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Pony Coloring Page Printable Written by Katherine Blockader Reviewed by Anna O'Brien, DVD Children often dream of having a horse or pony.

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In general, a small horse or pony works well because its size isn’t as intimidating as its larger counterparts. Pick one that's docile, attentive, sure-footed, and familiar with riders of varying levels.

Shetland ponies are popular for children because of their diminutive size, durability, and fun personalities. Plus, some Shetlands are notoriously stubborn and might ignore commands from young riders.

Physical Characteristics: Compact body; broad head; short legs; lush mane and tail Welsh ponies of all sizes can make good mounts for children.

Physical Characteristics: Small head; short back; high-set tail The pony of the Americas has the distinction of being a North American breed developed specifically for young riders.

But a mini can be great for children to learn how to ride and take care of a horse. Minis also participate in competitions similar to dog agility courses.

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Physical Characteristics: Small, muscular build; many have similar proportions to larger horses They aren't massive horses, averaging around 5 feet in height, which can work for an older child.

Physical Characteristics: Muscular body; deep chest; small head with flat profile They also are notoriously friendly and loyal horses, which makes for a devoted family companion.

Physical Characteristics: Colorful coat patterns with mottled skin; striped hooves They're also highly social, intelligent horses, which makes them easy to train.

Physical Characteristics: Muscular build; deep chest; distinctive coat patterns They are known for being highly cooperative and eager to please, and they generally love to socialize with their human family members.

Physical Characteristics: Compact build; short neck and back; long head The term “grade” in horse circles means the same as “mutt” in the dog world.

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And because pedigree doesn't guarantee a quality animal, a trustworthy grade pony with a fun personality is always a great option for children. Many were used as work animals, often as draft horses to pull loads and carts.

But ponies are shorter, and overall are much smaller than those large, heavy horse breeds. The top ponies are even competitive against full size horse breeds.

Many riders today are looking for a mount that is more closely aligned with their physique and abilities. The smaller pony breeds are often better suited for beginners, as well as small stature equestrians, than the larger light horses or draft horses. Each pony breed horse guide provides in-depth information about their origins and background.

There is a description with pictures, pony care, feeding, training, and the activities they are best suited for as well as potential problems. Many of the Pony breeds evolved in environments where the landscape was rugged and harsh with inferior nutrition, resulting in a smaller horse.

Throughout their history they have been used as work animals for driving and pulling carts, hauling loads such as coal from mines, and as children's mounts. Horse Care Tips and Uses: Equestrian Disciplines Ponies are extremely hardy and noted for their gentle natures.

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They generally require less diligence in their care and often tend to be more independent than the other types of horses. The even tempered Ponies make delightful mounts with a comfortable gait.

They are especially popular for children due to their smaller size. They are closer to the ground and when well-trained, are easily controlled and maneuvered. Ponies are well known for their superior intelligence and with good horse training, more tractable temperaments.

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