sense for you to want to know just exactly what it is you’ll be buying when you purchase them. We want to make sure you have the easiest time gaining access to the best hoof boots available.

These boots have been weighed against strict rating guidelines; understanding this helps you to see the level of quality you’ll encounter as you read through the guide itself. When you actually look at the design of these hoof boots, you see they have ample cushioning throughout as well as features which enable them to be easily removable; this is a plus for those who don't want them to remain on their horses for prolonged periods of time.

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The design of the boots is meant to cover only the hoof, without coming into contact with skin or hair. This is important for horses with sensitive skin or those that are picky about things around their legs or feet.

Now, it’s time to switch things up a bit and introduce a somewhat “different” type of hoof boot. The Valerie Classic Tendon Boots is one that proactively supports and protects its user (the horse).

These openings allow the hoof boot to provide a bit more structure during a ride which, in turn, reduces the possibility of strain due to improper placement or misstep ping. Another big player in this boot’s ability to provide a comfortable and secure feel to the hoof of your horse is its shock-absorbent nature.

This technology comprises both a strike pad in the forefront of the leg which allows for free and easy ranges of motion without opening the shoe up to any level of compromise during use. The reason this hoof boot was placed on this list is because of the use of CPU material in the upper portion as well as the Velcro Closure system.

The Cavalry Trek Slim has a design which is supposed to fully secure the horse’s hoof as well as be relatively straightforward when it comes to removal and installation. The Daycare Backcountry Hoof Boot is just the protection your horse would need when running or walking on a more “strenuous” surface.

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The various steps that go into removing a horse' shoe can make it a pain and result in several hours wasted that could’ve been spent doing other, more enjoyable things such as riding. The outer edges of the boot have ample padding which reduces the possibility of irritation during use.

These hoof boots have the hardened design which allows them to be worn on various different surfaces and ensures that horses have both the grip and protection they need in order to comfortably and safely navigate said terrain. To make sure the hoof boot can function adequately on various types of surfaces, Daycare fit it with a thick rubber solution called Polyurethane.

This material is great at both gripping various surface types and providing one with what they need in terms of longevity. The sheer ability it has to stick to surfaces is enough to justify the use of this material in the sole unit of a trail boot.

With that being said, Daycare decided to go a step further with the design of this boot and gave it a shield in the toe area. This hoof boot from Various has an open front, with easy hook closure to make them a cinch to use.

They bring sturdy protection with a carbon fiber frame, and are completely vegan friendly as well. This hoof boot will help leave your prized possession feeling supported and protected from harm while riding.

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Packed with loads of technology, this is one option in a hoof boot that will be worth every penny. This hoof boot has an anatomically designed shell made from semi rigid-PU, letting your horse run with full movement while providing protection and stability.

And, when in close quarters, the carbon fiber shell helps protect them in the most vulnerable area of the leg’s strike zones. This dual closure hoof boot has a quick release that makes using them easy and stress-free.

The brand, Tough 1 came out with a relatively secure and comfortable boot titled the Hoof Saver. The therapeutic qualities of this hoof boot allow it to make the job of the owner (as a caregiver) simpler.

As you start to look at brands such as Cavalry, you know that you’re about to go into the higher range of quality. This hoof boot has an elegant design made of a thick leather material and equipped with various straps which work to keep the horse’s foot locked in place.

The reason why this durable horse boot is included on this list is that of its all-terrain usage capabilities as well as it’s quality make. You know you’ve picked up a quality piece of equipment when it’s made of a genuine leather.

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The design of these hoof boots allows them to be used for a relatively long period simply because of the use of various sturdy materials. The Simple by Cavalry is an All-Terrain usage hoof boot; this means it will be able to be worn on various types of surfaces with relative ease.

This also means the boot doesn’t have any specialized design features; it’s just built so it will be able to weather any type of terrain it’s used on. Lightweight and cushioning, the Sport hoof protectors by Cavalry are ideal for lighter riding, as well as for trailing and breeding.

This protector can even be used as a spare for lost shoes on the trail and is made of high-quality materials that have been chosen not just for their protective features, but even more, for the level of comfort, they will provide for your horse. Made with leather both in the upper and in the lining, the Cavalry Sport will perfectly fit your horse, preventing any pressure points that would cause problems.

Furthermore, the Velcro which is the closure system on this hoof boot is industrial grade, so you won't have to worry about it giving in to the demands of training. From the waterproof tread, rustproof buckles, CPU outsole, built in drainage and even the padding on the inside of the hoof boot, this is a model that you'll happily be using for some years.

The Easy boot Rx Therapy is a boot designed to holistically take care of the hoof of a horse. The features that qualify this boot for this top 10 list is the after-surgery wear capabilities as well as the fact that it provides support for the various sections of your horse’s hoofs.

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Since this is a therapeutically designed hoof boot, it makes sense for it to be able to be worn by those horses who have just gone through a period of surgery. The design of these boots enables them to be comfortable and plush enough not to irritate the foot of the horse they’re being worn on.

After surgery, it’s important for the horse to not damage their feet by simply walking as well; this hoof boot helps with it being able to do just that. It was for this reason that we wanted to pay attention to the way that the hoof coverings that we sifted through were designed.

Not only is it easy to put on and off, but it's also time-saving, and fully adjustable so that you can get a perfect fit that won't impact performance. In addition to Velcro, some manufacturers will go with more sturdy closures on hoof boots, which are intended to be left on for longer periods.

If the product of your choice has any metal parts, take special care of those to prevent rust. We wanted to make sure that the shoes we suggested to you were designed in a way that allowed them to adequately provide you with what you needed in terms of security and protection.

Most hoof boots on this list come in different sizes, ranging from small to extra large. If you're familiar with your horse, you'll know which to pic, as the manufacturers have provided plenty of information on how each size variation will fit.

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Do note, however, that due to this type of hoof boot being rather expensive, it is best to carefully measure before purchasing, and in case you have any doubts, you can contact the manufacturer who'll give you the right information. Furthermore, you can also read the reviews for your favorite products, where users have left notes in regard to how the covering fits, as well as installation tips.

Leather is an excellent choice, seeing that it's both durable and protective, yet it's still soft enough to provide a fit that won't restrict movement, leading to a happier wearing experience. A complaint that many riders have when they purchase a pair of hoof boots is that, with all the rough riding, it can be rather difficult to find shoes that can hold up long enough for anyone to gain their money’s worth from them.

With that being said, there are only a few things which affect a horses shoe’s ability to provide a durable and protective fit that won't deteriorate too quickly. The quality of the material in the upper and sole unit of the hoof boot plays a major part in its ability to aid the shoe in lasting for a relatively long period.

A soft strap secures against the horse's pastern for a strong but comfortable fit. Fastening system: Just like your shoes, you don't want your horse's hooves to be slipping around inside their boots.

Synthetic materials like high denier nylon are durable but also lightweight and easy to clean. For long rides, you will probably want a lightweight sole to help keep your horse from becoming overly tired.

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Durability can mean many things, such as how long can they be used before another pair of hoof boots needs to be purchased. Regardless of how you use them, it is important to choose a quality pair as this is something the owners rely on to protect their pet.

The main function of a hoof boot is to protect your horse, and help support ligaments and tendons. You can either hand wash, or use a pressure nozzle to help remove excess dirt and grim.

It requires both a perfect eye and understanding of the things that a hoof boot is meant to protect. With that being said, these boots were all required to pass rather stringent tests and to meet the criteria that we set out before them.

To understand the level of quality and functionality included in the design of these individual protective hoof coverings, read on through both the criteria and FAQ sections. A:Hoof coverings were invented by a nuclear physicist by the name of Need Glass for his daughter's lame horses.

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